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Monday 3 July 2023

For Pains and Inflammations, Try these oils Part 2

Something  similar about these essential oils is that they are mostly anti-inflammatory and they tend to boost immunity in a way though they act differently  in some ways yet they are all so similar in majority of  ways.  They also resist viruses and fungal infections if used correctly,  Most of the Essential Oils have positive effect on pains and inflammations.

Lemongrass oil; 

Just like the lemongrass herb,  when taken as an infusion, the oil is also  Potent when inhaled or used as a diffuser or for massage, it's a hot oil so it is good when there is cold or pains or poor  blood circulation or inflammation, the oil works good during cold weather just as much as that is also good is great in managing many other ailments but you have to mix a little of a carrier oil.  like other ones just few drops in a carrier oil

Cinnamon oil:

Cinnamon  essential oil also acts, just like the Cinnamon bark which is great for blood p and reducing insulin sensitivity or helping the body to produce natural insulin. They also behave like that the Cinnamon powder made from the cinnamon bark. It is hot too  with powerful pain relieving and anti inflammatory effect.  It can also be inhaled,  putting some drops on The Palm and rubbing together used for healing but it should be used cautiously not good for long-time use just once in a while, or maximum of 3 days at a stretch.

Oregano oil:

This oil is very good in reducing inflammation and fighting viruses and bacteria  so if you have any inflammation or pain and you suspect that bacteria or other bugs may have hand in it as is always the case you can use this oil to massage on the area  after cleaning the spot with warm water and any disinfectant you can use it to massages after mixing  it with a little olive oil and go to bed you will notice speedy improvement and the reversal of the formation because instead of growing further it will begin to shrink because the bacterials are being destroyed due to the heat coming from the oregano oil.  Actually I used it but not for long because it was quite hot it was so hot that I couldn't continue I just did something like a test and I've also recommended it for a couple of people and it worked well too for pains and inflammations.  My only advise is don't use it for too long it may trigger something like a rise in blood pressure and not only this oil a good number of essential oils when used for a long time have that effect of kind of giving feelings of rising blood pressure or reducing it in excess either way, so we must use cautiously. 

Turmeric oil 

Tumeric essential oil is also another powerful oil  for pains and inflammation and it and  can be applied or inhaled and one good thing about some of these oils is  that you can take it orally in very small dose like half teaspoonor half capsules, though some cannot be taken orally.  Always get enough information before injesting any of the oils, not all you can take some of them internally in very small doses I have taken a good number of them tested it internally and it was just good but you must be careful to just take a few drops because of the concentration. You can add a little to drink may be y to your ginger tea,  you can just drop it inside the tea and take for pain relief and to reduce inflammation.   Two of them work together as the ginger  helps its full absorption as well.   You can also use externally just like every other one you can use it topically and mixed with olive oil and massage the area very well it also works that way.

 Mustard oil 

Mustard essential oil is great for those trying to lower cholesterol too.  It is a very versatile oil I love the oil very, especially suitable fir my entire body mixed with cold pressed coconut oil, It is great for improving blood circulation fighting inflammations and reducing pains, beginners can also use this oil because it is not hash especially if you get a good brand.   It is one of the oils I take internally in small dose.

Lavender oil

lavender oil is good and it's a very versatile oil too.  It's fragrance is quite calming for reducing stress improving memory  and above all it helps to reduce nerve pain anything that has to do with pain It works  very good.   I  have actually used it for back pain neck pain inflammation and the result was amazing.  I also use it occasionally just for the fragrance.  For pains and inflammations drop on your part mmixor rub both hands together and use fir deep breathing or use for steam inhalation. You can also mix with olive oil massage the area just a drop you will notice an instant relief coming around the entire body It supports liver and kidney health and help redyce blood pressure too.  It could be added to your warm water for foot soaking too, it helps withca rest when used this way especially if you are having problems with sleep or going through physical or mental stress but you must get a good brand some brands are not so good.

Chamomile oil 

This oil is also good as a calmnative, it is useful in  calming  the mind and even sedative. It aids digestion too.  This is an aera It is quite useful fir pains and inflammations.  Those who go through pains usually experience increase pains during digestion or after meal, but consuming Chamomile tea or inhaling the oil reducing the pain by supporting the stomach to produce digestive juice.   In this way, it reduces pains and inflammations but don't use it for too long I must leave this caution, the best way to continue enjoying this oil is to avoid using it daily or too frequently,  because therr was a time I used it frequently for sometime and I noticed some symptoms of toxic feeling after using regularly for several days.  so always leave a gap in between don't use any of these essential oils continuously for too long because of this way , most of them have that behaviour of making you like you don't want to smell them again and that's the toxic feeling.  feeling  like something you liked before is nolonger wanted as if the aroma is now irritating something that was good before when you started it when you suddenly feel irritated about it you're feeling awful about the smell that's the toxic feeling and then it means you should stop, we definitely don't have to wait for that feeling to before we stop.  just use for a few days and then you give a gap,  you can use another one and   then later you come back to use it again.  It's better enjoyed that way.

Cayenne oil: 

we know  that cayenne pepper is a great spice for circulation and a healing spice which the oil is as good too.  It helps support heart heath, and reduce pains and inflammations.   at this I am prepared to which we can use to improve blood circulation reduce pain and then to prove to reduce inflammation January 2 is good for heart health so the Living massaging it around the feet with another carrier oil you will feel much relief if you suffer pains.

Clove oil: 

This is another  good for pains and inflammations especially toothache and oral problems but it is  a strong oil I do not recommend this oil for beginners in anyway.   if you are just beginning with essential oil.  Please  don't start with clove oil.    but you have to just take sparingly,  just drop in the warm water used to rinse your mouth but don't play with the clove oil because it has a very strong blood thinning effect and can cause danger if  used on the entire skin or mixed with any oil for massaging the entire body.


Most essential oils are great in reducing inflammations and interestingly, most can  be ingested without harm, but do not drink any without guide, they could be dangerous too.  Not all are good for skin use but for pains the best way to use is to either inhale from the bottle, add to warm water with sea salt and add few drops of the oil for foot soak, or use for massaging the area but must be mixed with a carrier oil and you dont need much of the essential oil to get result. just few drops and I am usually okay and and massage the area of pains and inflammations.  There several other oils for pains and inflammation  example of another popular one with me is garlic oil.  I use frequently under my feet during cold without mixing with any other oil just massage the feet and toes to send heat into the body, thereby reducing pains and inflammations too.  I also do ingest garlic oil occasionally but ensure you are using a good brand,


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