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Friday 7 July 2023

If You Suffer Pains and Inflammations, Avoid These Healthy Foods



If you suffer pains and inflammation you have to be careful with what you take, some foods are actually healthy but they are not good when pain comes.  Why should you avoid them because they are inflammatory and they increase your pain, some of them are also difficult to digest.   Here are some top healthy and superfoods that should be avoided during pains:


 Soya beans is a healthy food rich in proteins vitamins and complete in amino acids.  It  is one of the food that I often have at home and add occassionally  to complete my maels especially when meat fish and other animal protein is missing, however when pain strikes soyabeans should be avoided.   Soyabeans could be in form of soya bean powder, could be in form of a drink or added to cereals but whenever you are going through any form of pains or inflammations  whether it  is joint pains, backpains  ache wherever the pain is coming from, stay away from soya beans because it  is quite high in protein and it's difficult to digest and experience has shown that it increases pains and does not help sufferers of pains when included in the diet because of several other factors.  It is important as you are avoiding the soya beans to also avoid all foods and derivatives of soya bean  s. check the products, supplements or whatever that you are consuming in case there is soya beans in it you should discontinue the food or make an alternative choice because it will not speed up your healing or it will rather increase your pains.   Soyabeans is also easily toxic if the pain was caused by excess toxins in the body which  in some cases are the brain behind some pains then Soyabeans will also add to the pains because of the fact that it is  easily toxicity for this one reason also it  is good to stay off this healthy food.   If you are trying also to detoxify your body of toxins is also okay to  stay  it away from soya beans.  After the pains and whatever you can still return to eat in moderation but stay away temporarily,  experience has shown that it  does not help in reducing pains or during excess toxins.


Another healthy food to avoid if suffering pains is grains most grains are inflammatory including millet especially fermented grains if you are going through pains or you are managing pains stay away from all the corn products or the grains family. Soghurm bi colour, Soghurm Jowar, wheat, and all  the other grains including oats stay away from all of them  until you recover from the pains because they will surely increase your pain and they will not contribute much, it is better to stay away from them until you recover.


Too much caffeine naturally  I mean occurring caffeine are good occasionally especially when taking in the right amount but when pain strikes it's important to stay away from all forms of caffeine as caffeine contributes to draining of fluid from the cells which makes our pain worse  though on some occasions caffeine may contribute to relaxing the arteries and nerves which contributes to relieving of pain like in the case of some medications containing caffeine temporarily but when there is long-term pain it is important to stay away first from all caffeine and you can find this caffeine  in   foods like black tea, bitter cola, green tea, Coffee, cocoa and other sources stay away or reduce their consumption until the pain period is over as they may not aid your healing, yet most of these foods mentioned are very healthy foods when you are okay.

Red palm oil

Another food is red palm oil,  palm oil is super healthy especially pure unadulterated red palm oil good source of beta-carotene and nutrients that supports our eyes, it is a heart healthy food It also helps to increase our blood and platelet counts but when you are in pain it is better to stay off red palm oil  in all the ways it appears in our diet  or you know all the foods containing red palm oil keep them off your diet because red palm oil is a source of palmitic acid  which may  clog arteries and  does not improve blood circulation, it is not a circulatory food and so should be avoided because when you are in pains, it  is important to include foods that will boost your blood circulation because healing cannot take place without proper circulation but there are several other foods that can boost your circulation but those that will hinder it such as red palm oil should be avoided until the pain period is over there are other oils that could be included in the diet such as avocado oil, olive oil and almond oil these are oils that could be used  until the the pain is over but other oils especially red palm oil aids inflammation and may  also increase the pain.


Beans is a source of protein for bodybuilding yet it is among foods that should be avoided during pain as they tend to increase the pain.   Beans is also not too easy to digest.    because beans produces gas in the process of digestion those who are suffering pain or going through  pain should also avoid beans or reduce its consumption it's actually better to avoid beans when pain is severe stay away completely but black eyed cowpea could be consumed in moderation because it is the most easily digestible beans  but it should be prepared with a lot of other anti-inflammatory foods like onions, garlic, green  vegetables and cinnamon and other anti inflammatory spices that tend to suppress pain and inflammation.   Including ginger and turmeric in this way you can consume a little amount of black-eyed cowpea without experiencing intense pain so as to have protein at least to help build the new cells because without protein there's no way we can recover from any ailment   because protein is the building block as much as we are also avoiding most of the animal protein like  meat during pains, find a way to look for the easily digestible ones and include them in a smart way so as not to lose out completely in the amount of protein needed on a daily basis for a healthy body and for our healing to take place.


Peanuts Is a healthy protein rich nut with vitamins  E, calcium and other important nutrients but should be avoided during pains especially fried peanuts.  They are inflammatory and should be avoided until the pain is over.  Soaked almond in moderation deals better with pains due to the nature of fats profile in the nut.


In summary,  it is  important when managing pain to find out as much as possible cause of the pain knowing the cause of the pain and the Source is as important as managing or treating the pain itself  so as to avoid feeding the disease while also trying to cure  it when pain strikes is important also to include foods that improve blood circulation such as cayenne pepper.  foods like tumeric  and ginger and  other anti-inflammatory foods that are low in calorie you can get all your nutrients from foods that are low in calorie.  Low calorie foods such as carrots is rich in vitamins if you can get vitamin A from your oil you can also source and get it from other foods that are low in calorie  such as moringa leaves.  Look for other  food  sources to get the vitamins and nutrients that you may be missing out while avoid those foods due to your pain,  so that you won't lose out in some of the important nutrients you can say find them elsewhere if you think you are missing out on some of the  vitamins until the pain is gone.


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