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Saturday 16 September 2023

Signs of Acidic body and what to do

Acidic and inflammatory foods like bread, too much starchy foods  store bought vegetable oils, transfats from butters and magarines, carbonated drinks, biscuits etc produces acidic body.  Common signs of acidic body include;

Frequent burping 

Low energy levels 

Spitting blood or blood in sputum especially in the morning

Frequent hiccup that goes and comes again


Weight loss without reason

Difficulty loosing Weight

Frequent headaches


Aches and pains especially around the joints

Frequent heart related issues

Frequent insomnia and other unexplainable symptoms.  If you suspect acidity, then check these tips to help regain your balance, an acidic body is home for most ailments including cancers:

1.  Observe your water therapy with a good water and include a dash of lemon

2.  Include walking exercise moderately at least 30 minutes to help open up the arteries 

3.  Include top alkaline foods, cucumbers without the peels, green vegetables, include raw foods like cabbage, onions, garlic, carrots, bell peppers, green beans and similar veggies, most times they are best consumed raw,

Change your oil, cold pressed coconut oil is best alkaline oil, cold pressed olive oil is good too, but beware of fakes, almond oil is great too.  If you get avocadoes and walnut oils, they are good, but make sure its a good one.  Oils are the most deadly foods if you go wrong in choosing, so be careful in choosing them.  

Get enough  rest and sleep as much as you can.  Insufficient and poor quality sleep produces an acidic body.

Reduce milk in your meals, reduce grains, reduce red palm oil and all processed foods if your body is acidic.

Stay away from carbonated drinks and beverages too

Food is our medicine but moderation remains our rule.


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