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Wednesday 12 July 2023

Here are 7 Changes I made So As to Avoid Tooth Extraction Again


It is important to also share some of the things I'm doing differently since after the dentist visit and was asked to return back for another washing or extraction which may likely occur if I fail to visit the dentist again within 6 months.  So I decided to do a few things differently in order to avoid such experience again because it is not a pleasant one at all if you ever experienced toothache,  you will understand what I am talking about tooth aches are better prevented and that is what I am trying to do and honestly I want to share the few things I have been doing differently since the last visit.  It  is exactly 10 months since I went for that tooth extraction and by the grace of God I have not had any issues again as anticipated by the dentist who already  requested me to come back for washing or another teeth may be removed, although this is not to say that it is bad to go for dentist check up it is a great idea but if you do not have the resources as most of them also charge highly,  the reason is not known  to me but it costs a lot of money to do those teeth  check-ups.  if you are an average person and you want to use natural means and avoid visits like myself then you can read on and finish this write-up to know some of the things I'm  doing that has helped me and still helping me to keep my teeth strong.

1.  I am more Careful and Alert in case of any oral or tooth signal of infection or inflammation:

This is actually an aspect that I neglected much, never listen to my instinct or feelings about my teeth or other health gum signals.   Before now I just eat and then move around but every sickness or disease before it gets to that miserable point always send the signal, it always give a warning which most of us often neglect and so I do not neglect any signal anymore I've had a few signals which eventually was dealt with using home and natural remedies and this is actually the point where natural and home remedies are very effective when the disease has not landed, don't wait for the toothache to come and when they  do, they normally come with lots of pains and miseries.  I will also be telling us when the full tooth ache takes off and before then. It could be avoid.  it can be avoided also so be careful to listen to your oral health, to know when there are signs of inflammations especially when you consume sugary foods high carb foods high protein foods like meat,  biscuits you must also  be alert to hear what your teeth or your mouth or gums are saying, if you can do that as I'm doing you will observe when the bacteria wants to kick-start and then begin to do something that time that is one of the things I'm now doing I'm more alert than before.

2.  Using Sea Salt Water Gargle:

This aspect is an area I will encourage every older adult to get sea salt at home even if you cannot cook with it keep it as a home remedy for your oral health.   When I visited the dentist I was told to use refined table salt I talked about sea salt they didn't understand that,   they said they have never heard the name before and that is the truth so I said okay no problem since you know only about white salt I'm going to use that one because sea salt is better than white table salt so how do I use this table salt each time I suspect anything in my mouth I wake up in the morning and start the day with warm water sea salt gargle using about 1 teaspoon of sea salt.  this is salt is actually expected to be used to rinse on a daily basis that is the safest thing to do as I did all the research but in order not to overdo it because while gargling with the sea salt some salt also may be going into the body into the system and so if somebody is susceptible to high blood pressure it can trigger it because I have always said that salt is salt and should not be taken too much and sea salt though it has a lot of minerals and nutrients it is still salt and should not be overdosed.   Again it is not easy to maintain doing it daily,  though l actually desireable  to do it more frequently but a lot of other things makes it impossible sometimes laziness, sometimes tiredness, and at other times other factors just like negligence, there is no excuse anyway when it comes to our health but we are human you cannot always do all these things as you wish and that is why I use it as often as possible but not on a daily basis.  It is something I cannot promise or  tell you that I do daily but each time I consume something like meat, carbohydrates or certain foods like peanuts or  fried African  breadfruit, and other  foods that I know that may not be okay for my teeth I will ensure that within 24 hours I do sea salt water gargle and here is how do I do it.

