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Friday 15 September 2023

Health Benefits of Turkey


Protein, Protein Protein, I never thought that Protein was scarce until I grew older, Getting enough daily is one of the biggest challenge of our bodies.  In search of Protein, I just remembered turkey meat over the weekend which I  had abandoned for couple of months now.  Here I go, you won't believe it, its my best meat in the animal kingdom fie now,  if there is a change, I will update us.  Here are top reasons why I consider it better that other including chicken.  These are not just what I read but What I found out before going to read and confirmed some of them too:

Weight Management:  

If you  need to lose weight in a healthy way  or weight conscious, it is really difficult to find the right food to help, but  here is a food that can help you lose weight and boost your  immunity as well.   Turkey  meat is light when consumed, it is rich in protein which is needed for weight loss and is also a source of selenium, zinc and a lot of other vitamins it will make a great great addition and the presence of B vitamins also helps it keep your energy level high and normal. Below are  my findings and observations after consuming  the turkey  meat over a 3 days period.  I think  as we grow older our body becomes more sensitive so when next you want to buy meat or you're thinking of  making a choice of protein to include in your diet, you  may consider turkey  meat and then also tell us how you felt after consuming it.


There is a general feeling of calmness throughout the day after consuming the turkey meat especially the brain.   The mind and energy level even quality of  energy after consuming it, there is calmness in the brain there's no need for anyone to come thinking maybe there's something to do for you to find out these feelings, when your own body will tell you just  as mine does too.


 Also  the presence of B6 from the B group and  other B group vitamins makes the entire day or even night calm and most importantly also consuming it in the evening and in the morning also was a test to find out how acidic compared with chicken that this turkey meat will be and it was still great even though following the  next evening it should not be desired if it were chicken. These  speaks volume concerning the  turkey which to me behaves  like an alkaline in the body, being easily digestible.


Symptoms  that tend to distress is also something that menopausal women can benefit from by including turkey in their  because, as it can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety attacks, tiredness,  insomnia and reduce weight gain, supporting heart health too, enstrogen activities and so many other unpleasant feelings associated with it consuming Turkey  will make a lot of difference to the health of the menopausal women I believe because of its general  calmness in the body.

Great for Blood Sugar:

 It was actually consumed with rice in this case and I remembered the last time I ate rice  in the evening with fish the next morning I checked my sugar it was high, precisely 185 and the same rice was cooked and consumed with this turkey meat  just like in the other case but in the morning I check my blood sugar, it was 95 showing that it has a positive effect on blood sugar and for pre-diabetics so that these health concerns could be helped by including it in their diet, as  even the price difference is not much and switch to  turkey meat and also tell us how you felt or if you were able to check your sugar to find out just like I did before confirming this.  I checked it I said let me check this my sugar because I had a beautiful night sleep yesterday I saw my sugar is usually normal by the time the night is troublesome the sugar will rise up that is always my case, may not be the same with some  other people. 

Great for Blood Pressure 

 As already stated , it is good for high blood sugar and most likely  great for high blood pressure as a result of similar reasons and nutrients. it's because of the protein content and  B vitamins and then the selenium and even the Zinc all these are immune boosting and minerals that most times we are lacking. Thank God for mother nature putting  these peculiar nutrients in it.

Good for Liver Health:

 I am almost   sure  of this benefit due to its relatively low fat  low sodium and  almost zero cholesterol it's a great support for the Liver .  Those who are trying to look for how  to get complete protein, can include  turkey because it will definitely improve their health.

Boosts Immunity:

 Being low in calorie especially compared to chicken  makes it a good immune  booster if you're fighting any disease or trying to boost immunity. consider including turkey.

Easily digestible:

As we get older we are continously searching for foods that are easily digestible.  This appears one of the best aspect of this food, it  is easy to digest you don't expect stomach  gas in the stomach helping relieve constipation though in this case even the skin which sometimes they said don't consume chicken skin and whatever skin I consumed everything with the skin.   

Clean Meat

 Another interesting aspect is not adding to existing  toxic overload, maybe because it's not a common meat.  that people rush  for like chicken because  most of these chicken are already injected with chemicals but I don't think there is much of that in the turkey  industry because not everybody is into Turkey business so maybe this one may be more organic and turkey meat may also be more organic because it's not usually reared  like chicken in mass production whereby injections are being given en mass for them to produce eggs and begin to  hash immediately,  so this may also have contributed to its none toxicity and other benefits which I will recommend for those who are health conscious. It  may also be necessary to vary  it at all times,  chicken, Turkey and all the others even Guinea fowl and others let us be  interchange it because moderation is our rule.


It is a food worth trying and if you are living in your compound, you may consider rearing it too as another stream of income and educate others too.



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