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Sunday 11 June 2023

My Top 10 Foods That Helps Protect My Teeth And Gum


Here are top 10  foods to help with toothache and gum disease.  Toothache and gum issues are usually painful and of course amongst the young and old alike.  Most causes of toothache are associated with too much sugar, high carbohydrates,  Infections. broken tooth or other problems that may be related to hereditary and sometimes,  no known cause. Toothache when it occurs at older age is usually  viewed  more seriously because of other health conditions that may be connected to it unknowingly and because of risk and challenges  of management.   I have been  a victim of toothaches I have also been a victim of removal of tooth and then I have also used natural means to prevent frequent visits to dentists too.   If  you have been experiencing frequent toothaches then read this post  to the end because these are some of the dietary changes and practices that I have made recently  to help reduce frequency of this dreaded condition. 

 Most times when we brush our teeth in the morning we often believe that we have done Justice to it but in the real sense, in real sense, it is not always the case,  there are still usually particles left in our mouth under the tooth, by the gums, which are yet to be removed and while many of us even continue to consume sugary foods and not attend to them, bacteria takes advantage  of the sugars and other particles and attack us.  After visiting the dentist sometime last year I decided to be more conscious of my oral health because the pain is of toothache is better discussed than experienced

Here are my top 10 foods and practices to avert more toothaches and gum disease and to strengthen my oral health:

1.  Sea Salt Water Gargle:    

Frequent gargle with sea salt Warm water.  Warm water may prepared  by adding sea salt  to half cup of water is rich in minerals and we are already aware that our tooth is often strengthened by minerals but it is difficult when we are already grown up to have this minerals injected into the tooth, however there is only one way which this thing can naturally occur and that is by the use of sea salt in cooking, then in rinsing  our mouth occasionally, say some days during the week. 

What I have been able to achieve in the area of sea salt is using it to cook my meals and several times using it to rinse in the morning or in the evening and  in this case I use about few lumps or something like a teaspoon of the sea salt and add warm water and continue using it to gargle and rinse  and put away  the rinsed watrr until warm sea salt water is exhausted I also do this each time I suspect any infection or I ate  something that  may have found their place in the tooth or gums and may be responsible for causing toothache or gum  problems once I suspect this or if I had eaten something like  some kinds of biscuit  I an sure to do a sea salt water gargle.

2.   Cloves:  

Cloves  spice  is also an important diet for those who always suffer toothpaste or gum  related disease.  You can use it as tea or just chew it.   I actually normally do it once in a while,  clove is a blood thinner,  it fights viruses and bacteria  especially those  responsible for  causing  toothaches and gum disease so if you are prone to frequent toothaches and gum issues. It  is important to have cloves as a quick Remedy in case you suspect toothache.  

You may not take it everyday because too much of it too is dangerous as a blood thinner.  For those who are prone to having high blood pressure, it  can cause elevated blood pressure but for those who have low blood pressure too it is  a plus for them.   They can enjoy it moderately, but generally speaking is something that should be taken cautiously because of his can cause bleeding internal bleeding also for those with  stomach ulcers or similar conditions.

2 or 3 cloves  after a sugary meal there or when you suspect signs of tooth ache or gum issues or if you suspect your mouth is bringing out a foul smell, it may be necessary to also use the cloves tea or water  to rinse because the foul smell is an indication that bacteria activity is already ongoing in the location so it is better to attack them before they launched their own attack on their host and the only way to do this  is by including close at the city you can also use as a mouth rinse using warm tea made by adding about four cloves or a linchbof the ground clovescpowder to your warm water.   you can put it in a bottle and  keep  for several days after soaking.  It usually turns to  coffee colour or something that the colour of it like black tea or green tea so you can use it to rinse your mouth before going to bed or in the morning or after eating certain meals that is high in sugar or carbohydrates so it can help to reduce the tendency of toothachescor gum disease.

3.  Guava leaves tea:  

guava Leaf is another powerful herbal remedy for toothaches I know.   if you are using it frequently as as tea without milk or  to gargle your mouth, it will be difficult for toothaches or gum problems o attack.  to be difficult for toothache and gum related issue to come because of its antibacterial antifungal anti-inflammatory properties.   For  those who cannot find guava leaves around can use the guava leaves tea bag if you find it but fresh guava leaves seems more effective, but if you can dry them yourself, it is  better dried under shade and not more than 5 days.