Sea Salt  Warm Water gargle( How I take it)

Upon waking up in the morning before my water therapy I just make  a cup of sea salt using about 1 teaspoon of sea salt or a little less because the Rocky salt are larger sometimes if is rocky  I take like three large ones which if broken into pieces will be make up about one teaspoon,  I'll put it in a cup and add warm water to about half the cup using a full Cup is ok depending on the size but I put as much as about 50 mils of  warm water  and then use it to gargle and throw away gargling after gargling just put in a full mouth use it to gargle for few minutes and pour it away I'll keep doing it until the   prepared water salt solution is exhausted and that is all for the day then I go for my water therapy and after my water therapy I still go ahead and use the little sea salt  water to rinse my mouth again, That is how I do it because in the days of the tooth ache even water used to pain in the teeth too😫 I came to realise also then  that may be mbecause the teeth needed minerals, which were lacking in the water, unless you add sea salt or the water could be  acidic I don't know but it  also used to pain me then ,  especially cold water so whenever I want to do this sea salt water gargle.  After Water therapy I still use the remaining salt wate left over to rinse my mouth and ensure that I have done that exercise for the day to ensure that all the meat particles, all the biscuit particles all the whatever particles I suspect are washed out.  Whenever I takecAfrican bread fruit ( Roasted Ukwa and at that time I take it also made sure I do this water gargle the next morning because such foods also used to be painful that time  meaning that proteinous foods like that peanuts they can also trigger such things in the mouth so I use it to make sure that the bacteria and germs that are hiding around the mouth  the teeth and gums  comes out so if you don't want that experience, you   can also be doing occasional sea  water gargle sea salt water gargle but I do not suggest doing it too much is  because of those that have high blood pressure but it has actually been helping me to ensure that the teeth also gets needed  minerals that's another thing the teeth needs minerals and the only way to get minerals into the teeth when you are gurgling the minerals go directly  and it helps to strengthen the teeth like when you are giving food to the teeth that is my honest opinion and it works to make the teeth stronger  instead of weakening it because it's minerals that are actually found around the teeth and their  region and if you can get it to get minerals into the teeth to make it. it will make the teeth also to be stronger and  the gums as well.

3.   Using Cold Pressed Coconut oil  gargle

Cold pressed coconut oil mouth gargle is something I have always known its benefits for oral health, for strengthening the tooth and gums but over time I tend to neglect it and all this negligence may have contributed, so this time around is no more a joke once in a while at least once in a week I find time to use at least once or sometimes twice to use cold pressed coconut oil to put like one r have tablespoon in my mouth and use it to swipe round and  allow  it to stay may sit in my mouth for like 10 minutes and I'll put it away it helped to destroy the germs and  fungals that lives in the mouth and kill bacteria  and all those agents that helps to create inflammation and it in early sentence the tooth so I no longer neglected as was before once in a while I do it because it has effect even though we may not notice it but it works and it helps to keep the mouth from bad breath too, because  bad breath or  mouth odour  is an indication of a diseased body it may begin in the gut but manifests  in the mouth so when somebody's mouth begin to smell a person is sick inside already because that's where the smell comes from.  I've heard people talk and I just noticed their mouth smells and of course I don't normally waste time to stay it I will rather prefer my mouth to smell garlic and be healthy than  to be smelling  so the coconut oil mouth gargle also keeps mouth fresh and free from germs and bacteria.

4.  Bread and biscuits are 98% Out of my Diet.

Saying that I am completely done with bread biscuit and similar foods was not easy before but after this bitter experience I could cope without consuming bread for a month and even more than it, and even when I try to to pick on it I do not go more than half a slice but not so before.  This life  experience has taught me a lesson, bread and biscuits are  one of the worst foods for those who normally experience tooth aches because they are high in sugar and not only bread and biscuit all other acidic foods bread and biscuits are highly acidic and all other acidic foods are also out of my list because of my teeth theyvneed to be preserved. This is also one of the things I'm now doing differently I no longer pick on bread or biscuits or snack on them like before, either crackers or bread, just for long throat sake being  more careful and more disciplined to say No even when they  offered to me because for free due  to this experience I do not want another repeat and if you are in that category you  can also follow some of my above changes ,and  guide.

