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Wednesday 17 January 2024

Are You Still Consuming Wheat products?🍞



Are you still consuming Wheatbread because you think it is healthy or you just love the taste? if you have been consuming it especially storebought or processed wheat bread from the market then here are five reasons why you may need to reconsider your decision because recently I tried to enjoy the Wheatbread because  it's been quite a while that I have been off it  and of course it is very nice and quite filling especially for older adults and pre-diabetics even diabetics and so it went that I enjoyed it again then again. Here are the top 5 reasons why I may not want to try it again unless just a bite

1.  It comes with Preservatives:  

Store-bought or supermarket with bread comes with a lot of sugar preservatives and even sometimes added milk and other ingredients so if you are trying to clean up your body from toxins or you are managing some elements it's important to control the amount of toxins that goes into the body and with bread especially processed with bread from supermarket but store bought wheat bread should not be in the list because it will increase toxic overload in the body which will not help your fight against that ailment.

2.  It contributes to Weight Gain

It contributes to weight gain some people have resorted to Wheatbread ignorantly with the hope and mind that it is high in fibre and will contribute to weight loss or may not lead to weight gain but the answer is No.   A trial will also convince you that it is not the choice to make if you are trying to lose weight wheatbread  should not be  in your list because it will ultimately contribute to weight gain because of several other factors including the sugar added preservatives and sometimes milk that are added to enhance its taste for commercial purpose.

3.  It raised my blood sugar. 

 It also has a tendency to raise blood sugar for those who are susceptible to it,  if you are an older adult or you are conscious of your blood sugar or you're pre-diabetic or diabetic it is important to be very careful with wheat bread because it will not help or support the fight against that disease except once and  you are taking a bite just like  less than half a slice but anything that is high to say you are taking it for maybe your breakfast up to two or three slices continuously may not give you a desirable blood sugar.

4. It increases toxic overload

This may be due to several additives  in the bread because most of the chemicals and other additives preservatives added toit tends to increase toxic overload in the body and if adequate water is not added it definitely will even lead to constipation instead of relieving constipation which is expected to be the hope of fibre consumer and in this case it does not really work that way probably because of the presence of gluten in it too.

5. It does not support brain Health

If you are  consuming  it frequently, You  will soon notice or discover that it's not a brain food.   if you are someone that listen to your body and listen to how your body is  communicating, what your body is saying or how is communicating to you you will discover that is not a super food for the brain although it contains some vitamin B group of vitamins which helps to give energy,  that is you feel energetic to do whatever you want to do because of the vitamin B group and that vitamin B group of vitamins is what actually contribute to its ability to lead to weight gain and don't we need the vitamin B in it? maybe we may just take a bite which is not very common with a lot of us


In  conclusion,  consuming wheat once in a while in very small amount may not really cause health problem.  But frequent consumption of it like in  this case just consuming it for a whole week maybe four times or three times in a week may not give a good health result as observed in this case we should as a matter of fact reduce wheat and all its derivatives because of the gluten.   Reduced it as much as possible it is obvious that it does not help when we are managing ailments and it's not only wheat  but most of the grains comes with the same character of leading to weight gain and not really supporting fight against some degenerative diseases.


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