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Thursday 6 July 2023

Top Foods That Supports Liver Health



Our liver is the largest internal organ doing a lot of works and the kidney also.  The liver is specialized in fat metabolism and oil it was involved in bile  production however most times we  consume foods that are not good for our liver and destroy it.   We tend  to avoid foods that supports our liver,  the liver can heal and regenerate when damaged and at times I do suffer from liver  injuries arising from stress I do feel it sometimes when my liver is injured especially during intense stress that is exactly how I come to know that stress is not good for the liver but there are some foods we should include regularly to help support our liver and here are the top best foods for the Liver to function optimally I already did a video on the worst foods which is on my YouTube channel you can also visit it or watch here

Vitamin B Rich Foods:

Vitamin B and other groups of the B group are non-toxic and these are the top foods we should consider when choosing foods that will benefit our liver health and where can you find these vitamin B rich foods you can find them in grains like the local rice,  the grains like quicker oats. Wheat,  Soya beans,  can find them in  chicken too. It  is a source of the B vitamins too. B vitamins  is basically for energy and any vitamin B rich food is good for the liver health so the best foods that we should also look at includes: 

 Soya Beans 

Soya beans is rich in B vitamins and particularly rich in Proteins, also lecithin a rare  nutrient that helps the liver to offload fat.   The biggest problem of the liver most  times is how to remove fat especially the unhealthy fats and that is why we  are advised to stay away from transfats  and all the saturated fats and other fats  that can help to clog the liver and stop or slow and  prevent it  from working optimally. The common grains rich in B vitamins for liver health includes,  millet, sorghum jowar, soghurm Bicolour and  all the greens most of the green family are good for liver health and we can consume them moderately because of the B group of vitamins.

Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne Pepper is one of the top foods for liver health, It supports  liver health in a lot of ways . Capsaicin in this  pepper help provide protection against  inflammation of the liver and has a protective effect and may prevent the  sone liver  cells from dying.   Cayenne  pepper can be included moderately in the diet.  

Remember too  that too much spice is bad for the liver,  very hot spices are bad but of all the peppers,  Cayenne seem to be the one that provides more support for  the liver than other  hot peppers though it is hot too  but it doesn't  does not last for long like most peppers  which will usually turns out  to become a stress because spices and hot peppers are  stressor  for the liver but Cayenne provides support  and other benefits too.


Many of us do not consider Bitters  in our food at all but interestingly,  bitter  foods constitute one of the best friends of this vital organ.  Bitters like those  in  bitter Leaf,  bitter kola, though  bitter kola is a source of caffeine so should not be taken too much but all kinds of bitters are great for the liver.   Once the  liver is heated and under stress because it goes through stress and where does this phrase come from the food we eat too many processed foods and too many transfats can place the liver under intense stress and it  needs to calm down it's then that bitter foods comes in and if we do not bring in bitter foods through what we eat, most of us begins to complain of symptoms like malaria symptoms and we say we have malaria our mouth is bitter and all kinds of complaint like that when the liver is inflamed and looking for how to cool down if we can listen to our  body and understand when the liver is under intense stress we may not even have a need for any medicine but just to rest take some bitters and then take enough water and our liver will be up  again and stop those things that  contributes  to the weakening or stress of the liver.


Garlic contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is a source of  allicin, Sulphur and a great support for liver health.  It helps the liver to throw out  unhealthy fats,to take out cholesterol.  In a lot of ways garlic is a great food to include in your diet if you need to support your liver health.  Sometimes the deliver is even under attack by some bacteria,  but if you consume garlic especially in the morning on empty stomach it may help to destroy some of the fungus and bacteria  that hide around the liver to attack. you can still cook with garlic  but taking raw garlic  on  empty stomach in the morning occasionally is also a great way to support your liver.


Lemons,  Limes and most of the vitamin C rich fruits are great for our liver because  vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant for destroying free radicals.  One of the biggest challenge of our  liver  is also free radical activity trying to invade the organ some trying to hide under it and seek opportunity to attack us.  and other around the barrel and all the other organs because the liver actually is very large internally so many of them may want to find host around and the only way they can stay is if they see fat unhealthy fats or sugar but the help of vitamin C especially naturally occurring vitamin C found in citrus especially lemon helps neutralize them but we must be cautious too about lemon because some have taken this lemon juice  to overdose extent, there is an overdose of lemon juice if you take it too much it becomes an immune suppressor and the liver to becomes suppressed instead of supported  so we must work out how and when to take and stop lemon juice or whatever.  Best to add about half a lemon  in water and take it some few days in the week and best before meals as it helps the stomach with hydrochloric acid production.  Occasional high potency vitamian C supplement is not bad too since most fruits are high in sugar and too much sugar is bad for liver health too.  