5.  Late Meals are Culprits, I am also Putting it Out 

During those days of the tooth ache experience late  Night Meals any solid meal after 7pm   usually attract the worst pains so I learnt a lesson from it if you are suffering pains and inflammations stay away from late night meals if you want to avoid inflammation's stay away from late night meals as much as you can and when occasionally you do and   it does occur once in a while consume something else that will stir up the secretion of digestive juice the same night so as to help digestion and then in the morning you will also need to  begin to attack by doing some of these  rituals already mentioned here because the best form of defence is attack and I have been using this method also whenever I fall victim of late food, in the morning I remember my rituals because I I know that they msy  have caused some havoc already so before they begin to manifest I launch my own attack by being very very strict with some of the visuals to maintain a healthy teeth and gum and avoid toothache and gum problems.

6.  Reducing Citrus like Lemons

Citrus like lemons are great for our health but they are not great for the teeth and gums.   if you have experience toothache sensitive tooth and all of that you will observe that lemons and other citrus especially lemon makes it worse and so if you escape or get or got healed of it then you have to reduce direct contact with acidic fruits with your teeth such as lemons and limes though I normally put them inside water warm  water but even then it still  makes contact with the teeth and so if you can use straw or other instruments to consume it occasionally and avoid it having contact with your teeth it may go a long way because the acid also helps to erode some of the teeth enamel and reduce some natural coverings that helps to protect our teeth and gums.  They  tend to erode some of them and keep the teeth open for feelings like sensitive tooth or even when infection comes it becomes very painful and almost difficult to manage so there is also a need for  reduction in the frequency of lemons because of the teeth I do put it in my warm water but I have reduced its consumption generally. Orange is better or milder option so I do not also consume too citrus together like I normally did before I could consume lemon, orange, and all of that . would have reduced the combinations like consuming them in the same day I'm trying as much as I could to see that I do not stay off lemon totally but reduce its consumption and frequency  because of my teeth.

7.  Include foods that supports oral health, teeth and Gums Health:

In addition to all the above I'm also including foods and fruits  that supports healthy teeth and reduces inflammations like garlic, oranges apples, carrots,  cloves,  alligator pepper in moderation I actually occasionally chew on some of these slices  food like alligator  pepper  which I didn't used to do before,was deceived to believe it causes stomach ulcers.  I now always  have it around me because it's a great support it offers a great support for teeth and gums and other  inflammations such as gum disease.   So in order to support digestion and prevent a recurrence because it has become part of my diet but before now I didn't use to consume it because of the earlier reason that it causes ulcer. but it's not okay to join here say  it is always better to try something out first.  it's not actually as I heard but it is when you take it too much and on an empty stomach for a long time, because it is a digestive aid which is great for older adults, and helps fight pains and inflammations too, you may  have that feeling of ulcer,  but besides that, it is a great immune booster  when taken moderately.  I also take it when I feel that what I  consumed  may trigger inflammation I take like five or six alligator pepper and chew but not regular, only when there is need.  Clove  is  another bone strengthening food usually in themorning or after meals.   It helps reduce sugar in the blood which may sometimes sponsor a toothache or gum problems, it kills bacteria because it has antibacterial, antifungal and  antimicrobial properties also the same thing with c close destroys the activities of sugar which are the main agents that helps to support gum disease and toothache so in that form it supports oral health and helps reduce tooth problems.


In addition to the above also trying to include foods like garlic, ginger, cinnamon  and reduce milk because milk contains sugar too, I employ other foods that contains calcium  to help meet my calcium needs like chia seeds and fennel seeds and as such for my calcium from other foods like tiger nuts also in order not to be deficient in  this important minerals in addition  all of the above,  I'm also including my water therapy and maintaining it as always knowing that it also helps to reduce gum disease and tooth problems I addition to regular brushing of my teeth with a good toothpaste.


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