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Saturday 29 July 2023

These 6 Things I did and a pounding Headache ŵas gone.


Headache  could happen to anyone. it Could happen to children and to youth also  but most times if the causes could be detected ,surely we can use food as medicine If only, We know what to eat at the right time. Here are 6 things I did to ward off this headache.   Yes it was something that has not happened for several years but this time around it came knocking,  from back towards the front, after considering the events and activities before this headache, here are the 6 things I did and thanks to God  that has helped me to ward if off by doing these  things. and the others was to reduce screen time, also warm water therapy 

Fish oil: 

 Fish oil is a rich source of healthy fats especially rare omega 3 fats.  There have been several videos and articles on the health benefits of fish oil, but know these truths is one thing, another is putting the knowledge to work is another.  I had to use fish oil during the week to help deal with a headache and it worked but don't be fast to start consuming fish oil for headache without knowing the type of your own headache and understanding if that is what your body needs at the particular time.  In this case, I had left my occasional fish oil for a long time and taken some herbal teas, coupled with more time on screen, so my first suspicion was  this supplement, actually took it to help relax my eyes, but we must understand that also  that our  eyes is somehow connected to the brain,so it seems to me that each time the eyes are stressed, the head responds with a headache.  So in this case, stress on the eyes may have also contributed to the headache trigger.  I usually prefer the 300mg twice daily, but since it was not available, I started with 1000mg  the first day, improvement was noticed, then the 2nd day, I continued with 300mg twice and by the third day,  headache was gone.

Moringa Seeds:  

I have observed over a time that low iron may cause some kind of headache which I had  the experience as a young lady but this time around it's different I still had to start on very low calorie foods that are dense in nutrition with vitamin C foods that can also help to detox my system because I suspected toxic load in this instance due to certain foods I consumed during the week I noticed that there is toxic overload so I decided to start my morning the second day with moringa seeds just three seeds after consuming fenugreek oil just about half capful the reason for the fenugreek  oil was in case it is linked to some insulin resistance and again another reason for the fenugreek oil I took was  in case also it was digestive problem because I had been experiencing constipation lately and digestive problems so after water therapy on that second day I took fenugreek oil because sugar is always a suspect when older adults come up with one problem or the other so I started with a little fenugreek oil another work of fenugreek seeds is that it's good for cases like malaria symptoms because fenugreek seeds is actually a slightly bitter seed which is good for digestive health when you take the water or the tea so in this case I took a little of it and then topped it  with moringa seeds,   moringa seeds and before the moringa seeds  also added lemon juice to my water therapy which I had already left for quite some time additionally I also chewed two cloves of garlic now why all these things are being done is because there are different types of strains of bacteria and I am aware that most of the things that may cause digestive issues may be made worst by the presence of bacteria and other microbes so I decided to tackle it from different directions including all the spices that are good and tackling bacterial infections so I took 2 cloves  that morning in addition to this I decided to relax after doing moderate exercise 

So after all of these I noticed something like a bowel  movement that looked like I was going to have a running tummy which I needed you will agree with me that there are times when you know  that what you need is a mild cleanse like a purgative but I do not recommend purgatives as a medicine but we can take natural foods in a way that it will act as a mild purgative because if we take purgative sometimes it may help destroy our gut health and if the purging continues and is not able to be controlled for various reasons that could lead to an Hospital emergency.   So after all of these just before 12 midday,  I noticed a serious bowel  movement  and after that  movement I concluded that I'm already on the part of Victory and you know that most people when you have anything threatening your health or your life once you have a bowel movement that you successfully excrete a reasonable number of the waste toxins in your system you will know that you're already on the part of recovery no matter what the problem may be especially if you needed it like in this case.  So after that very day I began to feel much better I began to feel much better.


