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Saturday 1 July 2023

For Pains and Inflammations. Try these Essential Oils (part 1)



We all at one time or the other have  gone through pains and inflammations.  Pain and inflammation can occur at any part of the body but they usually occur around the joints in the older adults and when it does happen it is always hard to find something that will really alleviate the pain some people have been taking medications for long and are even afraid to take more.

Pains  and inflammations are often caused by lot of things sometimes could be due to:

 too much toxins in the body

 lack of exercise 

poor blood circulation 

absence of circulatory foods in the diet 

obesity can cause pain to inflammation too

much sugar can cause pain to too much a lot of other factors even certain  sitting  postures can cause  inflammations and so many other factors most of these pains can be very distressing and usually difficult to manage most times they linger for long but the use of essential oils is a very good way to manage some of the  pains it has been used in ancient times and still being used today to bring relief to most of the pains and inflammations and it helps generally to improve the quality of life especially in the older adult.

Essential oils are very volatile and concentrated oils that are usually Potent and most times if used accurately leaves little or no side effect like other medications and balms  there are several of these essential oils but it is important to be guided before using them  as some of them can be dangerous if not properly administered starting or venturing into the world of essential oils is something that I started some few years ago and the experience has been that of great  exposure involving also the  position between taking some risks and then trying to experiment and a lot of other things in order to come up with my position.

Using Essential Oils

Using essential oils or blending it with other oil is a lifestyle that I have come to live  and enjoying it too  both for my hair, good for my skin, for reducing infections, for improving blood circulation, for relieving  pains, for improving memory,  reducing stress, improving sleep, expelling gas , and reducing wrinks and signs of aging,  these are just a few of the various areas that essential oils has been   found to be useful especially as I have been using it for several years now it is not possible to use all the Essential Oils available in the market unless as I do occasionally try to test on some of them but then new research is ongoing and new products are coming up on a daily basis so in this article I want to share the top essential oils that those who are experiencing pain and inflammations so try, as they help to reduce pains, inflammations and other benefits thereby improving quality of life generally. the top essential oils are:  The best way I use the oils is to inhale from the bottle, drop a few drops on my palms rub together and use for deep breathing, use for foot soaking by adding about 2 or 3 drops in a basin of warm water and a tablespoon or half of sea salt and on severe cases I use for steam inhalation.

Jasmine oil 

rosemary oil

Mint oil 

Rose oil thyme oil

eucalyptus oil 

ginger oil 

These Oils are in varying brands, so when buying, ensure you have a good recommendation of a good brand or make your own at home and it is not difficult , using a carrier oil of your choice.  I usually prefer Cold pressed olive oil, but olive oil and other carrier oils can be used as well.  

1.  Jasmine Essential oil:  

Jasmine oil is one of my latest essential oils for  mixing with my body lotion I usually also add cold pressed coconut oil and a little of African shea butter for my body massage the oil has a very pleasant aroma and help to reduce stress it's mildly sedative,  reduces inflammation and   the activities of bacterias in the body.  I enjoy this oil when going to bed at night massaging with it helps to calm the body and the it is one of my top inflammation fighting essential oils I particularly like the oil because of its  stress relieving properties because in the world of today there is too much stress and so whatever can help reduce stress naturally without any side effect and then induce sleep is a very welcome idea.I have started using it several for more tha a year and it's one of my best because of its fragrance, calming effect, reducing inflammations too.

Rosemary essential oil 

Rosemary  is a very powerful oil it's  notable forbits memory boosting power,  antibacterial antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that helps to reduce pain it also helps with digestion merely by inhaling the oil you could feel the effect though I will not recommend it as an oil for beginners because of it strength and the fact that I consider it a bit strong and may be harsh for beginners.  but if well-used and blended with a good carrier oil is a powerful oil for reducing pains and inflammation reducing bacteria activities and then also helping to reduce fungal infection it's also a memory supporting oil those who need to improve memory should also include this oil I usually use it occasionally and for imroving circulation and increasing antioxidants in the entire body to help fight off bacteria reduce or clear coldness, its great for reducing inflammations and pains generally.

Mint Essential oil

Mint essential oil is one of my  best essential oil in terms of ranking but I also realise that there are four categories of mint in the mint family so it is not all the mint, some brands are not concentrated enough I have also tested some brand which did not live up to my expectation and discovered on further study that they are others  made with another mint  from the mint family peppermint is one of the mint family and I prefer the peppermint oil there are also  others but the  peppermint oil is great for me as  it helps to improve blood circulation,  helps to stress,  even reduce excess sugar I mean reduce insulin resistance. I will suggest it as a support to fight   diabetics. Prediabetics and those managing  diabetic can use it to improve digestion and reduce insuling resistance.   

