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Thursday 7 September 2023

Do we need Deworming. Find out Here.



We often talk of the deworming and that is taking out the worms out of your intestine or destroying them  using medication.  This is actually one  practice that we grew up with but not much of it is done today  probably because  research and awareness is going on.  knowledge is also increasing and  we have  realized that some of the things we did several years ago were done as a result of ignorance and one of such things is the one I refere to as deworming.   Deworming actually is still being cherished by some people mostly  foods that Mother nature has provided to help reduce the activities of the bad fungus which we often tag as worms when you consume things that brings them to out or groom or cause them to grow in number they begin to grow and this is the truth about what we call worms and so when we consume too much sugary foods too much grains, processed foods, simple  sugars, foods with preservatives and all the stuff that is tasty to the fungus, we cause them to multiply and increase their number.  When  they have outgrown or outnumbered the healthy gut bacterias, they begin to give us trouble and then we say we have worms. it is actually common amongst younger children because they consume mostly sugary foods. 

Stop Sugary and Processed Foods and you will Stop the Worms

I remember we were told every 3 months to deworm the or even 6 months.  I think basically most of their food comprises of milk which is usually sweet and they actually feed more on sweet varieties because their body is not yet beginning to resist or detest sugar, the can still cope as a matter of fact with some sugary foods and so the worms are also thriving in them so usually these children are giving deworming medications,  but actually it is  also possible to keep them  and grow up these children without the so-called synthetic deworming.  The older adult in my opinion may not actually have any such need for deworming,  I have not been engaged in deworming after knowing the truth about how these bacterias and fungus operate. 

 If you reduce processed food, simple sugars and all the stuff that causes them to grow and include fungal killing  foods that kills yeast like garlic, ginger tumeric and a lot of peppers like black pepper cayenne pepper and other slices in moderation you will soon discover that there is actually no need when you consume all these things,  include a lot of green vegetables and eat less of the processed foods you will  fine without that you no not need them.    Listen to the  video for more information and ensure to watch all the videos as they are posted in parts. Listen to this video below:


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