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Sunday 17 March 2024

These teas can help lower bad Cholesterol

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Managing bad cholesterol is an important aspect of our health especially older adults because of the danger high bad cholesterol poses to our overall health. Dangers such as heart problems,clogging of arteries,and  stroke and other health  challenges arising from poor blood circulation.   In addition to other foods such as oats green vegetables that can help reduce and manage high bad cholesterol in your diet, if you suspect that your cholesterol is high and how would you know when your cholesterol is high,  there are varying  symptoms but I have come to realize poor sleep quality and quantity, poor blood circulation around the legs and the toes, sometimes difficulty losing weight and belly fat at other  times, low immunity and other  uncommon symptoms that may very from individuals, here are some of the teas that can help break down cholesterol but must be taken in  moderation.  Taking these teas is in addition to other cholesterol lowering foods like oats, lemon juice in warm water, apple cider vinegar, okra, tomatoes, garlic and other green vegetables:

Chamomile tea

Green tea

Black tea

Ginger and tumeric tea

Lemongrass tea

Mistletoe tea


Kudin tea

Neem tea

Oregano tea

Fenugreek seeds tea

1.  Chamomile tea:  

This tea is a very popular tea, it  is a great calminative to calm the mind and body especially when we are under stress helps to expelling gas from the stomach, aiding digestion  in addition to several other help benefits it has a unique benefit  of also helping to break down bad cholesterol 
 I added this lately to my list of things for managing bad cholesterol, it  is a good tea especially last thing  at night it works better when you take it at night as it also aids sleep,  we believe in moderation it's better to alternate it with other teas that can also help in lowering bad cholesterol.

2.  Green tea

 Occasional green tea in our diet is also a great way to break down bad cholesterol and keep it under control but should not also be a regular or daily tea because of its caffeine content if taking daily or frequently,  it may affect heartbeat some people have complained of irregular heartbeat because of frequent use of green tea but I have observed personally that using green tea is a great way to help because it has nutrients naturally occurring that can  break down cholesterol helping to remove toxins also.  There are different versions of green tea the loose leaf tea and some that are in good packets and then others that are just dried and  packed in a container that you can bring directly but in the absence of that the ones in loose leaves tea bags or packets are still okay,  but I found out  also that sometimes the tea bags used in packaging some of the green teas adds or comes with  some other negative effect on health of tea drinkers unknown to them.
It a depends also on the company where the tea is coming from  I've noticed that the green teas that are wrapped in attractive packets usually looks better but not usually the best choice. For those who are health conscious and to ensure that slow leaching of any pin used in stapling the bags together or of the rope leaching with  the bags into our teas during brewing, it is better to choose the unattractive teas that comes in containers or just rolled.  The leaching of the bags, ropes and pins may be  affecting our health negatively.  Remember green tea  is a source of mild caffeine and should be taken moderately.

3.  Black tea:  

 Occasional black tea is a great way to tackle bad cholesterol because black tea has natural ingredients also that helps with cholesterol. though it is a source of caffeine too  which is even higher than the green tea but occasionally it is okay to include it to help to break and manage bad cholesterol without adding. Adding  milk and other things to the tea may interfere  with with expected benefits, so it is better whenever we want to take it, to take  just like that or adding a little honey or dates, Dates is rich in Potassium and other nutrients that support healthy blood pressure too.

4.  Ginger and Tumeric Tea

 Ginger tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory  that helps to reverse inflammation and the synergy with  turmeric, another anti inflammatory makes it work better on bad cholesterol.  Tumeric is also a great liver support too.  It is easy to make this tea by  using the fresh turmeric and ginger root, both are roots too, crushed together which is always my choice my first choice but in the absence of the fresh ginger and tumeric,  you can also make use of the dried ginger and dried to make,  your ginger and turmeric tea, it's easy just add  a teaspoon or half teaspoon spoon  of the combined powder in a cup and then add boiler  water, allow to brew and your tea is ready,  it helps to fight inflammations too reducing things like fatty liver,  a great warming tea for those who are experiencing pains and inflammations