It  also helps to remove gas,  it is great for menopausal women and those who are going through pains and inflammations, kidney problems, lungs and respiratory isuyes, those who go through a lot of stress, those who are finding it  difficult to sleep,  those who are having constipation issues can  always have this oil or use it to inhale from the bottle. Those  experiencing old and sinuses. It is  important to have it as a home remedy it is also recommended as a preventive measure at the first sign of a headache you can use this to ward it off.  Other aspect that I have found it quite useful is for foot soak to add in the oil in the water and soak the feet because it supports   detox.  It  is a powerful detox when added to your water and then with the feet soaked in the warm water for about 30 minutes with added sea salt is a great detox that helps  to pull out toxins out of the body through the feet  even when inhaled as I often use it also,  it helps to freshen the mouth when added to water and used as a mouth rinse

Additionally,  it helps activate digestive organs and so if it is used and food is not available those who are susceptible to stomach ulcers may  start experiencing or feeling symptoms that is why I prefer it for  inhaling and it is potent enough if you get the good brand.  It fights inflammation, reduces pain and does a lot of other things including improving digestion reducing constipation and as strengthening thethr immune system.   Killing bacteria,  fungsls and other microbes and above all it  has anti-viral properties it is one of the oils I use if I suspect mucus or congestiin. It also has antiviral properties.  I used it greatly during covid19.    Eucalyptus oil is another oil  formulation to clear the nose of viruses and cold too.

Rose 🌹 Essential Oil

Rose essential oil is a very Potent oil it's a fragrance oil that does a lot, supporting the memory to improve memory helping to reduce inflammation reducing activities of viruses,  helps to aid  digestion, it is surprising that  just by merely inhaling some of these oils like rose oil, it triggers the secretion of digestive juice or enzymes towards digestion if you are experiencing a sluggish system and you are thinking of what to use even without ingesting it Rose oil works to stair actions in the body it's not something that you cannot ingest but if you are in a location or in a place where you  do not have access to other things to prepare it or to use it in the way you want merely inhaling it from the bottle or in your handkerchief  I use it by merely inhaling from the bottle and or  adding it to my body cream to also enhance the skin, it helps keep  the skin looking youthful and then to get the aroma instead of using perfumes which most of them are toxic I use few drops in my body lotion to enjoy the aroma without adding any perfume or using perfume on my body and it is enough. As it also protects from virus in addition to the fragrance.

Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme oil is made by using the dried leaves of the thyme  Spice  to infuse in a carrier oil.  This  essential  oil is one of the oils for respiratory issues I have actually used it severally and found out it helps to clear the lungs it also helped improve blood circulation it's something that those who are having low blood circulation around their feet they can use it with other oils during cold when the weather is cold it is very warming  and friendly.  If   there is an oil that I can recommend for beginners,  also beginners can also use it is.  It is not hash and it's a friendly oil that you can just put few drops in mix with cold pressed coconut oil about two or three drops in a little bottle of coconut oil bottle of about 20 mls of coconut oil and about 5 drops and mix it together and massage around the feet I do also add some other oils occasially like mustard Oil.    but most times I prefer to use this oil with only coconut oil just for the feet for the next the next alone because of its  blood circulation effect and then from there it also travels to the lungs how did I get to know the lungs and respiratory effects, It  is because it makes the breathing easier and lighter by that I concluded that those who are asthmatic can also use it to relieve their symptoms and reduce frequency of attacks too.

Eucalyptus oil

It is also a very popular oil used in a lot of body massage ointment and balms for cold and sinuses. It helps  improve circulation it is also one of the oils  I use during viral infections that can help to reduce infections and improve immunity against such infections can you put oil is very another fine fragrance oil itbis good for constipation good oil for a lot of things I like to use it during cold to improve circulation.  Like most essential oils, it is a versatile but it's not an oil that I will recommend for a continuous use,  it some of this oil when you use them continuously they tend to show signs of being toxic and eucalyptus oil is one of such, it  is not good for long term use that is how  I have found some of them but some others you can use for fairly longer periods, but most are in the category of toxic feeling if used consciously fpr a very long time.   In all eucalyptus oil is a very good essential oil even beginners

Ginger Essential

Just like the ginger root the ginger essential oil is also very powerful in improving blood circulation reducing pain too.   You can add it to few drops into the basin of warm water, add sea salt and put the leg for soaking for about 30 minutes it help o improve blood circulation if someone is experiencing  coldness in the hands and feet, may be a sign of poor blood circulation which could get better if this oil is used in this way or used for massage with a carrier oil.  It helps support detox and reduce pains and inflammations generally. some bacteria and reduce pain generally induce inflammation .

I will in my next article I will be sharing then the rest of the oils that uses pain and inflammations based on my own experience using this voice I have not been able to use all the oils in the market that has several of them but the ones I have been able to use and experience their effect on my body I do once a year and the one that I shall be sharing in my upcoming article follow this page in order to be updated concerning these oils


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