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Sunday 4 June 2023

Nausea and vomiting home remedy


Many people come again and again with complaints of uneasiness around the chest, nausea and sometimes vomiting, it is always better to seek natural ways to deal with the initial symptoms, nausea and vomiting could be symptoms of more serious ailments such as: stomach contamination,  persistent fatigue motion sickness, appendicitis, anxiety abhorrence substance abuse extreme usage of alcohol pregnancy overdose of coffee abscess diabetes mellitus, sunstroke,  chemotherapy, scalp trauma ,vertigo, stress, kidney rocks, gastrointestinal disorder, migraine or menstruation


 Lemon essential oil  few drops on  your palm  or handkerchief 

What You Have To Do 

Pour a few drops of the essential oil on  your palm, massage together  and simply inhale the aroma. Continue inhaling for a few minutes.   Or use a clean handkerchief 

How Often You Should Do This Repeat as and when you feel  like vomiting and nauseous.

It is not advised to eat or drink anything until vomiting stops.   As for nausea, it may be okay if it lingers to eat only bland foods and reduce stress.   Get as much rest as possible. As most cases may be due to gut related issues and could be abated if enough rest is taken with light and easily digestible foods.  Avoid strong odours or perfumes until the nausea stops


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