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Tuesday 12 September 2023

When not to massage your Feet



It is no longer news regarding the benefits of massaging our feet and how it affects our health especially older adults using coconut oil or cold pressed olive oil or any other oil of your choice to massage your feet has great benefits, however, there are few occasions when you should avoid massaging your feet, but before going to that, as a quick reminder, here are some of the benefits of foot massage  before looking at occasions when  we should not massage our feet:  

Foot massage helps improve blood circulation 

It helps reduce pains and inflammations

May help reduce blood pressure 

May bring relief to nerve pains

Improves sleep quality and quantity 

Helps reduce Stress

Helps Reduce Menopause Symptoms

Relieves constipation 

The list of what foot massage does and  other benefits can go on and on especially when combined with the right essential oil, we are already aware that, there are essential oils for various occasions when you want to massage, for instance,  if you are dealing with stress  there are essential oils for that, like  Jasmine oil,  lemon oil,  and then Rose oil lavender oil there are the ones for pain especially those ones that can help like celery oil for pains, mint oil and several other oils that you can use. Oregano oil, ginger oil, Rosemary oil,  to reduce pain, Although most  essential oils work well in reducing inflammations generally, some have similar effects,  whichever occasion you need it for whether you want to reduce your blood sugar for instance if I suspect blood sugar I  normally use mint oil to inhale, yes it helps to tackle insulin resistance I do use it occasionally even midnight and it works in  helping  to relieve gas.  if you are dealing with gas, too much gas in the stomach, it  is good if you use it and massage on foot,  it works and so when you use the right essential oil for foot massage it delivers result very fast and those who have been using it to  massage their feet will testify that it  improves health generally but it is important also to know that there are very few occasions when we should not massage our feet I have personally observed this and thought to share it with us.   Here are few  of the occasions when to avoid foot massage in spite of all the benefits. 

1. Diarrhoea 

when you should avoid foot massage number one diarrhoea during boots of diarrhoea when the body is very sensitive and tender it is risky and dangerous to begin to massage the feet because I have noticed that during diarrhoea if you try to massage your feet you will figure eat more or it gets worse and so when you are managing that area it's advised to not massage the feet so that it does not get worse or trigger more stooling.

2. Vomiting 

 Do not massage your feet also if if you are feeling like vomiting do not massage defeat in my opinion because it may eventually trigger it and cause the vomiting to continue or to take off if it is it about to start so it's during those time is important to leave the legs alone and to pamper it

3.  After a Previous Massage using Essential Oil or any oil

 Another occasion that I have noticed not to massage your feet do not massaging your feet if you had massage your feet before with an essential oil do not massage your feet again on until you have washed off using one water the old massage if you do so you may push back some of the toxins that  are already outside as a result of the massage because the massage also help to support  detox by improving blood circulation some of these things may come out to the surface of the skin and so when you try to massage again you you ,make room for  them to return  back,  yes  they may tend to go back so if you have massaged your feet before and ensure to wash off the first massage because it has carried out some job and you need to wash it off before massaging again or else you won't feel better after that massage again.

4. After Surgery:  

After surgery whether on the foot or other parts of the body, it may be necessary to  foot massage, because the body needs pampering.  Although professional mild form of it could help but must be done by a professional.

5.  During Pregnancy 

Foot massage should be avoided during pregnancy especially the first trimester to avoid miscarriage.  Out foot are so connected with nerves, veins and capillaries that may trigger abortion or forced labour if the foot is massaged.

6.  Varicose veins 

If there is varicose veins especially with the older adults, massage the foot may affect some veins and damage nerves in some occasions.  If at all, caution must be applied.


Foot massage works to improve wellness when done at the right time especially with relevant essential oils mixed with carrier oils in good proportion, avoid foot massage under certain conditions as listed above


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