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Friday 30 June 2023

Here is My Latest Swallow and Why



We have been trained to swallow, our throat right from childhood have also been adjusted to swallowing, so it is therefore not surprising when people come asking again and again "what should I swallow"?  So what do I mean by the word Swallow?,  To those who are far away, it may be difficult to understand or decode, but those living in Africa or Nigeria in particular will understand what I mean by Swallow when we prepare a carbohydrates food in a way that it becomes a moldable food that we can take in  without chewing, that is exactly what I mean by swallow and because majority of us never feel satisfied until we have swallowed something, being our culture we therefore feel very very unsatisfied when we do not have such in our diet.  Truly speaking, it is always heavy to have this type of diet, infact it can add to weight gain it can also  add to the amount of food consumed since the chewing  time is avoided.   If it is possible to avoid the Swallow I will recommend you to avoid it but,  No it is not something we can avoid as our body is already used to it both men and women love to swallow but men in particular  love it much more.  However,  as we age it is important to reduce its frequency since it increases the total amount cumulatively that we consume at a particular meal however we cannot take it out completely since it is something that we desire and most of them have advantage of not spiking sugar since it may take some time for it to break down. 

Some common swallows that we take  includes, fermented cassava (Foo foo) also the flour swallow as garri or eba as we call it is high in starch, our dried yam flour in form of amala our semolina swallow or semovita and other flours also some people have attempted preparing fermented millet as swallow but I do not recommend it because consuming too much fermented foods is harmful is not healthy for us as a matter of fact too much grains is dangerous it triggers inflammations and a lot of other health issues that is sometimes difficult to diagnose and it  is for this reason I do not recommend us to just prepare fermenter millet or other fermented grains as swallow or sorghum and all the fermented foods that are in the greens family however those who choose to take cassava flour as a swallow will be consuming too much of starch or carbohydrate because it is high in starch although if taken in very small amount moderate amount it is far better in  regulating blood sugar than most of the processed carbs we see around the only problem and challenge is the portion.

As much as we encourage inclusion of fermented foods it is also not good to consume too much of it as in the form of grains I therefore thought of this one and gave it a try.  Considering usually what to recommend especially non-glutinous grains,  food starches that are gluten free for diabetics and for those with high blood pressure and then you noticed again that most of these  starchy carbohydrates are not healthy for diabetics I  therefore began to wonder as some have usually as what then should we swallow ?, then tried  this particular one which is easily affordable and more economical a portion of oats to 70% whether ground oats or just oats flakes then 30% fermented cassava flakes or white (Ijebu garri) as we call it. why do I make this combination I will give us two or three reasons I have  actually tried adding it into my diet and it worked. It therefore became necessary to share it to lovers of swallow so that we can always have something to swallow which gives us that  feeling and filling we always desire. 

Oats Powder or Flakes 70%

I have actually tried consuming oats alone as. food and found its other side which is not good it is one of the grains family  and many of the oats contain traces of gluten probably from the source that they come from so when consumed continuously for a very long time the inflammatory side of it  begins to show up I have tried it several times for a long time even though it was cheaper then but now it is even very very expensive in this area where we are making it even more economical to make the decision I made and that is more reason I thought to share with us.  Oats  contains magnesium, potassium, some protein, soluble and insoluble fibre for heart health, for cholesterol  and vitamin B group of vitamins so I got some, also  some of my fermented garri white garri and began to prepare the swallow I shall be doing a video of it to show to us through my Youtube  and the proportion of both continue to stay in the pot and then add less than a cup of the fermented garri which is gluten-free naturally gluten-free to use to thicken it tried it once it was okay and was able to pass through the throat smoothly then and on  another occasion I tried it again it was good only ensure that the garri is not more than the oats, you will enjoy it and see how that feeling that you have taking your swallow goes.

