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Wednesday 20 December 2023

Cows Milk, Should we take or Avoid? My View



There are varying views and opinions about milk,  talking of cow's milk, either  the full cream, the milk powder, instant milk powder, or the non-dairy creamer.  A lot of us are not cleared about these  milk. Milk is a biblical food that we started our life with and I have come also to think that we most likely will do better towards the end of our life if we include  milk in moderation,  that is my personal view after experimenting for several years to be or not to be with milk.  Here is an important fact with that we must understand about milk,   that is cow's milk it is a rich source of nutrients,  however today we have all varieties of milk especially the non-dairy creamer that has flooded our market which is not really made with cow's milk and it's a cheaper milk to use with not much nutritional value or content as the cow's milk,  the cow milk is a food that a lot of people have abandoned because of the opinion of others, there are ugly side of the cow's milk but there are also  the good side, too. Every food has its good and ulgly side and milk is not left out.  Among the ugliest side is the fact that it helps to feed yeast when taken in large amount and consistently, it also feeds inflammations,  if you are  already going through inflammations and pains and then because of the sugar content then it is also a food that helps to build up insulin resistance, so continuous consumption of milk over a long period of time may  sponsor early onset of diabetes or make the management of diabetes more difficult if it's taking on a daily basis in large amount.    Over the years I've abandoned milk several times because of the ugly stories around it and have also return milk over again, and several times off and on.  but I'm beginning  also to come to the conclusion that as long as you take milk in moderation and take the real milk  and not non dairy creamer but  the full cream, years back I  was an advocate of the low fat milk and instant milk but I have come to realise that the low fat milk is  far more acidic especially those that has zero fat  more acidic than the full cream it is in view of these that each time I want to take milk now which is not daily,  I go for the full cream milk and here are a few of the reasons why the full cream milk is my latest addition to my diet:

1.  A Source of Vitamin K: 

 It seems that the older we get the less vitamin K we seem to have because of food choices including avoidance of milk  and other vitamin K rich foods. Vitamin K is actually a group of fat soluble vitamins that plays important role in the synthesis of protein and other aspects like supporting our bones, blood clotting, regulating blood sugar, preventing internal bleeding, preventing osteoporosis,  our immune system and several other roles that vitamin K plays but over time we tend to avoid or not include in our diet most of the vitamin K food sources like oregano,  cabbage, kale, eggs,  as we get older we tend to stay away from most of these foods for health reasons and for other advices and as a result of this there seem to be a shortage of vitamin K and so many of us complaining of symptoms or feelings of stomach ulcers especially older adults complain of such symptoms  like stomach ulcer, some may sometimes be due to absence of nutrients like vitamin K and other nutrients that can help to support wound healing as well and so realizing this aspect of nutrients in full cream milk has made me switch to full fat cow's milk each time I decide to take milk and it also manifests in a sustained energy that is derived  each time the full cream milk is consumed, no wonder the full cream milk is priced higher than other milk like the instant filled milk which is the other side of the milk whereby the natural fat in the milk is removed and replaced with vegetable fat as you can read on their labels so it's now the vegetable fat that is used in the instant milk powder whereas in the full cream it is just the pasteurized milk and so it is for this and its higher content of vitamin K which many of us are sometimes missing in our diet, that the switch became necessary. 

2.  Complete Amino acids:

 It is a source of complete amino acids which sometimes are needed for the full absorption of other nutrients we consume because some of them are use less until the complete amino acid is available and so we need this complete food.  It is great or our brain health too. If we continue to avoid it for too long we may suffer some mineral deficiencies because in this part of the world we  do not have too much varieties of food to eat to give us all the vitamins and minerals.

3.  Because of thyroid health thyroid

Our thyroid needs to be pampered and protected and a lot of people are ignorant of this fact that milk especially full cream milk contains important and protective nutrients that supports thyroid health including zinc.  I have met several people with thyroid issues who declared  that they have been off it for a long time and not likely to return to milk, Cases like this allow uncontrolled inflammation of the thyroid which need some of these nutrients to protect it and to pamper it because the thyroid needs pampering as a matter of fact and milk and other dairy products with zinc is an important food to include in moderation to help protect this sensitive organ.   

