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Sunday 16 July 2023

Here is One of my Most Cherished Spices and Why (Part 2)

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 Viral Infections: 

Talking of reducing viral Infections, Simply referring to   infections that can easily spread to the other parts of the body can easily go viral as the word implies so when you suspect something that is either in the community or inside of your body and it's a viral infection then I think this is the  time to begin to make this spice your  friend because it helps to reduce the activity of viral infections to affecting or spreading in a speedy way to other parts of the body.   It works as  an immune booster to strengthen your immune system and reduce overall viral load in the body making you to be strong and able to reduce infections.  This is one of the reasons why I particularly like  this spice because not all spices work this way.    So if you suffer infections frequently or there is a viral infection around your area or your community you may decide to begin to prepare it  as tea or as  a tincture or just chewing  the  spice once in a while you will discover a stronger immune system to be able to resist infections and then reduce inflammations which are usually the major causes or one of the things that opens door for other infections to come in.

Fights off cold and ward off fever

It is also great in warding off cold symptoms and improving blood circulation this spice  helps if you suspect fever symptoms and or coldness.   You can prepare as tea and consume it in addition to this, it also help to improve sleep whenever I chew the Spice I often  notice a calmness that, tends to cause me to fall asleep especially if chewed when you actually need it when you don't need this spice like if you have taken something that thins the blood or your blood sugar is low and you happen to take this spice you definitely won't like the feeling, and it may give you a wrong or bad impression concerning cloves if taken at the right time the right amount you definitely would like to come back and agree that, this is a Spice that you love to keep around you.

As an Expectorant Or Decongestant 

If you suspect excess mucus because I know the cause of disease and immune system is linked to excess mucus.    So if you suspect excess mucus sin your system this Spice also acts  as an expectorant or a decongestant it clears mucus and reduce the heat internally, especially the bad mucus, because the body produces mucus also but excess mucus are the ones that helps to bring us down especially from the acidic foods we consume daily. So when you suspect there is kind of  congestion around your chest or nose you can chew a few of these cloves to help to decongest the chest and then to reduce the main course that if not reduced may end up causing other symptoms like  coughing and in that way it strengthens the immune system by reducing excess mucus production and breaking down existing  mucus.

Improve Complexion 

If I notice my complexion turning  darker, it may be that the yeast activities is much or for some other reasons unknown to us if you begin to chew this tiny spice moderately on a daily basis we will soon notice an improvement in your complexion because of the reduction of the activities of the bad bacterias some of them are contributors to this dominance in the complexion and sometimes may be due to excess sugar too and various other factors but this Spice also helps to reduce their activity at all levels and improve the general complexion and look of the skin and in addition to that it also strengthens bones this is one area I  noticed too and I know that there are only few   spices that are also good in bone strengthening and anything that strengthens bones I  always embrace it and that is one of the main reason this spice is one of my favorite spices as of today.  Though I do not have it as a  daily Spice but it's a regular spice that I keep by my side.

Respiratory Support:

If you are experiencing respiratory problems, this spice will also provide support when taken in moderation


Clove is a powerful blood thinner, though blood thinners are good additions to our diet especially diabetics, prediabetics and those with high blood pressure, however this spice does not work for lowering high blood pressure,  those who experience low blood pressure can consume it moderately as it acts as an expectorant and tends to raise blood pressure, it will therefore benefit people with low blood pressure if taken moderately, however it is my view that those with high blood pressure could consume less amount infrequently in order not to loose out completely on the numerous health benefits.

The Spice could be taken as tea, syrup, spray or just chewed before or after meals, to enjoy these benefits.  There are ground versions  as powder or you can grind grind the dried buds yourself and this is better, so you can be sure that it is only cloves because the days are evil, they can mix and grind with other goods and present as cloves powder for profitability.  I always prefer the dried buds as it does not spoil easily and always retains its strong favour.


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