Fermented Cassava Flour 30%

Have you tried swallowing garri  or eba or even foo foo with some vegetable soup and maybe meat or fish and then after checked your blood sugar you will notice that it doesn't have too much negative impact on blood sugar as we normally will think the problem will always be the portion the person  consumes is always a problem but  if we can maintain a very small and moderate portion it's a quality food if you're looking for what to take for energy as  a mature adult  and that is easy to digest there is a problem with Gluten I have noticed and observed it and as much as possible we should avoid foods that contain gluten they are inflammatory,  it is also important to know that consuming large amount of it will not only cause weight gain but will spike sugar will affect blood pressure and many other inflammatory conditions negatively and that is the reason why we should be cautious of portion but it has a very beautiful side too.  it has no fat and when you get the fermented one,  it will add that fermentation to your meal which is needed for easy absorption and for probiotics, then combine it with a little oats and prepare. 

 Start with the oats and use the garri flakes to thicken it. and you have a perfect swallow that can satisfy your swallow craving and not affect your health negatively that is protein.  It supplies important nutrients like proteins, potassium, magnesium for heart health and soluble and insoluble fibre to tackle bad cholesterol which is totally lacking in  cassava flakes and we always emphasize on protein in the diet so this combination provides a good swallow and economical too for the health conscious. But please do not overdo it because too much will give a negative result because of the carbohydrate  they  both carry which some people are already avoiding completely.    When you consume garri or eba alone it doesn't support heart health but the addition of the food in small portion makes it okay you may give it a try and comment or give us a feedback on your own finding concerning this very swallow what I tell you is that it is  working for me.  It is working for those I recommended it for and for those of you who loves swallow a lot it definitely will work for you too but you must take moderately it helps give you  that  feeling but ensure that your soup is rich vegetable  containing onions, garlic or the anti-inflammatory spices  must be in the soup in order to give you a good balance that is one of the secrets of this combo with a healthy soup that is rich in vegetables and  protein  like fish, meat fermented stuff and then you experience that feeling and satisfaction that comes when you swallow as you always love.

With too many questions on the subject of swallow coming my way and my own need to get a swallow for myself and some of  my followers, I therefore began to search for a perfect one,  especially considering  that some of the foods we buy as dried measure are  not okay because they come with molds.  Molded dried  plantain,  molded  dried yams,  all kinds of molds that you see in form of dried ground powder .  I  thought of something and decided to try out this very swallow and wao, it worked  and here some of the reasons why.

Why This Combo

1.  Heart Health; 

  The reason for this idea is to protect the heart health if you consume only a Eba or garri,  our heart will suffer and our body will not get enough protein to do its work.

2.  To Consume moderate amount of fermented food in the diet

Another reason is to be able to have a smart combination of little amount of fermented food in the diet through the addition of fermented garri for a healthy gut and to include non-glutinous grains  too which garri is one of them.  

3. To Reduce Much  Grains in the diet:  

 To reduce  much grain in the diet because the temptation that many are having is to focus on the grain as a swallow left with option of grinding  the sorghum bicolour, corn,  and  other grains which all comes with anti nutrient they are sources of gluten in one way or the other and many times if they are fermented and consumed in large quantity it triggers  some diseases and ailments I have actually experienced it some starts in form of sore throat, you may equally check and several other health issues in cases you experiencing any due to much grains in your diet and that is why I thought to make this adjustment and then to let us know the dangers of too much grains if you are going through some ailments  and you are wondering the source and you've been consuming too much grains or using as swallow  you may have to do a rethink and change to something that is gluten-free or find a way to add gluten-free some are making use of sweet potatoes which is also good but I find it more interesting to consume sweet potatoes alone once in a while because it's also quite heavy and when you are talking in terms of weight sweet potatoes is heavier than garri talking of weight and that is why I also decided to make this combination and I am  also being cautious about it not to take it too much or to take it daily. Yellow garri may carry more oil unless you prefer it that way.

4.  To Help Control Cholesterol with the help of Oats

This is one of the reasons behind this idea and i think it is a smart one


In summary, it is important to know that we should not take too much.   Moderation is the rule and it is definitely not an everyday food if you consume it daily it may still end up in weight gain so just few times in the week occasionally as you desire to swallow three times in a week is not bad two times is not bad but just to make sure that you are not denied of swallowing or having opportunity to enjoy and  satisfy your craving for swallow that you started as an African child and up to adulthood.   Remember to drop your comment if you tried it and how it worked for you.


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