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Wednesday 5 July 2023

Thought I knew all about Coconut oil Benefits Until this Happened


Those who have been following my articles and  my posts and who are also following me on various platforms will agree that so much has been said about cold pressed coconut oil benefits on my various platforms.   Cold pressed coconut oil is one of the top healing oils for managing a lot of ailments especially the degenerative diseases it's benefits ranges from killing off bacteria and viruses, reducing the activities of yeast and fungus,  supporting fight against diabetes and insulin resistance,  reducing inflammations, boosting metabolism, supporting brain health, supporting digestive health, kidney and liver function, supporting weight loss and several other benefits.

I have for many years now be using cold pressed coconut oil to boost my health, to reduce viruses attack on my skin on my hair, to boost health,  to strengthen my teeth and gums to ward off sore throat and  several other things including reducing  burn belly fat, but this time around I also noticed something that I think  is important to share because before now so much of these benefits are familiar to me so I've been using it  always, keeping it by my bedside I could take it anytime but sometimes you will notice that your body doesn't need it, it is important to always be watchful to know when it's not needed if it's not needed and you take it you  will swear never to take it again because it has high content of saturated fat which are mainly for disease-fighting but like I always say to get a very good cold pressed or make yours at home, its very easy.  We must also always beware  because  fat is fat.   it must arrive firstly as a fat which means it will be heavy on the body before it starts doing the work so on this very occasion here is  what happened:

The Symptoms:

I had consumed plenty of green vegetables.   Of course we know and  have also often been advised to consume vegetables that they are good for us especially green vegetables but it is also important to note that too much of everything is bad so on this very occasion I took it on the wrong side (too much) consumed too much of it and what vegetable was it, it was water leaf and okra which is my favorite soup so I consumed it much, as I later concluded as it was so tasty I only took a little of the swallow because I was enjoying the soup but usually less oil  is used in preparing most of my meals especially red oil, we  use less of it and less of organic peanut oil which are my main oils. Though I usually don't put much.  So in the night in the middle of the night I noticed sleep was not forthcoming, My Stomach was tight and was not giving me comfort at all,  checked  the time and it was already past 1.00 a.m.  I was worried because I still have a lot of work to do during the day such as  writing, attending to messages and so many other things.    So I became so disturb that without sleep it will  be difficult to operate when it is dawn.    So I began to think what would have been responsible,  along the line something spoke to my mind that maybe the oil in the vegetable soup was not enough and why did I think towards this direction now read on:

Vegetables need oil for Proper Digestion:

It is important to remind us that  most vegetables need oil for digestion although there are few that can go with blending but I do not encourage you to go much on that side because of our thyroid it willirritate and may  trigger goiter issues .  I mean  an inflamed thyroid so it is important to ensure that there is oil in the food we know that we should not take too much of it but avoid  over using it or over reducing the oil when consuming vegetables. It is not good it will not aid the digestion so this was the missing link oil was not sufficient  on my vegetable soup or maybe you have been experiencing some digestive issues sometimes when you eat vegetables or certain foods  and you are wondering what is happening.   In some cases it may just be that you never had sufficient oil because of this abstinence that we should take less oil or maybe you are managing high blood pressure or diabetes and they advised you,  don't take oil too much so in that case if you consume vegetables too it may also give you digestive discomfort as was in my case so what did I do, I thought of so many things but on a second thought, I said  okay let me listen very well maybe the food needs oil and which oil is best at this hour of the night I remember that it is only coconut oil that can be taken without problems at such a time especially if it is to do what is you expected  it to do and  if the especially if the problem is there,  then you have nothing to worry about  and you do not take too much too. on this very occasion I took just fearfully about half cupful  of the bottle cover of and in less than 5 minutes It was already  working , pushing out gas through the intestine .

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil to the Rescue

 in this case the consuming of the cold pressed coconut oil at such an hour was the rescue that I got as it was able to push the excess vegetables downwards leading to my easy  falling asleep and waking up feeling very well so what  this means is that the ability of cold-pressed coconut oil to boost metabolism is not in question especially in cases like this it helps to support digestion and I think that was what was needed that time to help push these vegetables down it is important to know that you must be cautious about the quantity too,  what I took was just have capful  not even up to a teaspoon and it was just a little  less than a teaspoon was able to do the job so if you are experiencing such a thing in on some occasions when you take vegetables and you not even be hungry like in my case since the vegetable was not digested due to excess, it has blocked the peristalsis movement, cold pressed coconut can still rescue you as was  case.  Do not think that because you are not hungry that coconut oil will make matters worse, but No.  Go ahead, but in very small amount.   I was not hungry at all and that was why it was even the more difficult a decision for me but it worked.


This incident further confirmed to me that cold pressed coconut oil is a metabolism boosting food and should will be a handy oil even when we are on a journey because of its numerous benefits but remember that  you must be cautious as it is quite high in saturated fat and must be taken cautiously if you  you must get the benefits.


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