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Friday 28 July 2023

See My Latest Addition to Get More Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Why


 If you have been wondering which of the fishes  to include in your diet, then  consider omega-3 food sources because of the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids in the body I have actually also been looking for healthy food that will provide me with Omega-3 fatty acids in addition to the existing ones then I suddenly found this fish which has been in existence for long but somehow I found it at last,  horse mackerel popularly called Kotr  in Nigeria is a common fish in our local market they seem to be more popular in the Eastern part of the country I recently I decided to buy this fish frozen version of this fish to make soup as I'm not always really a fan of it but when I saw the particular one that appealed  to my eyes I thought that this must be freshly caught and  I went for it then after making it with my vegetable soup, wow I consume this food and noticed something after listening to my body and that is the anti-inflammatory effect and I suddenly spoke aloud that this fish must be one of the fishes I have been looking for it seems it contains Omega-3 fatty acids. To further confirm my feelings I say okay I'm going to search for it and read as much as possible about this fish, and my guess was right  after doing that I thought, it  is important also to share my thought, my findings as in consuming this fish and what various writers also may have said or written.

Here are the top reasons why I will henceforth include this fish as one of my regular fishes to boost my health.   I finally discovered it,  a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and protein, it  is a source of B12 and selenium and these are real nutrients in nature and if you are a health-conscious person who want to support heart health and numerous other benefits you may also consider switching occasionally to this particular fish horse mackerel the frozen  version is the one I used.   Here are  top reasons why it has entered my list.

1. Heart Health:  

Horse mackerel or cote as we call it is highly anti-inflammatory and it is  a good support for those who are experiencing heart-related issues I will suggest women in their menopausal years to start consuming this  fish at least twice in a week because of this nutrient which I firstly noticed by listening to my body and secondly by reading what research has said about it. It  is a heart healthy fish, a source of nutrients like protein for building strong bones and others.  like selenium which also helps to   support heart and brain health too.

2. Bones:  

Omega-3, selenium,  B12 protein and several other nutrients that support bone health is one of the reasons you should consider also including it  in your list.  I didn't really use to like it before now probably because it was not really taste so wonderfully like other fishes it has that kind of bland tastr  when you use it to cook unless those that fry and do other seasonings of course it's good to season it or else it doesn't really taste nice like some other fishes but it's loaded, it's not about the taste this time around, but about our health and wellness if you need something to support your bone especially as you are aging, this is one of the features that you should be adding regularly in your diet talking of fresh ones.  The best is  frozen one but in absence of it you can take smoked one but when they are smoked,  you  wouldn't know the condition of the fish before it it is smoked so that is why it is always better to go for fresh or frozen.

3. Protein:   

Each day we must keep searching for protein because protein is the building block for building nuisance and repairing the ones that have been destroyed so what more will you be looking in the food it's all about protein it's more difficult to get protein sufficiently in the Diner diet than carbohydrates and sugar as this are available in almost all the food except protein so is a rich source of protein and we should also consider it to be able to fight ailments like diabetes to resist things like obesity this is one of the things protein does for us it keeps you Fuller for longer and they reduce the frequency of infections also

4. Brain Health 

Omega 3  food sources such as found in this fish  is great for brain health because of this particular nutrient  and protein it may help prevent brain degeneration which happen in the elderly .

5. Thyroid Function

If you are searching for foods to support your thyroid Health , then   consider including this fish moderately in your diet because of the nutrients, it  is a dense fish which I have exper. ienced through my own body which usually speak to me when I consume certain foods, especially uncommon foods.  I believe many may have also been feeling well after consuming this fish without knowing why. Now you know.


In addition to supporting thyroid health, it  is also a source of  support to our  the immune  support,  supporting  healthy digestion, reducing  constipation and several other benefits what more will you be looking for  in a food and relatively low in fat and Calorie this is one of the  most interesting aspect of this fish especially  when compared to other fishes.   Remember not to consume too much of it because of risk of mercury  as they are caught in our contaminated  rivers and oceans.   moderation is our rule but enjoy it modestly include it in your list as I have done and then enjoy a healthy body and strong immunity reducing risk of heart disease,  heart failure,  heart attack and other heart-related issues


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