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Friday 17 August 2018

13 Health Benefits of Grape (Citrus) fruit

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One healthy but often forgotten in the citrus family is grape.  Grape unlike other citrus come in three colours:  white, yellow and pink or deep red.  This healthy fruit is usually sour in taste and acidic on contact.   Due to its high acidity, Some people are not attracted to it.  They are all rich in vitamins A, C and other important minerals that support our health.  The pink or red is however said to be richer in antioxidants including beta carotene.  There are so many reasons to include this fruit in your healthy food list.  like most fruits, it is a seasonal fruit.

Here are 13 Health Benefits of  Grape fruit

Immune Booser:

The fruit  is rich in vitamins A and  C and small amounts of  Vitamins E, and important minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc,Manganese, phosphorus and copper.  These nutrients all work together to give a strong immune system.  A strong immunity is necessary so as to keep colds and infections away.

2.  Eye Health:

If you are aiming to improve your eye health, then you should consider including grapes in your diet, grape is a rich source of vitamins A , C and E for better sight

3.  Stroke

According to  American Heart Foundation, eating fruits rich in flavonoids may reduce the incidence of ischemic stroke for women.  Flavonoids are found in citrus fruits like oranges and grapes.  The risk of ischemic stroke was 19 percent lower for those who consumed  the highest amounts of citrus than for women who consumed the lowest amounts.

4.  Aids Digestion: 

 Grape fruit juice when taken before meals helps providing the acids required to aid digestion,  it helps reduce stomach issues like flatulence, bloating and similar conditions.  It promotes regularly and reduce incidence of constipation.

5.  Weight Loss:

It makes sense to include grape fruit juice in your recipe if you are aiming to shed some pounds.  It aids fat burning and softens stools, making you more frequent to empty your bowel.  It also suppresses appetite just like orange too.

6.  Supports Normal Blood Pressure:

The Presence of potassium and magnesium in good amount helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.  Those who are working on their blood pressure should ensure to include some grapes in order to balance their potassium and sodium.  The imbalance of both are linked to several cases of high blood pressure.

7.  Cancer Prevention:

We know that the work of antioxidants are to fight free radicals responsible for diseases like cancer.  Being a rich source of powerful antioxidants A and C gives no chance for cancer formation.  The grapes with red pulp are loaded with lycopene which helps decrease the risk of  prostate cancer,  These antioxidants can also kill existing cancer cells

8.  Hydration

Grapes like oranges is  high in water.  It is a good way to stay hydrated.  Being hydrated is essential in helping maintain our body electrolyte level.  Grape is about 91% water.

9.  Skin

Grape fruit is great for a glowing skin due to the presence of vitamins A C and E and its water content.

10.  Arthritis

Grape fruit is known to contain salicylic acid that helps to break down the body's calcium which builds up the cartilage of joints which may lead to arthritis.

11.  Ward Off Infections

Those who suffer frequent infections like typhoid, Malaria,  cold and asthma will benefit from fresh grape juice as it helps to fight off several diseases due to its high antioxidants.  It is also great for cardiovascular health.

12.  Good for Liver Health

Grape fruit is a source of  an important antioxidant limonoids that help to excrete toxins from the liver by making them more water soluble.  It also contains nutrients that helps the liver to burn fat instead storing it.

13.  Grapefruit for Gum Disease

Regular consumption of grapes will help reduce issues like gum bleeding,  It increases plasma vitamin C levels and help to manage perodental disease.

It is always better to get fresh organic grapes for self instead of going for grape juice in packs because they come with added sugar.  Also if you are on medication, avoid grape juice or speak with your doctor before taking grape.  Grape juice is best in the morning or afternoon as it makes the stomach produce digestive juice more and tends to be acidic on contact.  Best taken before meals.



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