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Tuesday 24 October 2023

10 Nutritional and Life Lessons from My Pet Gigi

Yes, Pets are friends to many, interestingly, more and more people are beginning to find interest  in Pets especially dogs, for various reasons especially Security.  There could be many reasons and benefits why you should reconsider your decision in not wanting a pet or puppy around you.  If there is anybody that hated them most, I was one.  Today however, that has changed.  I am a pet lover, infact, I consider them one of man's best friends.  My pet Gigi 3 months ago gave birth to a puppy we call him Bofi.  After her delivery, have continued to learn life lessons every day from these pets both from the puppy, her mother and the way they both live their lives especially Gigi

1.  Would Never Eat anything, she Meets Dead.

It is most interesting to observe that Gigi would never eat a dead animal, though she appears excited if she happens to do the killing herself, but she is never interested in dead things.  I learned and concluded this when we moved to a Suburb in the city and on an occasion I happen to kill a lizard and brought it to her with hope would eat as I learned that they a scavengers by nature.  She showed no interest even when hungry.  It then occurred to me also that the bible admonished us to stay away from dead animals and should not eat such.  Despite this warning, many are not deterred, they still eat such dead animals either due to poverty or other reasons known to them.  Even some foods we eat  are dead after much cooking and warming with no life them.   These beings, Gigi in particular will not feed on such.   

2. Would Always Desire a Walk after any heavy Meal

 Why would a healthy fellow go straight to bed immediately after dinner or some heavy meal, of course some of us are  guilty of this on the excuse that we are tired.  We never bother to go for a walk or exercise to aid digestion, yet these beings, these pets, these lower creatures are careful to observe this nutrition and wellness rule.  Gigi would always bark a kind of bark indicating, she wants to go for a walk after a main meal.  This is a lesson I think we should learn and in fact observe.  

3.  Goes on low Carbs. always

As earlier observed in my previous posts on my pet.  She would alway prefer more protein, less carb.  Why, the reason is obvious.  Proteins are for body building, they are needed to repair tissues.  Surprisingly, humans
are not wiser in this regard.  Some are ready to consume carbs throughout the day in different forms, they do not mind the content of what they are consuming, yet these lower beings appear to be wiser, I think we should learn from them, I have gained a lot from Gigi in this regard.  Consider your daily intake of food and as much as possible let your protein be more especially if you are not burning the carbs as much.  

4.  She will always consider her puppy first when it comes  to food .

As a young mother, Gigi is so passionate about her puppy, whenever it comes to food, she quickly allows her puppy to go first.  I began to wonder, how is she so passionate about her puppy and some humans are a bit careless about such precious gifts.  We have heard of some ignorant young girls abandoning their babies or even exchange them for money.   Yet, Gigi is so caring, never selfish and would always consider her puppy first.  Well are your puppies being treated like that?  May be this one is just different, but I definitely love this character of Gigi about life and I think we should learn from it, especially the women folk

5.  She is Quite hostile to strangers

I am actually beginning to reason that being friendly to strangers may not be fashionable any more.  I should be more confident with familiar faces. " It is better to walk with the Devil you Know than the Angel you Do not know", goes a popular maxim .  But what is there in being friendly  with someone unknown to you.  Methinks, there is something here for us as well.  Never be in a haste to befriend strangers.  Study them and their motives first before you give them your heart or else they will betray you.  That is a message and lesson learned from Gigi.  Let us learn from it.
6.  She Learns Mostly by Watching you.

I remember the bible enjoins us to do more of listening than talking, yet we do not take heed to this instruction.  We talk more and listen less.   But come to consider the life of this lower being, they watch more, pay more attention and most times learn by so doing.  She is so eager watching you and ones she watches you do a particular thing with her for at least 4 times, she takes it over and would never be reminded about it, rather she will be the one to remind you.  This is one of the best traits I love in Gigi, and how I wish that all human behave that way.  Despite scoldings several times, we make the same mistake and most times would deliberating not want to change.  We talk more instead of listening or watching like Gigi.

7.  Whatever her Nose detests, Her mouth rejects

Gigi will always sniff whatever comes her way, if her nose would not take it, then, her mouth would neither taste it.  With humans in most cases, the story is different.  when pressed by hunger, we would not bother how it smells but go ahead to eat, only to start running to the doctors few minutes later.  If only you listen well to your instinct, your nose and other organs meant to notify you of danger, perhaps many may be averted.  However, pets appears Wiser in this regard.  Let us learn from them.  They seem to me to be obedient to their creator more than humans.

8.  Gigi is Very Loyal to me and feels Confident also by my Presence

 If you will be very sincere if you are a dog owner, you will confess that your pet appears excited with your presence at  times than your own children, your spouse, your parents, or your best of friends out there.  These are the ones that reveals your secrets.  No  wonder the bible says, a man's enemies are members of his household.  It is no longer news, when you consider various testimonies of faithfulness shown by pets to their owners even in death surpassing  that shown by humans.  Are you loyal to your Maker?  Are you confident in His Presence, Are you loyal to your spouse, parent, employer etc.  Let us learn from them.  Loyalty is a virtue.

9.  She prefers Natural Foods as against Processed Foods.

 Do you prefer natural foods or highly processed foods?   She prefers fermented Garri to bread, she prefers rice to noddles, she prefers beef to other processed foods.  She seem to have added force to my belief that unprocessed foods are best for us.

10.  She and her puppy would always prefer to stay under my seat or a shade.

Why is Gigi and her puppy always preferring under seats and sheds, well the reason is unknown to me, however, I may think it has to do with protection and security consciousness,  I consider this as a lesson also. We should  be security conscious at all times.

The points stated are peculiar to my pet Gigi.  Gigi is a German Shepherd, yours may be different.  I have chosen to share this here because they are interesting lessons about life which may be overlooked by many including pet owners.  You may wish to share your own experience or lessons if any from your pet, it may benefit us as well.


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