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Sunday 29 October 2023



Negro pepper popularly called Uda by the Eastern part of Nigeria, kimba by the Hausas of  Northern Nigeris, Arinje by by the Yorubas of South Western Nigeria, is known and used widely due to its ability to help  resolve  a wide range of health problems.   Negro pepper has been used for several years before more scientific studies began to reveal more of its benefits and uses.  We saw our parents use it when nursing or preparing meals for a newly nursing mother, the reason for this we didn't know then, but they used it in making porridge  and hot soupsand other  foods for a nursing mother but now we know that in addition to reducing risk of infection in the nursing mother, it also helps  to increase milk production this simply means that before the science came  our parents knew the benefits of some of these spices.  Negro pepper may not be popular in some regions but where ever you find it, as  much as possible if you can lay your hands on this spices,  it's advised you get it because it has numerous health benefits I do use it from time to time in my soups especially when I need to aid digestion, during cold weather or suspect malaria and similar things like that.  so I thought to share with us and to remind us of the numerous health benefits of this Spice and why we should be including it in our  meals especially older adults. 

 Here are some of the numerous health benefits of Negro Pepper.

Aids digestion:

 Adding spices like Negro pepper as a   digestive  aid is a smart way to support our liver function and boost our overall health.   You can grind the dried  Negro pepper bud which is usually dark in colour after drying.   Add to your soups and other meals  while cooking common foods  that you love to eat to support digestion and reduce things like gas.

Reduces inflammations:

 Several studies have shown that this spice contains a lot of anti-inflammatory properties naturally occurring in it and helps to reduce inflammation generally in the body you can still add it to your meals or can make tea out of it or even chew a little of it raw, its okay once in a while in order to boost your health and reduce inflammations

Good for arthritis and similar pains:

Those who are going through all kinds of pains like arthritis, rheumatoid pains   can also enjoy this spice freely in their meals as a way to reduce pains because it has pain reducing properties naturally in it and general body pains also sometimes when we undertake some activities so in such case you can include it after a strenuous exercise or work to help you to relax and reduce inflammation that may arise as a result of the activity.

Good source of some essential nutrients

 Negro pepper makes a very good source of low calorie vitamins and minerals in the diet most of us think that the spices are not source of some of the B vitamins we are looking for they are and Negro pepper, other nutrients said to be in this pepper are vitamins A, E, C, these are the top antioxidants fir disease fighting. Fat and carbs are not  significant in spices like negro pepper and most spices. So also are proteins but trace minerals vitamins they are good sources and  other antioxidants for helping to ward  of free radicals and reduce risk of certain things like cancer. 

Helps improve blood circulation :  

It makes a good addition for older people to include this  spice as it tends  to improve blood circulation and provide some form of heat in the body because our body is expected to be warm all the time and if we   maintain a warm temperature internally most of the time our blood circulation will be improved they'll be no sign of coldness and then when there is no coldness most diseases also may not be able to thrive in hot environment and this food is one of such spices that help to provide the needed heat especially during cold weather,  you can take it to improve blood circulation and reduce feelings like numbness in the hands and feet or other parts of the body. Sometimes around the neck area.

Provides Respiratory Support 

This spice also provides a lot of respiratory support especially for those who are experiencing issues like asthma coughing and other respiratory problems.  They  can make it out of the this spice and then take by  shipping it or added to their meals regularly in order to strengthen the respiratory tract and kill off some yeast and bacterias that may feed the infection or cause a trigger in the respiratory tract.

Contains antibacterial properties

If you suffer  frequent bacterial infections like typhoid and other infections.  it will be good to include this slixevregularly in your diet because of its antibacterial properties to reduce the bacterial load generally in the body and reduce frequency of infections as well it's also used to kill off unhealthy gut bacterias by starving them of food.  Uncontrolled yeast activity also supports the growth of other organisms alongside with it in order to suppress the immune system so this will act as an immune booster when we add it to reduce overall yeast activity and then bacterial activity as well.

It's great for strengthening the immune system. 

Due to the high antioxidants in this Spice it's great for strengthen immune system because most diseases starts with inflammations and it's important to include foods like this spices Negro pepper to help reduce or  help to fight oxidative damage and then strengthen our immune system generally

Good for managing Diabetes

 It's also good for managing diabetes pre-diabetics can also take advantage and include it in their diet to aid digestion and then to support liver health. It may delay or prevent the onset of diabetes in prediabetics.  It supports detoxification and we know that role of toxic overload to our well being especially for diabetics even any health condition.  he makes a very good detox generally and when toxins are dealt with our immune system are strengthened and this is a plus for  those fighting diabetes and other health problems.

Supports liver health

Being a digestive aid, it  supports to the liver to function and do its work very well so this is one of the liver supporting foods which we should include moderately in our diet as it may help reduce inflammations around the liver and in this case ward off fatty liver disease too.  Those with existing fatty liver can include antioxidant rich spices like negro  pepper  moderately to support the liver and kidney, in detoxing  the body generally. 

Supports Heart health

 Some studies have also shown that it contains some hearth  supporting nutrients that reduce the inflammation around the heart so it will reduce cases or incidence of heart attack or heart failure to strengthen the heart valves by reducing also the activity of bacterias,  improving  and supporting metabolism and several other activities generally and in this way support the overall functioning of the heart.

May Reduce Frequency of infections:

Those who experience frequent infections things like typhoid,  frequent malaria attacks should do well to include Negro pepper in their diet in other  to strengthen their immunity against infections.

Several other health conditions will benefit from this spice if taken in moderation such as malaria, constipation,  fever,  cough,  tooth ache sore throat,   these inflammations are sometimes triggered by bacterial activities, coldness in the body for blood circulation,  slow rate of metabolism and so many other activities that affects our overall immunity but the inclusion  of Negro pepper boost the activities generally to support health in a lot of ways but we must take it in moderation

Ways to take it

It is best grounded and used as a Spice in soups and stews in moderation

It can  also be used as an infusion using freshly boiled water and about one dried bud.

It can also be chewed raw occasionally like alligator pepper but in moderation


It acts as a blood thinner.  and in this case, pregnant women or expecting to  take in should be cautious with this Spice and other blood thinners to avoid miscarriage.

Those on blood thinning medication should also consult with their doctor before consuming alligator pepper.

Some studies are also suggesting that men should consume in moderation to avoid interference with fertility, though more studies may be needed on this.


With all the benefits and even more, it is still important to avoid consuming large quantities at a time as it will definitely result in unpleasant side effects, including anxiety feeling, low energy, and other negative effects on our immune system instead of working in our favour.  Moderation remains our rule.


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