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Monday 25 March 2024

Grains in your diet May be Secretly Feeding those Inflammations



If you have  been consuming grains with the hope that it is the solution or the best for you while going through those inflammations then you may be wrong,  Much grains  in. our diet may secretly be  feeding those inflammations that are already existing in your body.   and what are the common graibs s that we are so familiar and fund of in this part of the world, talking of Nigeria, they are mostly:





soghurm bi color 

Soghurm jowar


and others, however, these are tge most common ones that we consume regularly as a staple.

 If  you go round you  will see a lot of people grinding and mixing all kinds of grains  together to use as  swallow or  make  swallow out of it,  most of us did all of these  in ignorance but today experience has shown me that if there is any food, we  must be very very cautious with especially as we age, they are tge grains,  if you are already experiencing inflammation, and still consuming  grains regularly, you may not get better, despite your medications.  even those that are dealing with diabetes should also be very cautious, those that are dealing with high blood pressure should also be very cautious with all the grains family, the reason is because  they are inflammatory they are good source of energy,  reach in  B complex but we know also that the B group of vitamins are naturally inflammatory they are good source of energy but we must be cautious with the grainss and here are few 4 health challenges that may not get better if we continue to consume large amounts of grains:

1.  Weight gain:  

In case you don't know,  Excess body weight is a health problem.   Those who are overweight should be aware that weight gain comes with inflammations inflammations comes with other diseases so once you discover weight gain or increasing  your  weight from normal weight, then it is time to do something because it's already opening door for other diseases to come in including diabetes most of thgrains  may not contain oil and fat but they contain some kind of resistant nutrients that does not allow the body to just freely make use of them and that is why a good number of them are best fermented in order to access some of these nutrients and it is because of this anti nutrients that when consuming them in large amount they pose health problems or provide support for any existing health problems.

2. Joint Pains: 

 The aspect of joint pains is one that I have personally observed while switching from one grain to another and so I have also taken caution on  all of the grains including  oats,  which is always recommended because of its  soluble and insoluble fibre and because of its  positive effect on cholesterol too but when you begin to take it in large amounts to make your swallows,  overtime it will show off the ugly side of creating inflammation and I have personally noticed this in my own diet, while making swallows with just oats, and that is why I do not take much of it presently,  it's a part of my diet because fibre must be part of our diet to be able to fight constipation, to support  fight against diabetes and several other benefits of including fibre, and  if you are listening to your body as often advised,  whenever you include much grains in your diet  sometimes when you don't even have pains or joint pains you will  notice that  if you continue  consuming grains, you may soon develop join pains.

3.  Yeast Infection:

If you are already experiencing yeast infection something like itching around your toes or any part of the body, it could even be  around your eyes or some white patches on any part of your body, your mouth or tongue, these are signs that yeast may be growing inside your body, if you're going through any form of yeast activity or yeast growth you must also stay away from grains they can cause a lot of health problems and some of these health problems are not easily diagnosed you cannot identify the cause of the problem until you take out these secret enemies for a long time, you may just noticed that the problem is gone.

4.  Toothaches 

Another aspect that suffers when we include  much grains in our diet is our teeth and our  oral health.   Some people experience things like bad breath because of too much of grains, some  experience tooth aches frequently, they  sponsor and feed a host of health problems unknown to us.  Sore throat is another common ailment when we consume too much of grains you may  notice frequent sore throats and this is because of inflammation and almost of the grains are not good sources of vitamin C and vitamin A and that is why the inflammation in the grains are not normally controlled because they have all the other vitamins but No  significant amount of vitamin A and C.  Infact  you can hardly   find these two antioxidants   in most grains and that is why we must be careful and whenever we consume these grains, it  is important to follow it up with vitamin C-rich foods like citrus we can also take vitamin C if like to take the supplement or you can also take other antioxidant-rich foods in order to combat the inflammatory  nature in these grains.

5.  Fatty Liver:

If you are experiencing fatty liver already and wants to heal of it,then you must stay off wheat and most grains altogether.  Include foods like cabbage, carrots, and spices like cloves, oats could be taken in moderation but wheat should be out completely for fatty liver to heal.


You may be wondering what to take in place of these grains, there are several other foods.   I'll be sharing also in my next post what I am personally taking instead of much grains.  There are several foods that we can take or add  instead of making the grains prominent in our diet because they have health hazards they pose and other  negative impact to ours health.

Photo credit:  Bread and Grains 


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