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Wednesday 14 June 2023

Cancer on the Increase? My Thoughts (Part 1)


The problem of increase in cases of cancer is becoming worrisome,  all kinds of cancers stomach cancer, breast cancer,  prostate cancer, blood cancer skin cancer and the rest of it.  I begin to wonder that many years ago,  strange  names like these were rarely heard but today,  daily we  hear cases of all kinds of cancers and I began to consider the likely causes and reasons why this dreaded disease is on the increase despite scientific inventions, despite efforts made daily by scientist to curb  and stop threatening diseases like cancer and here are my thoughts regarding this matter.

1. Too much Processed foods:  

We can all admit that processed foods is quite high today compared to several years ago.  It is definitely not easy to eliminate all processed foods from our diet entirely.  Processed foods ranges from breads, biscuits, carbonated drinks and beverages, and others.  We can actually reduce their consumption which is easier than eliminating all totally.    These  foods come with all kinds of additives to preserve the food without much concern about preserving humanity so whereas the foods are preserved for longer shelf life with chemicals and other additives our lives are  being destroyed  by the chemicals.  These foods trigger inflammations  which ultimately sometimes becomes cancerous so in my opinion we can address 

the issue by reducing our consumption of processed foods it is not as if we can totally stay away from processed foods but we can reduce it so as to reduce the risk of many  forms of cancers


This  is another aspect of processed foods that is also worrisome because it has taken over our market today, the shelf life of oil, seed oils and all kinds of vegetable oils that are tagged as healthy.  as  heart friendly, cholesterol-free is also a thing of concern because these  transfats is found in many of our processed goods like breads, biscuits and  does not support digestive health or healthy digestion and they are the most dangerous to our health in a lot of ways they stress the organs in the process of digestion and they are inflammatory they do not supply proper nutrition as much as healthy fats do,  My suggestion in this regard is that we should consider returning to the fats that are naturally occurring in our diets. Naturally occurring fats in fruits and seeds are better than man-made fat or artificially manipulated fats which is what I meant by transfats.  Naturally occurring fats like those in cold  pressed coconut oil, avocado oil, peanut oil, olive oil, cashew  nuts,  macadamia nut  and a lot of other nuts that have oil that can benefit our body or rich in nutrition or even  almond oil with good lipid profiles that can help our cholesterol levels  be at a good or healthy ratio. so because of these bad fats,  we are consuming, we tend to develop an inbalance of  good fats  and bad fats so most times the bad fats  are more than the healthy fats which is not good in the fight against diseases including cancers.

My humble advise is  that we should as much as possible reduce the consumption of these trans fats in our diet and embrace more of healthy fats as already mentioned which help to further help to protect the cell membrane and the cell walls.  The transfats and other ones have nothing to offer but just taste nice in some cases,  people like the taste  and the flavours and it appears  to be the reason(s)  why many of them go for it but if you get knowledge and education as you are reading through this you  will do yourself some good by avoiding the use of trans fat in your home for cooking so as to prevent or reduce incidences of cancers.

2.  Fried Foods: 

 To say that there is too much fried foods  in our diet is not an overstatement. A lot of people have developed special appetite for fried foods without considering the dangers and the  harms and damages that this method of cooking does to our health I have also considered this aspect as so important because, even the little children have also developed a pallet that is going after  more of fried foods than using other healthier methods of cooking.    Without educating them and letting them know that this is not beneficial to our health especially our organs.   Frying your food is the worst way to cook your meals  because when you fry the food additional agents enters in the process of frying  also makes it very hard to digest and we know that the easier a food is digested the better for our organs  and our gut.  So if you still love frying  your food and you want to avoid this rare disease then you will do yourself some good to take counsel  and withdraw from too much fried foods in your home.  Fried Foods like stew. bean cake.  Interestingly,  most of the foods  we fry  can also be baked, boiled, roasted or steamed.  but sadly people tend to go for frying because it's appealing to the eyes and sometimes to the palate, so this is bad news for lovers of fried foods because I have done away with frying my food several years ago because of the dangers it poses to my health  and that  of my family.

3.  Inflammatory foods:

Another serious danger and hazard to our health is partly due to poor education and enlightenment.   On what the inflammatory foods are all about, some foods are highly inflammatory and top on this list are processed foods.Though, some foods may not be inflammatory naturally, I mean by the way of their processing or whatever but when they are consumed too much,  they begin to trigger inflammations so we should also be conscious of portions too, we should be concious  of inflammations or any form of pains, because some of them manifest in the form of pains so when you observe a little pain somewhere do not neglect it because that is one of the beginning or signals .  As soon as they are neglected, more inflammations will also show  up and begin to look for food supplies which may become another form of cancer, We should therefore be very attentive to what our inner body is saying to us , Don't be too busy to pay attention to what your body is telling you, listen to it because if you do not listen that minor  signal may degenerate and turn to something more dangerous or even cancerous I have on  several occasions observed one small pain somewhere then began to work on  it through changing of diet.  through massaging through all kinds of things to get to ensure that it is terminated at the early stage because non  or late  detection is one of the leading cause or causes of dangerous cancers and complications because we tend to neglect  at the onset.

