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Monday 11 September 2023

Athletes Foot. My Experience, Cause and Natural Remedies

Athletes foot
Athletes foot


it is import to take good care of our feet. because of the unique job our foot does on a daily basis just like most organs of the body but over the years I  have equally  realized that the older we get the more attention we must pay to certain parts of our body and the feet is one  of such place we should pay particular attention to because it controls a lot of nerves in the body.  Unlike our oral health, our feet hardly host bacterias and germs especially if kept neat and dry at a times with adequate nutrition.  The foot plays very role in our entire well-being and body it is important to take adequate care and pay attention to it.   especially our toes,  as we age we should not ignore any sign whether is painful  or not painful or any change in its  colour whatever.  We must per attention  to  it.  

 I had an experience with my toes in between the toes something like an athletes foot.  This time around. It surfaced again.  another one which I am sharing in this blog the first time the previous had healed using garlic essential oil. This time again, I suspect tight shoes, as a result of a particular shoe that I was wearing,be very more careful with tight shoes and I suspect peanuts and local African breadfruit. dry fried.  These nuts only make it to itch and I had to really reduce the nuts.  and then after I went on  again for  several months so each time I tend to wear shoes that are covered that does not allow air   in between my toes, It starts to show up again. 

Have you wondered why there are so many references to our feet in the Bible the book of Proverbs, Genesis,  Psalms almost all the books including the New Testament has several bible verses talking about our feet.  Example, how beautiful are the feet of those that bring the good news.  wherever the sole of your feet shall thread upon,  He has given to you for your possession and several other places even  Moses, the servant of God was admonished to take off his shoes because the place where he was standing was a Holy Ground why the taken off of the shoes it is important once in a while for us to reflect on some of these verses and occurrences and then realize that our foot  is not justice  any part of our body but plays special roles far more than we can imagine. 

Here are some of the functions of our feet I have identified.

It communicates to us in more broad terms and faster too than any other part of our body.

Blood seem to flow from the leg 🦵 to other parts of the body.  And if the blood flow to and from the leg is  not okay or righ, it affects all the entire body does not function including the heart even sleep at night is not going to work well.

It helps us make a living daily,  taking us to and fro to get our daily living and so once the feet stops working we become  dependent on others most of the times to provide for us

Provide us with balance for the entire body and once that balance is there, every other things seem to be working.

It carries some Power that are so unique and so special both seen and unseen powers because if we step on anything and or  say something about it.  it becomes more binding than when we have not stepped on it so stepping on something save-a-lot in addition to saying something once we speak and our feet steps on it becomes double binding that it must be done and that is why wherever the sole of your feet shall thread upon very importantly is where God says He has given you for your possession and so these are  some of the reasons and various other reasons abound  why we must pay particular attention to our feet.

 Now there are some diseases that affects the feet most times, some time due to carelessness or just other reasons like tightly fitted shoes,  sometimes,  other health reasons that may begin to affect the legs like diabetes,  high blood sugar and others, even nerve problems due to high blood so when buying shoes be careful to buy shoes that will not damage your nerves, or reduce blood flow,  particularly buy the ones that will allow air  to move in and out of your toes even if you are still young. This caution is necessary because of the special work it does for us, like in this case I actually noticed another itching  in between my toes and it was actually an athletics foot mostly caused by wearing tight shoes shoes,  dampness, particularly.  Another likely cause  maybe  due to wearing one tight shoe for several hours or  for a long time, these may  have been responsible in this case and some sugar fluctuations in the body because when  you experience such a thing you will notice that whenever the sugar is high it also begins to itch or give trouble and so managing blood sugar is important if you experience athletes foot or other foot problems, this is to ensure that it heals promptly 

What are the symptoms of athletics Foot: 

The symptoms may  vary, and may also p depend on the health status  of each person affected  but most times, its itchiness  mostly in the evening like in this case it's mostly in the evening my itching between the toes and gradually turning white, in between the middle toes and itches when stress is involved, this goes a long way to say how stress affects our health.  that white colour is an indication of fungus,  that is fungus and these  fungus come from the food we eat sugary foods and all the other foods because we definitely cannot do away without eating sugary foods because most of the food we consume are finally converted to sugar at the end of the day so it continues like that. Itchiness, and white skin between the toes are the main symptoms in this case.

Remedies I used

Essential Oils, Tea Tree Oil and Garlic Oil

So what are the the remedies I have tried, my first encounter was treated using garlic oil, So this time  tried tea tree essential oil which seemed okay for a few days like 3 days but I later went back to garlic and to me it seemed to deliver more results.    Switching to garlic oil seemed to deliver better result.   garlic oil showed  more  positive effect to the tea tree l had its own effect  appeared more powerful, both are powerful antifungal, but I preferred the effect of garlic more because the heat and effect moves down as far as my liver as I usually fear it, though the tea tree oil also worked but in comparison,  I prefer garlic oil.  

Foot Soaking in salt warm water in the morning for 30 minutes

 Another remedy that followed was foot soaking using using sea salt and lemon oil occasional ginger powder to improve blood circulation there because when this thing's occurred  the most important thing is to ensure that the place is kept warm coldness  also contributed to this if the place is kept warm and dry it's definitely going to heal with sufficient antioxidants in the diet and controlling of blood sugar and blood pressure.  It  is going to heal but where these things are not controlled it may take longer time to heal and this is in addition to changing the shoes to wear shoes or sandals that allows in air  and in addition to this exercising the foot  is also part of the therapy that I used before then I always wear slippers both inside the house most times wearing it and then the doors are closed and of course some people have naturally closed toes by nature of the shape  just like mine but that is not the reason why the athletes foot should be allowed to grow there or should occur,  but you must find out your own cause of the athletes foot . If you ask me  to  explain or identify in this case it was caused by tight shoes.  closed feet foot and then coldness.  sometimes.  nuts  also contribute to it from experience because  whenever. I consume nuts especially peanuts. It seems to itch in the evening.   showing that is actually not okay for to take much nut when trying to heal so it's important to also reduce the consumption of nuts generally if you experience athletics foot usually not painful but it's not ok to ignore it as  I don't like to ignore things like that you should  continue to pursue it until it goes away, it is this determination that necessitated including  foot soaking in the water applying some antifungal essential oils as I do not recommend over-the-counter medications mostly in this type of situation,  some dried foot  powder may also suffice.

Reduce stress:

Taking a nap in the afternoon is one of the remedies that helped to reducing itching and stop swelling, also raising the legs fir few minutes during the day also being's relief.

Vitamin C

Finally, Vitamin C was added to speed it up and dry the surface, high potency vitamin C occasionally during the week to raise antioxidant level prevent swelling and speed up the healing.


Athletes foot heals fast if followed up with home remedies especially when it affects older adults, we must monitor sugar, blood pressure, reduce stress, reduce nuts, clean the feet, change shoes if too tight or reduce frequency of wearing tight shoes and massage with essential oils. Despite that it does not come with much troubling symptoms, if neglected, it will continue and may bring in complications as the foot is connected to several nerves in the body.


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