4.  Brain Support:

It is a brain food and we need to protect the brain as we get older because of the peculiar nutrients found in milk especially the full cream milk which is the real milk we need to support our brain health  by increasing foods with nutrients to back it up and full cream milk have all of that though the other milk is also part of it but full cream is the one with 💯 💯 hundred percent milk

5.  Smoother Skin

if you are observant and you are controlling, other carbohydrates in your diet you will notice that you will experience a smoother skin if you take milk moderately especially full cream, not all the time but moderately because of its balance of nutrients, It  is needed by the body.  This was my experience and findings when full milk was returned to my diet in moderation though not a daily bases.

6.  Reduces Depression 

Depression is real and a lot of people go through depression but including brain foods and food that helps to reduce depression like milk is a great way to manage such stress relating to the brain which if not controlled could lead to suicidal Tendencies as we hear of cases of suicide today it's not something that started off immediately but may  have lingered over a long time. Until it got to the point of suicide.

7.  Healthy Body weight

 Managing diabetes sometimes experience weight loss due to an imbalance of nutrients and it tends to bring on them more aging signs and symptoms when milk was taken out completely accompanied by other depression tendencies because of imbalance of this nutrients which some of them are found in milk and sometimes weight loss but full cream milk taking in little amount and occasionally will help to restore the body weight at a healthy level without unnecessary loss of weight and unexplainable weight loss or weight gain because when most carbohydrates are removed especially along with all the processed foods, it only makes sense to return milk in moderation.  Bearing in mind that exercising are  part of the requirments for managing diabetes, taking milk  out with a lot of exercising which is needed to manage diabetes, may trigger symptoms  like low blood sugar,  low energy and weakness which are common with diabetics.  and even the blood pressure will be difficult to manage because of the number of nutrients that are missing as a result of  leaving milk out completely.

8.  Anxiety attacks:

When milk is avoided for a long time without adequate replacement to it,  feelings like anxiety attack,  are also on a higher level especially with menopausal women but a little quantity of milk occasionally may help restore internal hormonal  balance and reduce feelings of anxiety attacks.

9.  Helps Manage Diabetes 

Managing diabetes requires a lot and not just about taking medication but balance of nutrients including complete amino acids which comes from adding a little milk because when you are trying to lower your sugar with a lot of herbs if you are going herbal or medications whichever,  the bones needs protection and milk full cream milk in small amount  helps give  the bones support and integrity.  Creating  a need for the body to require most of these nutrients and they are not there managing of the blood sugar become difficult and even research has shown that consuming full cream milk is better for blood sugar.   if you take it in small amount those who have managed diabetics can give this a try just a little and compare with milk powder, it  has  better ability because of the natural fat that is in it than our so-called milk powder which is overly acidic especially those with zero fat,, I've been on it for several  several years  back and finally discovered,  it is more acidic even with zero fat and full fat is closer to natural when compared with instant milk powder or zero fat.   but it took  a long time for me to realise that it's actually more acidic and farther from nature than the full cream milk.


The first rule about milk is best to listen to your body, it has its good side and ugly sides just like every other food has its good sides and ugly sides but the good side of the full cream  milk is that when you take it in moderate amount and it is the real milk not non-dairy creamer it is a real milk that you are taken and you do not take it daily you will definitely notice a healthier and stronger  stronger body than when it is avoided altogether as is being talked about by another school of thought,  Maybe after several years I may do a review but as at now once or twice in a week or as often as  I feel  like taking milk I do take full cream about  2 tablespoons is okay for me.  I don't  have to finish a whole pack because once it is too much sugar will rise, sometime blood pressure too rises, acidity in the body increases, moderation is our rule and I prefer it in the morning because its energy lasts longer. if you want to get the best result and if you want to continue to retain it in your diet and not bringing out the inflammatory aspect of it and all the other ugly sides, then let it be real milk and not daily consumption.  Moderation is our rule.

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