Fresh  guava leaves where the fresh good when it comes in 13 of toothpaste and if you are already experiencing to take mildly you can also use the leaves to press out the juice out of it to put inside the tooth and experience some relief but in case of severe ache it is better to seek help of a dentist.

4. Garlic:  

Garlic is a natural antibiotic and those who suffer toothache,  should be glad to join this Spice to their regular meals and in addition consume it regularly on  empty stomach because it helps to fight bacteria that cause toothaches right from the guy,  and also reduce activities of yeast  there are other things that support the environment for tooth ache including excess acid in the body and the garlic is good as an alkaline spice.  Additionally, it also helps to fight inflammation at all levels.  It is a blood thinner and then being a blood thinner it  also discourages the growth of bacteria such as the ones that cause toothache and gum disease so I usually add it regularly in my diet and  take it also several times in a week on empty stomach about 2 or 3 large cloves.  

5.  Alligator Pepper:  

Consuming this tiny seeds alligator pepper is another way to stop inflammations and infection especially in the mouth,  teeth and gum.   It has strong anti inflammatory, antifungal, antimicrobial and pain killing properties.  Chew about 7 tiny seeds after starchy, sugary or your main meal of the day.  It is a great way to warding off toothaches and gum problems.

6.  Green Tea:  

Green tea is also good when you consume it regularly or use it to rinse your mouth to strengthen the entire re  health and reduce frequency of gun-related issues.  I usually like to add some other flavors like adding green tea with ginger or green tea with mint these are some of the additions when added freshly that also help to strengthen the effect of the green tea in the mouth and to reduce your pain green tea also has antibacterial properties anti-inflammatory properties which is part of the reason why it helps to support oral health as most of the bacterials  also are hosted in the mouth

7. Cold Pressed coconut oil: 

 Using coconut oil especially cold pressed coconut oil is one of the best ways to prevent oral  problems including toothaches. It destroys candida and oral trush.   if it is done regularly coconut oil pulling can  done by using the coconut oil to rinse the mouth before bed as it also enhances sleep, being a brain food, if you suffer insomnia. You will also notice improved sleep quality and quantity after rinsing at night with cold pressed coconut oil.  About a tablespoon  in the mouth and allow  to sit for about 10 minutes or more depending on your patience or  ability then pour the coconut oil away.  Do this several times in a week to help to kill bacteria and reduce the frequency of oral disease and toothaches.  However, if you already develop the toothaches, it is not recommended as a best remedy but better as a preventive measure.

8.  Cold Pressed Olive oil:  

Olive oil is also good, it fights inflammations and helps improve blood circulation in and around the teeth and gums which helps to strengthen the teeth and gums.  Ensure to use only cold pressed because so many adulterated oils are out there and may increase the risk of tooth aches and gum disease if not the pure cold pressed olive oil.  It has antifungal. Anti-inflammatory properties too which supports oral health.

9.  Ginger and Tumeric Tea:  

Drinking ginger and turmeric tea regularly also helps to strengthen teeth and gums and reduce inflammation because they both also contains anti-inflammatory antibacterial and antifungal properties fungal properties uncontrolled  growth of candida is contributes to much bacteria  in the mouth which sometimes leads to gum and teeth problems and gum disease.

10.  Mint tea

Mint is long known for its oral protection properties ,  Since I do not always have the tea leaves mostly because it easily gets spoilt or dries out.  I prefer to always keep the mint essential oil and use occasional to do deep breathing while leaving the mouth open and occasionally add to boiled water to rinse the mouth.


All the above foods in addition to being properly hydrated by observing water therapy each morning has helped in improving my oral health and reducing frequency of toothaches and gum problems like bleeding gums.  i also try to reduce bread, biscuits and other  sources of  sugar in my diet. surprisingly I have reduced milk, seriously, milk is also a source of sugar which affects teeth especially that of older adults, this may sound surprising because milk is expected to strengthen our teeth because of calcium but as we get older, we must make dietary changes that  benefits our health.  Other foods that I consume tegularky that supports dental and oral  health are green apples. Cucumbers, Oranges, and carrots 🥕 . I take them moderately to avoid sugar.  Any sweet fruit like orange and  carrot 🥕 when taken in large amount will increase sugar and defeat the purpose.  Moderation is always my rule.



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