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Monday 4 June 2018

Starve, Shrink And Kill Fibroid By Eating These Foods

The frequent occurrence  of fibroid among our young ladies have necessitated this post, and the need to highlight that following a healthy diet aiming at Fibroid can discourage the growth of fibroid.  What exactly is fibroid?

According to fightyourfertility. com Fibroid are tumours and they grow in the uterus cavity or on the wall of the uterus.   Estrogen and progesterone hormonal imbalance  is responsible  for the growth of fibroid.

Excess estrogen in your body feeds fibroid and as you consume certain foods, your fibroid grows bigger.

Many young ladies are feeding their fibroid unknowingly  by the food they eat,  because estrogen comes from the food we eat. Do not neglect or delay fighting fibroid through  nutrition because excess estrogen can actually move from being  benign to forming 
other dreadful tumours if left unchecked  or uncontrolled.  It is therefore necessary  to attack this monster called fibroid before they cause other problems.

Fibroids are actually common among young ladies during their productive years,  for that is when estrogen is usually a problem. Once menopause is reached,  most fibroid will shrink and disappear, this is because at menopause, the amount of estrogen and progesterone  is drastically  reduced.

Symptoms of Fibroid

Fibroid comes with varying symptoms depending on the location, size and number.   However the commonest symptoms are:
- Increased menstrual flow
- Belly potruding like pregnancy
- Lasting menses with heavy flow
- increased urination
- Abdominal pain
- Pain during sex
- Heaviness and general uneasiness in the stomach and many others

Types of Fibroids

As earlier highlighted fibroid are of different types and sizes such as:

*Intramural. -  These are the ones that grow inside the muscular wall of the uterus

* Subserosal -  These grow outside the uterus on the serosal lining and may make the uterus potrude on one side.

*  Preduncolated -  These are the ones that develops  stem and branches

*  Submucosal - These develops in the myonetrium and is usually less common.

Causes of Fibroids:

The real cause of fibroid still remain partially  unknown, however considering that our ancestors never suffered  these ailments in the magnitude we suffer them today, we therefore conclude safely that,  it had more to do with diet, our environment  and lifestyle.  This is simply suggesting that the type of foods we eat can actually  feed or starve fibroid.

Top Foods That Feed Fibroid

Top on the list of these foods Are:

1. Sugars: 
Especially  simple sugars, artificial sweeteners.  Almost every food packed in our supermarkets are Lassen with much sugar.  These provide  conducive environment  for fibroids

2. Salt:

Too much salt stresses our organs and a major contributor  to health issues plaguing  us today is salt, too much salt plays a role in high blood pressure and makes other health conditions worse.   That is not to say we should avoid salt,  for without  salt, all organs cannot function  optimally.  It is a feeder of disease like fibroid when in excess.

3. Too Much Processed Foods:

This generation is madly  in love with processed ready-to-eat foods such as canned foods and drinks,  carbonated beverages  which help increase acidity in our body.   It is a top food that feeds fibroids.

4.  Unhealthy Fats:

These include most saturated fats, trans fats,  found in butters, oils and margarines, Also meats and fried foods.

5.  Artificial Taste Enhancers: 

These provide excess salt and other additives that make fibroid grow fat.

6.  Too Much Caffeine:  This is also a friend of fibroid

7.  Processed Meat:

These cause inflammations and create acidic environment  for fibroid to thrive.


The good news is that strict dietary modifications can shrink, starve and finally destroy fibroid.   According to,  once you realise this fact and take necessary dietary changes,  fibroid will reverse,  begin to starve,  shrink and finally die.

The foods include:

A.  Garlic :

Consuming fresh garlic in our meals daily will weaken fibroid, not only is it anti inflammatory, but possesses  antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties to help starve fibroid.

B.  Ginger :

Ginger is also noted for its ability to fight inflammation and help keep the stomach in good shape by helping it produce acids for digestion.   It is an enemy of fibroid.

C.  Cabbage - 

This is source a of vitamin  K which help reduce excess bleeding usually  associated with fibroid.   It also starve fibroid of fat which it feeds on. Steaming the cabbage or mixing it with fresh carrot taking raw before any main protein rich meal is the best way to clean up the stomach from time to time and starve fibroid.  It is also low in calorie

D.   Green Vegetables: 

These are rich in vitamin K, vitamins and minerals without  chemical additives.   The bottom line  is that good nutrition,  rich in vegetables  feeds your body but starves fibroid.   It is important to note also that those foods that feeds fibroid actually starve our body and cells.

E.   Onions:

Onions like garlic is another sulfur containing food which destroys fibroid.   It is important not to overcook your  onions and garlic in order to get the right result.

F.   Black Pepper: 

Black pepper and most hot peppers like cayenne helps with proper blood circulation, and possesses nutrients hated by fibroid.   Fresh tomatoes is a low calorie vegetables that will not encourage fibroid,  but peppers are more effective because they are hot.

Other foods to eat to help shrink fibroid includes: sour sop leaves,  green tea, soybeans,  millet,  oats,  sea salt,  olive oil,  coconut oil, red palm oil,  and all organic foods and healthy fats like pears and avocados.

It is important to state that if fibroid is diagnosed and is large.   Surgery  is always the quick fix,  however following organic foods and the ones listed here will prevent a regrowth because fibroids always have a tendency to want to grow again.

Ref:  Fibroidsnaturaltreatment. org
         Fightyourfertility. com


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