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Monday 30 October 2023

9 Health Benefits of Smiling


If you talk of frowning I'm very good at it frowning is common and easy  especially when you are offended,   when your  spectations are not met, during  sickness and illhealth can also bring about frowning your face,  Not seeing your loved ones can also cause you to frown.   So many other things makes people to frown.  Frowning is the exact opposite of smiling and most importantly different things causes people to frown,  what makes you frown  may not also make another person to frown.  For  some people dirt  environment can cause them to frown their face, while some others may not really mind even if the environment is quite dirty and unkept. some  will tell you that  it is their nature but I do not agree with this later school of thought because I used to think so myself until I discovered that it is better to smile than to frown and that either of them is a choice you can make.  Whichever way you choose, over the years  smiling  has shown far more benefits than frowning.  

 Here are  9  top health benefits of smiling amongst people of all ages.

1. Smiling is Free:  

It is getting more and more clearer to observe  that most of the best things in life are free,  smiling is one of such things you will rather like to meet a smiling face than one that is frowning and interestingly for us this prized and healthy  gift is absolutely free.  Have you noticed but that the young and small babies even as soon as they were born after crying the next thing is to smile as soon as they begin to see things around them they begin to smile, by those smiles, I think they love what they are seeing and returning in appreciation to God with a smile, by that smile also,  by babies,  it seems to me that smiling is also a gift, by the way, who though them to smile, Nobody, so it is  freely given to everyone of us so you can feel free to smile as much as you like because it has many health benefits in addition to the benefits, you don't have to pay for it you can take as much as you desire and the quantity you take of the smile has no way to reduce my own smiling so why not go ahead and just smile because it affects your health positively in a lot of ways.  No matter how tough situation may be, find time to smile because it is easy,  it is effortless and above all people of all ages can smile.  Being effortless, the sick, the blind, the deaf, the dumb can smile.  This further confirms it is a gift and requires no effort.  There is no age that you cannot smile, the children,  the babies, young people,  the old people all have that benefits of smiling freely.   The only time we stop smiling is when we stop breathing it's only a dead man that does not smile and so smiling is for the living, Go  ahead and continue to smile and enjoy all the benefits.

2.  It is an injunction by our Creator:

 In the book of Proverbs 17:22, it  says " A joyful heart is good medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones" It  is an injunction by our creator meaning that it is better to smile than to frown because you does  good like medicine this is a confirmation that smiling helps to boost our healing and boost our immunity as well.  For this reason let us continue to smile more  moreso that we do not have to pay for it.  it's absolutely free even with all these benefits.

3.  It reduces wrinkles and aging:  

Smiling helps to reduce wrinkles and aging if you want to age fasr then  you have to stop smiling that is the fastest way in my opinion to age and speed up  the aging process when we smile the muscles of the face relaxes and then it helps us to improve  blood   flow around the face and that is one way it can contribute to reducing signs of aging when you see people that smile a lot,  it is difficult to observe each year you see them they keep looking the same way and always smiling and of course you always  hear good report concerning them maybe this maybe also due to the fortune that is often brought about  or attracted by the smiling.

4.  It   Attracts favour:

As already noted it sometimes  attract fortune,   people who smile all the time attract favour to themselves they attract people they are positive people and everyone wants to relate with people who are positive and so when you smile, it makes you to give out an aura of peace joy,  and favour, when you ask people things while  smiling they have more a tendency to grant it to you than when you do it with a face that is frowning especially if you are expecting that favour from someone that is senior to you either  in office, in rank spiritually or even your parents,  it pays  to smile especially when you are asking for something or a favour even if there are good reasons to frown,  endeavour not to frown especially when asking for a favour. try to smile and you will notice that this smiling face  appears to be contagious and will affect those around you and then makes the environment to be peaceful and everybody will be happy including yourself.

5.  Reduces pains and inflammations:

 This may not sound like a scientific point and may also require further research to prove it, but when you frown, research has sgown that more muscles are involved in frowning than in smiling and I think this will also contribute to pains and if one  is already experiencing inflammations, it may increase.  this is a negative side and for this reason it is always better to smile.

6.  It aids digestion:  

This may also not sound scientific but when you smile the entire body is relaxed and you know the digestive tract is also more relaxed when we are not under tension and  smiling.   when we are happy and relaxed, digestion will be easier.   When you frown all the time showing a negative outlook to life we may have a tendency to have more boots of constipation and indigestion though  this will also requirenot more studies and research,  but smiling makes entire body relaxed and a relax body makes for easy digestion, and is  another positive benefits.

7.  Helps relieve stress 

Frowning our face  will at all times nay  increase our stress level  if you are already stressed because of the muscles that are needed for us to frown it is easier to smile so let us endeavour to smile more even if sickness, disease, lack,  pains and all kinds of situations surround us and make us to feel like frowning  is the only option let us be deliberate about smiling and reap these benefits and even more. 

8.  May help you live longer:

 You will have  observed that people who Smile more tend to live longer. This may sound funny especially when you consider the fact it is God alone that determines how long we will live here on earth,  but since he has advised in his holy book that we should always smile and that it will do good like medicine it also  means that it will help us to live longer if it is doing us good just as medicine does as already stated above, and so it is an obedient to His word and obedience to his injunction will surely be rewarded with longevity as promised already.   When you obey God you also have a promise already of living longer.

9.  Smiling is a Means of Communication

 A smiling face may communicate affirmation or otherwise but in most cases, it is a positive signal when you receive a smile from anyone even when God smiles on you, things begins to move around positively for you.  When your dad or mum smiles,it's a good sign.  So even when you choose not to speak, our face through smiles can communicate the message in our heart.


 Here is a question for us to answer,  can our smile be too much? If  you ask me I will say yes that there is time for everything,  time to smile and time also to ... Consider   yourself  smiling at an event when everyone are in tears,  At a time when situation or there is a course for usto cry, it will definitely be improper to start smiling.  Such  smiles can send wrong signal about us,  which can make us to Be misunderstood and so we must endeavour to know as much as we encourage us to smile we should note those few times when smiling will send a wrong signal or  wrong message about us and avoid smiling at those times but most of the time you should try to smile more than frown because it affects our health positively in a lot of ways.


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