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Saturday 15 July 2023

Here is One of my Most Cherished Spice and Why


Clove is a popular Spice we all know and use in our kitchen but many of us are not very much familiar with its numerous benefits, cove is one of the spices I avoided several years back because I felt it was too hot and may not be friendly with ulcer survivors but over the years I have come to realize that this tiny spice is much more than I thought and it is  One Spice I have begun to cherish more than most spices though it is very tiny but still wondering why tiny things are very loaded and  seems more powerful.   Cloves is one of such spices I have begun to love so much lately but it is also a spice I will advise new users to be cautious with cloves  is not a Spice for beginners or a Spice someone can just take because of its powerful  effect and high content of Eugenol which is the   active ingredients in this spice.

Here are some of the most important benefits I derive by using this spice and by taking it and also how I am  using the Spice:

To ward off Headaches

As we are all aware there are different types of headaches but whichever type, there are always remedies that can help to alleviate headaches I do not think or suggest that every minor headache should be rushed to the hospital or medications should begin to be the first solution it is okay and important to always sick remedies home remedies and see if they are able to work and in most cases a simple taking or drinking of water sometimes resolves some headaches and most health issues,  but I have also come across some type of headaches that could not be resolved by just drinking water until when clove was consumed.   I consumed clove about  three cloves in the morning and I think that headache was as a result of  acidity in the body and it was able to resolve it immediately so in this regard you can try it if you have such minor  sign of headache you may try it, it worked for me but you must be careful not to take too much because it's a very strong spice.

Regulating Blood Sugar

If you are pre-diabetic or you are a diabetic or even none of these, but you are over 45 years or you are in your  50s , it is important to also always have cloves  at home because cloves regulates blood sugar in a way that can help to prevent the onset of diabetes Close also helps with insulin and a lot of other things that makes or brings about complications of diabetes.  I have used cloves several times and later checked my sugar and noticed there was a drop in my sugar and that in this way, I came to the conclusion regarding  its effect on blood sugar.   it is important for you to know that when using herbs like this or spices like this you should not be on blood sugar regulated medication or else you may suffer excess drop in your sugar because it has ability to reduce blood sugar significantly and it is this very aspect that also make me cherish the spice and how do you use it you can take this Spice after each meal major meal  containing carbohydrates. sugar ,proteins and other nutrients and fats,  take two  or three cloves depending on your weight on your need also  maximum I like to chew  after each meal helps  to moderate sugar and ensure  that there is no spike in in my sugar as a result of the meal and also once in a while if I suspect a rise in my  sugar levelduring the night then I start my day in the morning after water therapy by consuming two or three cloves on an empty stomach but also always ensure that there is food available because of its other effects on  intestine by making it produce digestive juice.

Digestive Aid

Another reason why I will recommend cloves to  older adults is this aspect of aiding digestion one of the areas that mature and older adults have issues is in the aspect of metabolism because of low digestive juice from the stomach and in that sense it is important to include foods that acts as digestive aids like cloves in moderation chewing taking it as tea is a great way to aid digestion and I have also noticed that when it is chewed or taken as tea,  it also has a way of reducing chronic constipation and this is as a result of its digestive aid ability so if you suffer digestive issues such as gas or you need foods to help digest your food fast it is important to include this tiny spice in your meal or you can chew it.  I rather always prefer to chew it raw because of the importance of raw foods  in the diet it could lose some of its nutrients if cooked extensively like all the other foods and for this reason I like to chew it ,just wash it and then chew it like that.

