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Tuesday 13 June 2023

Health Benefits of Malabar Spinach (Amunututu)

Malabar spinach popularly known as  amunututu by the Yorubas in Nigeria  is a kind of spinach that is common in Nigeria.  I just found this one as I went out to get some vegetables with the purple color but then I decided to buy it being very fresh as it were from the farm and then  thought to also share with us having brought it home and then studied more about it, preparing my recipe already to shared via my YouTube. 

I have been looking for how to get in touch with this particular spinach with slight purple colour as you can see it in the image such foods are very loaded and I want to use this to make my soup fresh soup vegetable with  a little okra

 Here are the top health benefits of Malabar spinach with purple colour you need to know:

1.  Rich source of vitamin A C and E:   These are Powerful antioxidants for disease-fighting being rich source of vitamin A,  it will be good for the following elements:

Eyes Health:   Those who are looking or hoping to improve their sight  which is also needed by almost all  specially  the older generation should embrace this vegetable to improve their sight

How to make Malabar Spinach Soup☝️

Skin Health:  Vitamin A rich foods are good for our skin, it will provide some anti aging benefits.  Vitamin C in the vegetable also supports skin and collagen.

 Bone Strength:  If you're looking for some food that support bones, then go for this purple spinach and it may help being low in calorie too and a source of calcium.

High Blood Pressure:  Those managing high blood pressure  will benefit from its potassium , calcium and vitamin C content  and diabetes will benefit  also from its vitamin c, low calorie and other nutrients by including this vegetable to help manage the ailment due to these nutrients. 

 Boost your immunity  by adding this purple spinach.  Remember that all vegetables are not the same some are richer than others and they do not contain same nutrients in same amount.  

Heart Related Issues: Those going through heart-related problems will also benefit by including this vegetable because of its potassium content and besides, greens vegetables and low calorie foods are best for our heart and this is one of such foods. 

Fighting Inflammations: The antioxidants present in this vegetable are great for fighting inflammations and reducing pain generally.

Managing Cholesterol: This vegetable will also support fight against bad cholesterol and other immune Killers.

Summary:  if you have not tested  it before, better go ahead and give it a try maramba spinach with the purple colour, you go enquire from women selling green vegetables call the popular name Imunututu for them and they will assist you get some or give your direction. to the market search around you can ask so that you can get it does not come on so you can buy it and enjoy


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