4. Acidic Body:  

Truly.  most people move about with very acidic body, an acidic body is the home of amost all diseases what do we mean by acidic body our body pH is supposed to be at all times in  a balance or more of alkaline and less of acids now it is not equally okay to only eat alkaline foods I have tried that before and the result was not pleasant.  More of alkaline in foods like green vegetables  fruits.  non-sweet fruits much more seeds and nuts, spices, non-acidic oils and all of that  all put together to make our body to always be at a non-acidic point being alkaline of alkaline which is a healthier zone to protect us from cancerous cells but when we eat all kinds of foods and drinks. processed foods and their body becomes highly acidic then all diseases such as cancer will be able to thrive when the individual is fond of consuming mostly processed foods with sugars whereever the sugars are from fruits or whichevef and all kinds of calorific foods,  starchy foods and all kinds of  nutrient deficient foods in large amounts just to fill the stomach as is the habit of most of us, then the resultant effect overtime maybe the growth of unwanted cells and if neglected further,  these cells begin to develop links to supply them food and that is usually at the point where we begin to seek medical help it is never too late to seek medical help but if we can listen to the body and notice the early signals and symptoms of  most before they turn to full-blown diseases many cancers could  be reversed or  averted at the early stage.

5.  Excess Fat in the Body: 

 Obesity is becoming a global problem,  it is amongst children, babies,  youths, teenagers, and older adults.   Why are there many cases of obesity in our society today I will link this to poor exercising habits worsened by the presence  of social media  which usually does not involve movement.  Gone were the days when most of our children spent their times playing football, they spent their time doing some games like   hide and seek which helps to improve health generally but what do we see today, It is  the reverse, everyone sits at a spot with his or her phone  no playing of football,  no hide and seek games, no movement  whatsoever, 4 hours  or more  on the screen so what do we get as a result of this it's obesity, stored fats are not burnt, while more are being added the  stored fats though,  some of these ones may  have eating less food but this less could be stored  because the longer the food stays in the body, the more likely it is converted to fat so the case of obesity for  both  the children  and for the adult at all levels  is on the increase to and excess  adipose tissues in the body is a forerunner to some  inflammations.  Inflammation is also a forerunner to  all kinds of diseases including cancers so if we can reduce our sedentary life and maintain a slimmer body I believe cases of cancer  could be reduced by this singular change in our Society.

6.  Too much Chemicals in our soap and creams:

There are some items items we use everyday such as  beauty products.  perfumes, deodorants bathing soaps,  toothpastes,  powders and all kinds of beauty regimen we use including the ones used  on the hair and  all of these come with chemicals some of these chemicals cannot be understood by our body,  some of these chemicals have no nutritional benefit but rather they introduced strange things that are not in consonance with nature and at the end of it what we experience is usually inflammatory response by our body because of these chemicals. and whereas  the signals or symptoms  are  showing up , a good number of us  neglect these things and continue their usage because they make us beautiful, we feel good, perfumes well and a lot of other factors and these chemicals products  are not monitored or controlled in some countries so people just mass produce them and bring them out for you without considering the damage and harm to humanities and the health of the general public.   If education and enlightenment just as this is being done and persons begin to adhere and practice avoidance of these chemicals, most likely some of these ailments  could be reduced.  Since I noticed and observed the harm introduced to my body by these chemicals, I have  long discontinued the use of powders,  low-grade perfumes, deodorant and then been making my own soaps  and body lotions  in other to reduce  the movement of toxins into my  body externally especially  through the skin,  mouth in the form of  toothpaste and other parts of the body.

7. Lack of Exercise:

This aspect  may look like it's often neglected because it is cheap and  free but incidentally most things that are cheap and free are always the best in terms of delivering results. Most  people have developed a lifestyle of little or no exercise at all,  this applies to both the young children and even the older adult but thank God because awareness is on the increase on the place of exercise in our health we must exercise because regular and moderate exercise helps support the brain health makes our bones stronger and our muscles it helps our body to function better too.  Exercising helps open detoxification pathways to throw out so many toxins, when we exercise,  blood is moved around and diseases are thrown out because of the blood vessels that dilates,  when the blood vessels are not made to dilate.  Lack of exercise or movement or insufficient may result in  most of these organs  not getting oxygen and  when there are no oxygen in the cells or when some of them do not get supply,  overtime diseases such as cancer may begin to show up in form of inflammations because when  the toxins do not go out they find a way to also grow or survive where they are and what they do to survive is to  begin to collect and look for how to develop their own blood vessels and  when they succeed overtime,  it becomes cancer depending on where the cancer is located,  this could be breast, prostate or  could be at any location.  

Deep breathing:

When we talk of exercise many  of us considers only the physical,the exercise of moving about but there are other forms of exercise which also benefits the body in a lot of ways such as deep breathing, deep breathing is an important part of internal exercise which encourages the full exchange of oxygen between the incoming oxygen going in and out going in the form of  carbon dioxide with waste because the carbon dioxide carries waste products from the body  to throw out of the body.    If  you have been neglecting this aspect of the exercise  it is important to begin to also practice it because it comes with a lot of health benefits such as improving digestion, stimulating the lymphatic system,  detoxifying the body, reducing stress,  relieving pains, as well as helping the body to relax.  Since I got knowledge of the benefits of deep breathing.  I do practice it as often as I could. Most times Stressed out mostly at night before going to bed if I am  so stressed out during the day I usually do the deep breathing using sometimes essential oil of mint on my palms then I use it to inhale deep and exhaling and  breathe out.  I do it like five to six times and before I know it I'm off to sleep and so because this one is also free many people may not consider it.  I want to encourage you that if you have been neglecting this aspect of exercise it is time to begin to try it because when these  wasts are aloud to accumulate for long it may give rise to sicknesses and diseases ranging from inflammations to cancers.  This is one of the ways we can improve our health and reduce the growth of strange sicknesses and several  inflammations in our body in addition to all these benefits deep breathing is free,   doesn't cost us money because the oxygen God has given is free you don't need to buy it so you just practice it. put the knowledge to work and enjoy the benefits because it  also helps the lungs be in good health,  when you do frequent  deep breathing in addition to all of the health benefits already stated, you also improve digestion.  

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  1. Thank you so much for your posts. They're educative.God bless you.