 On the second day I took about three cloves after washing it I chewcd it in the morning in addition to the moringa seeds the clove oil and the clothes is to tackle bacteria that my intention was to Taco bacterias stubborn bacterial and yeast and to stop viral action of the if any bacteria was responsible actually because the headache doesn't just happen I've realised over the years that most headaches are linked connected from the gut so you when addressing headache , it is  the gut health that are usually the target once the gut health is resolved headache also most times was settle so I know there is a very serious link between our gut  and our brain so that is why I was also targeting it so if you suspect headache or just sudden headache like continuously it is better to check what you are eating or if there is any change in your diet because it can trigger a headache too because of this relationship which I have noticed over the years that there is a serious link between our gut and our brain so in this case to I took it to reduce the activity of bacteria or viruses and to reduce acidity most importantly because I said it is also a major problem when it comes to things like this and I have successfully used cloves before to ward off a headache.  I remembered it and I decided to also use it again so as  to reduce the acid in the body and it worked for me it worked as soon as I took it , I began to notice some improvements 

Guava leaves tea

Guava leaves tea the next thing I decided to include was guava leaf tea, I went and got some fresh leaves around and boiled a little like five leaves, boil  and began to sip it and my reason for taking it is for hormonal purposes  and to reduce fat when we have health challenge or something is disturbing us we must also target the unhealthy fats those things like fats,   that is as a result of what you eat and  apart from the unhealthy fats it is also a source of iron and to balance hormone most important and as I began to take it,  I notice also some calmness because it's a mild sedative tea because of his naturally caffeine-free so when I began to take it, I began to feel the cameras to sleep and that was also the beginning of the healing I noticed that it began to calm me down and I noticed also that  my stomach began to move and if there was another reason why I also included the guava Leaf was that it helps control  diarrhoea.  Something that may look like a diarrhoea because when you actually experience  bowel movement like a a number of times,  if nothing is done there  is every likelihood that it will continue to a point that you may require medication to stop it and so it was what made me   to take a little of this tea sipping  it a little from time to time so as to kill the bacteria that could cause the diarrhoea  to get out of control and frankly speaking it also worked for me and I noticed it that when I began to take this  tea  I began to pass out gas gradually consistently showing that it was working so I did not go to the toilet for 2 days. f2 days was not much as it is indication  that healing was taking place because if it has continued the diarrhoea would have been something that will require medical attention so each  time we loose our balance internally it requires a lot of wisdom to restore it and if you need even to consult a more experienced health coach or Assistant, it  is a good idea if you noticed these things because sometimes we get confused, the fact that I did all these and it worked it may not mean that it will work exactly the same way it depends on the type of headaches and the cause.  Different types of headaches and varying causes so if you understand your own cause  and  the type, then you should be able to also take another dimension.  that are other foods  that I included to help me to Alkaline my body like green apple and cucumbers,  I also took one apple I have an apple and have cucumbers in the period and then I decided to slow down certain foods like nuts I stayed   way from roasted  African breadfruit,  cashews,  and all of that in order not to increase acidity in the body, foods like bananas too were avoided,  though   not a fan of it but it could trigger headache or  make it worse if you are trying to reduce the body  weight.  Another important tool to heal a headache is to  stay away from foods that are high in calories in order not to worsen your case

Moringa seeds 

I already stated earlier about moringa seeds how  I started  by chewing moringa seeds just two seeds because it's quite sweet for me  but the reason was obvious it has no calorie and one of the things about headaches is avoiding or reducing calories.   if you are experiencing headache avoid high  calorie foods, it doesn't also like much spices too.   I have actually not had  headache for more than 13 years and so this one was a surprise to me but I thank God that He took control.

Reduce screen

The last thing I also did was to reduce my screen time because writing on the blog, editing checking the WhatsApp, a lot of Facebooks and all the social medias sometime puts a strain on my eyes which was the case this time around so I actually decided to reduce the screen time so once it's 8:30 pm or 8.20 I was done for the day so that the eyes could rest as much as possible and as I did that also I began to feel some calmness and relaxation in the head.   Too much screen time can also cause tension and may trigger a headache sometimes we tend to overdo it for various reasons maybe we want to meet peoples needs, want to convince ourselves that we are working or  just for the joy of just doing what we love to do so we should apply caution in all of these and may God grant us the grace to always do this.


There could be many wonderful remedies for headaches out there but this is a real life story and what worked .


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