Bacterias and Parasites

If you  suffer frequent bacteria and parasites attack which is usually the case with older people then ensure to have cloves at home and include it in your diet or take it from time to time in order to reduce attacks of bacteria and intestinal parasites, viruses,  microbes that usually attack our intestine all the time I do also take it for this purpose to reduce frequency of this bugs attacking it is also the same way it's also the same way I take it for this purpose  but this time, it is best always on empty stomach even after taking other things like garlic I still go ahead and take the cloves along with it because I discovered that it doesn't stop the work of garlic they do not interact with each other and it ha  own nutrients and agents makes it unique whereas garlic is a source of powerful agents like  sulphur and allicin cloves stands out with Eugenol,  which is also not found in garlic so it is not okay to focus on garlic or ginger and believe that it can do all of the job for you.   yes we have declared that garlic is a very powerful spice too, but there are millions of bacterias and parasites that we are contending with daily in our body  and here is another Spice that we also need to include moderately in order to tackle millions of these bacterias that are living inside of us.  One singular Spice cannot destroy them all,there are millions and trillions of them as research has revealed to us .  Some are healthy gut bacterias supporting our gut health and digestion and others  are deadly and dangerous and these  dangerous ones you need spices like cloves  to tackle by including them moderately in order to tackle some other bacteris and parasites that could not be reached by consuming  garlic alone.

Helps Reduce Yeasts and Candida

When there there is an overgrowth of yeast and candida  in your body, candida grows as a result of starchy foods,  sugars and all the processed stuff we include and consumed daily in our diet when their number increases and outnumbers the healthy gut bacteria as they become very troublesome and that is when foods or spices like cloveses should be introduced into the diet when they get  out of  control they cause  a lot of problems  and destroy our immune system our body's ability to fight or resist disease is reduced and will become a victim to every infection and disease including inflammations it is for this reason also,  it is important to always take cloves  in your diet as stated already in my earlier  posts how I do use it but not everyday it  is not an everyday Spice for me why because it is a powerful blood thinner and could cause other side effects  if consumed in excess or frequently reducing the activity reducing used activity is something we must consider seriously especially by older adults so as to also support our immune system this is one powerful yeasts fighting food we should not neglect for whatever reason especially those who are battling or managing high blood pressure needs also  be careful with this Spice because of its  ability also to work against their goal that is of having normal oblood pressure but I still suggest that it  should not be left out of the diet completely because of the numerous health benefits but in moderation could be included so as to get some of the benefits without necessarily affecting the blood pressure negatively as may be the case.

For Better Oral Health and Reducing Toothaches and Gum Disease

Our oral health is so important to immune system as earlier noted in some of my posts iora health who's most of the bacteria's that attack us especially when we are sick they leave right inside our mouth and begin to travel from there and that is why Close should be part of our oral health protection Spice because it kills most of the bacteria in the mouth including those that cause bad breath including those that cause toothache including those are contribute to gum disease and having suffered from some of these issues before like toothpaste it is important for me to raise a Spice like this because if I had embraced it before now maybe some of those complications arising from the tooth aches may have been invited so if you love your teeth if you want to have a fresh breath and you want to avoid toothpaste then include this price regularly and modestly as I often do.

  Against Sore throat

Sore throat is something that can be prevented as much as I know and the way to prevent it is by attacking the bugs,  the bacteria's that travel from the mouth region because they pass through the throat and some of them find host around the throat and before you wake up the sore throat is there.  Most sorethroat actually show the first symptom as we wake up from sleep in the mornings,  showing or  confirming that these works were actually carried out while we are sleeping and so it is important to take good care of our oral health again especially in the morning because of some of the bugs activity at night while we are asleep.

Sexual Activity Support or as Aphrodisiac 

If you are a menopausal women,  or man having issues with sexual activity, then you should also embrace this Spice because of its effect which I have also observed and noticed most women that are entering their menopause experience dryness and lack of interest in having any sexual activity but there are just few spices that does this job and it can help restore   families and many are also concerned with and here is one Spice you should start taking  occasionally and you will notice how strong you will be sexually.   I do not know the nutrients that this. this but what I do know is that if you try including the Spice or chewing it occasionally you will notice a more energetic feeling inside of you when it comes to sexual activity and this is what most people will love and I think this is a cheering  news for those of us who are aging and who are already losing interest in any sexual activity, it can also help to rest of some Bonds in  homes which are caused by imbalance in  this aspect of relationship. Most of these harmful, staying around the truth some of these viruses that could be staying around the throat  in order to travel to prevent them from moving into other parts of the body. In the presence of cloves of the introduction of Clove occasionally in the diet can help to stop them from doing  further havoc.

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