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Sunday 4 June 2023

When to eat Cashew nuts and when to avoid



Cashew nuts is one of the popular nuts around,  almost all seasons and usually tastes very nice and good enough, this nut is also rich in beneficial nutrients that support a healthy body. ,  however there are other times when we need to eat this healthy nut and there are also times when we should avoid it or stay away for a season, in this short post I want to state few of the times when we may need to take cashew nuts in moderation and when to avoid it or take a brake

1.  Yeast Infection:   When we are trying to eliminate yeast in our body, it is important to consume foods that will not help to feed the yeast s.  A good number of times we try to use drugs or antibiotics to destroy these organisms  but over the years I've come to realize that the best way is not to kill them but to eliminate or reduce their number or starve them to death. Some of them will have to die naturally in the  absence of sugar and the types of foods they love.   Cashew nuts has antimicrobial properties which is lacking in most of the nuts,  it is absent in majority of  nuts but present in cashew nuts so when we consume cashew nuts in moderation in addition to the presence of protein, zinc and healthy fats,  it becomes a bad day for yeasts and then a plus for us helping to build our body while starving the yeasts and then killing some of them with the antimicrobial properties naturally present in the nut.

2.  Support Brain Health:  Yes,  today we know that the brain makes use of  fats in communicating but unfortunately many of us consume too much sugar , too much carbohydrates thinking that that is the material needed by the brain but studies have shown that it is healthy fats that supports brain health and cashew nut is a good source of healthy fats and not just healthy fats,  it is a good source of zinc which is a brain supporting nutrient in addition to protein . so when next you are looking for food to support your brain remember to think of cashew nuts.

3.  Managing Stress:  It is also a very good food to include when you are dealing with stress but you must be careful not to overdo it because it is high in calorie ,but if you can take  and pair it with fruits like banana in moderation,  you will notice a positive effect on your body.  It is something I have tried but you must be careful because they are both heavy and high in calorie so if one big banana is too big you can take half  of it or one medium banana then a few of the nuts say about 4 of the cashew nuts will be enough but if you take too much it may also have another effect depending on your need , age, height and body weight too.   you can take up to 5 large nuts,  but anything too much will surely be too heavy and not give any positive results rather it may even increase the stress so when managing stress and you're wondering what to eat consider a few cashew nuts combined with a little dose of banana and then you will be glad you did.

4. Strengthen Bones: Another time when you may need to include cashews in moderation is when you have bone issues or  you need to strengthen your bones.  It  is a bone strengthening food and it's important to also conclude it in moderation because of the fact that too much may also be too heavy and may result in weight gain which may not be positive for the bones.  it contains some amount of proteins too which supports bone building.

5. High Blood Pressure:  Those  managing high blood pressure should avoid peanuts because it is  inflammatory but there is another nut which they can eat moderately, and that is cashew nuts.   this is an experience I had some times ago and based on it, I concluded that these category of people can replace peanuts with cashews or rather eat more of cashews and less of peanuts because peanut is definitely higher in protein.   I  do not consume much of it since my experience with cashew nut because after consuming large amount of it due to its taste,  my blood pressure almost went   below normal,  To me, this  simply means that those with high blood pressure can safely enjoy it more deeply and besides it is high in potassium and most people that are having high blood pressure usually it is an imbalance between potassium and sodium and this nut is also not much of sodium unless it is added but besides that,  sodium is not high in cashew nuts but potassium is quite high and is also a source of protein and other nutrients that helps reduce high blood pressure and control diabetes too. We all need healthy fats at one point or the other because .they are what supports the cell membranes.

6. Insomnia:   If you are suffering insomnia,  meaning you have stayed for days without sleeping then you need to try cashew nuts take a few cashew nuts before bedtime and you will definitely enjoy a good nights sleep.  Lack of the the trace mineral zinc is partly the reason some persons suffer insomnia and it lingers, but inclusion of cashew nuts in moderation supplies this trace mineral and healthy fat needed by the brain too.    Take a few cashew nuts before bed 3 or 4 are okay even 2 large nuts will give result especially with much  older people just two is okay for people who are quite elderly and they will have a good night sleep.

7.  Healthy Teeth and Gum: If you suffer frequent toothaches and gums related issues, it is important to include cashew nuts in your diet due to its antimicrobial properties, since most bacteria live in the mouth, most will be destroyed by these properties before they cause harm to the host.  Peanuts could be taken in moderation because of its protein quantity but it does not possess antimicrobial properties like cashew nuts.   Cashew nuts may help reduce  inflammations and does not encourage the growth of bacteria which are usually resident in the mouth causing toothaches and gum disease.

8.  Protein;    If you are looking for added protein in your meal,  you should consider also adding cashew nuts in moderation,  it will provide the fat and protein needed to help build stronger bones and healthy body and that is why I think particularly  like to include it in my breakfast or evening meal if I think the protein for the day was not enough,  because of its  ability to keep you fuller  for longer because you can lose weight in a healthy way without losing muscles too.  it takes fat to kill fat.  Those who are aiming to loose weight can include cashew nuts moderately too.

9.  When to Avoid Cashew Nuts:  .   There are times when you need to stay away from cashew nuts though it has numerous health benefits Here are some of the times ;

During bloating when you are feeling bloated it is important to avoid cashew nuts,  during those times because it will make your condition worse since it is a source of fat and will add to the existing problem if you continue.

 Feeling heavy because it is a high-calorie food, feeling heavy makes it not easy for you to cook with another calorie-rich food like cashews so it's time to stay with temporary until you are okay when you see mode on the cashew nut to avoid it model cashew nuts are dangerous

Molded they are  usually  molds on some old cashews and it is necessary to avoid cashews with  mold which seem to occur more than in peanuts.

Experiencing Irregular Heartbeat When experiencing irregular heart beat, better to avoid cashew nuts because heart-related issues will not condone or cannot cope with heavy foods and high-calorie foods like cashew nuts which we tend to overdo most times when will start consuming it until the heartbeat is normalized you can continue to enjoy your cashew nuts in moderation in all  moderation is our rule;


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