Do not neglect one small carrot it can do a lot for your liver  especially when taken in the morning the best time to take carrots in order to help support the liver do its  work is in the morning after your water therapy it has zero fat and very low calorie fruit and contains nutrients that enhances the liver's function but we must not take it too much too because too, means  much sugar also, and that is an enemy of the liver so if you take one small carrot on an empty stomach it does a lot I have  personally experienced it.  Carrot  is a great support for your liver because it does not contain fat,does not contain any cholesterol and besides that it is dense in nutrition so when next you see  carrot take it but moderately ,best enjoyed when it is in season. Remember that once you take too much, it will deliver another result because of the sugar.

Cruciferous Vegetables 

Most of the food in this category are great for liver health too,  cabbage,  cauliflower and the rest of it are great for the liver function they are low calorie vegetables, really good something like cabbage if there is heavy metal in the liver and or other harmful  stuff in the liver,  cabbage, garlic, onions consumption may help.  Do not overcook them, you can take some of them raw occasionally but do not take much because of thyroid and always wash well in a running water in case of germs.  they do not contain fat and instead they help to reduce fat accumulation and inflammation around the liver.

Tumeric and Ginger

Small amount of ginger is great also reducing and fighting against inflammations around the liver and recently too Tumeric  has come to join it and is showing great support too for liver health mostly  because of its ability to destroy bacteria and fungus  reduced fat when paired with ginger, it works even better. You will notice a feeling of wellness when you take it as tea and the combo helps burn fat and  help to aid digestion meaning that they they help to support the liver in metabolizing fat because the problem of the liver is fat even if only  we can help the liver to deal with that then  the liver will be happy or sustained.   The combination of  tumeric and ginger helps destroy fat when they are combined and taking in the right amount remember that you must not over do it once you take too much of turmeric you begin to feel heat, hotness in your body including your liver so it becomes a stressor. We must avoid the situation where we turn the foods to become a stress instead of being a support.

Water Therapy

We already know the importance and place of water in our daily diet especially that of water therapy it also helps the  liver in a great way especially when we observe it as a therapy in the morning on empty stomach.  Take large, amount of it and allow the liver to be cleaned, the kidney too.   When the liver is functioning it is difficult for us to be sick it is when the liver is weak because of poor eating habits fried foods  and all the bad things that affect our lives and liver and negatively, then we say we are sick .

Green foods

 All the green vegetables  are very great for the liver because they come with zero fat and they come with vitamins and minerals , They are  among top foods that supports  liver health.  If you love your liver, then consume  vegetables daily in your diet.


Nuts are also good for our liver most of the nuts are good sources of vitamin, proteins and minerals but you must take them moderately especially nuts like walnuts, most nuts are rich in vitamin E and vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that supports organs like our liver. eyes, heart too. Vitamin is found in nuts like peanuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds too, these  foods are good for liver health because vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant so most foods that are good sources of vitamin E supports liver health.  High calorie nuts like cashews should be consumed in moderation.

Fatty Fish:

Fatty fish fish such as Salmon,  Sardines, Mackerel are good because of Omega-3 fatty acids but in the absence of these fatty fish we can also get a good fish and take occasionally because of inflammations.   Inflammation is one of the key challenges our liver faces on a daily basis so fatty  fish can help to also reduce inflammation in the entire body including  the liver it is a great support because they contain good fats, it   the harmful fats that destroys the liver.


There are several other foods that supports liver health such as green tea, those in the Berry family, cloves, tomatoes, cold pressed olive oil, organic peanut oil, moderate use of coconut oil is okay too as it does not clog arteries like other oils too.  it is important for  us to rest,  resting well, having a good sleep is one of the ways to support the liver too because the river does not like stress and besides none of the organs of the body like stress but the worst part, apart from the brain is the  liver,   so let us avoid also reduce stress that will stress and  embrace these foods in our diet moderately in order to support this important organ to carry out its work while we  continue to enjoy a healthy body.


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