5.  Lemongrass tea;

Lemongratic is another Powerful anti-inflammatory that is naturally caffeine free and we can enjoy it moderately, also to help us manage bad cholesterol and those having sleep problems also.  Fresh leaves  are easily available around most neighbourhoods in surburbd or you plant it in a pot, you can get them around but in the absence of the fresh lemongrass which you can easily cut the grass as it  looks like grass, the fresh leaves which is like grass as the name implies can be washed and few leaves added in a pot with water to boil.   just allow to cook on the fire for about 10 minutes and   your tea is ready and it usually tastes nice too it's a great addition for those who are managing high blood pressure to add to their breakfast or any time of the day you can also in the absence of the fresh lemongrass you can also get the lemon grass tea in tea bags,  they are  available in health shops and supermarkets

6.  Mysteotle tea:

This is also an uncommon tea that I used occasionally to reduce inflammations  in  the body and helps  tackle bad cholesterol most of these issues like cholesterol come alongside high blood sugar,  high blood pressure,clogged  arteries which is also common with older adults and  if you have access to the mysteotle tea, it's a great addition to help reduce the risk of diabetes,   high blood pressure and other health challenges that also come along as a result of some other issues such as cholesterol management, inflammations  and poor blood circulation.

7.  Coffee: 

 A lot of people do not want to hear anything about coffee because of caffeine but truly speaking occasional coffee is also a great way to break down bad cholesterol, support our liver health and even our colon because most times when the colon is moving freely,  cholesterol is also reduced and this is one of the positive side of drinking coffee which I have observed and it is for this reason that I occasionally like to take a cup of coffee to keep my colon moving you can also add a little cocoa as I often do to your coffee to add more nutrients , if the colon is is moving, regularly,  it is very very rare to have accumulation of bad  cholesterol.

7 Kudin tea:

This is a  Chinese tea herbal tea which is great for a lot of health issues including managing bad cholesterol, it's not so common but if you have access to it, it is good to include it as part of the teas you take occasionally to help also to support our liver function and boost our immunity,  destroying  yeast and strengthening our immune system.  Fresh leaves are dried and it's one reason that makes me to like the tea because most times, it doesn't come in tea bags, though other companies may be packaging in tea bags, but it is more common as loose dried leaves
 which you drop either 3 or 3 teas  and then you add boiled water and brew to  drink it's a very healthy drink for those who are also managing cholesterol. 

8. Neem tea:   

 It is a bitter tea which is also great for our health and good for cholesterol management too. being a bitter tea it has positive effect on our overall  health, especially those having malaria symptoms,  coldness, low oxygen in the blood.  and other symptoms  that  can  lower  our immunity or allow disease to attack us.  

9.  Oregano Tea;  

It is also another powerful antibacterial tea that has positive effect on various aspects of our head including cholesterol management.   I like to take thing at  night because  it has mild sedative effect and then when you wake up, you feel refreshed  and it does not have caffeine.  if  you see the dry leaves is always better, but in the absence of the fresh leaves, the dried teas are okay too.  

10.  Fenugreek seeds tea:

Fenugreek seeds are great also for cholesterol management especially when you soak the seeds in normal room temperature water allowed to  sit overnight and drinking the water gradually, gradually doesn't have a very speedy effect but it's gentle on the gut, helps to clean out the gut, removing toxins including bad cholesterol and it is also naturally caffeine free being a seed also makes it very friendly to a lot of people who may consider leafy teas   as harsh on their gut health or they are gut friendly, other seeds  also that are in this category are fennel tea, cumin and chia and flaxseeds,  like effects you can also soak some of them with boil water and consume to help tackle cholesterol. 


There are several other teas and lifestyles such as regular exercise to help lower cholesterol,  it is not all the teas that works effectively in lowering cholesterol,  some are more potent, like some of those  ones mentioned above, I've actually tested and used some of them and also I found out that some even have stronger effect to deal with cholesterol than others even as listed above,   but we must take all moderately which is good and better to always alternate them instead of just focusing on one with caffeine or one without caffeine the ones with caffeine are  also good in their own unique way as long as the caffeines  are naturally occuring but we should ensure to consume all at different times because moderation remains our rule.


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