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Saturday 9 December 2023

No Cold and Or Flu till December, Here are my Secrets



It may sound unbelievable but it's true from January till December 12 whole months and no cold and or flu, it's a true story, and the writer is the beneficiary. There are some secrets behind this story and healthy life. A  lot of people suffer cold  and flu almost quarterly, some go for treatments monthly,  They blame it  on the weather, the season and several other factors but if you understand, how our body works, you will actually blame it on yourself.  Some foods that can help you come out of it in case you are battling cold and flu frequently.  It is possible also for you to stay from January to December  without cold and or  flu.  Mother Nature has made available several foods  that can make this happen even in  your own life in case you are a regular patient when it comes to cold and  flu, then read this testimony to the end.  

It  all has to do with our immune system, a weak immune system is a good ground for frequent cold and flu.  The major things that contributes to a weak immunity includes but not limited to these:

1.  Low Iron leading to  insufficient oxygen circulating in the blood.

2.   When there is too much acids in the body.

3.  When there are no sufficient antioxidants in the body and what are the antioxidants, they include vitamins A, C, D, E and several others that works uniquely to help neutralize free radicals.

4.  Insufficent Protein in the diet.  Protein we know is the building block.  

5.  Too much sugar and processed foods are immune suppressors.

These and several other factors contributes to a weak immunity. 

Once the immunity is down, then the regular customers include cold and flu.  it's not a disease only for kids as kids are often the ones at risk of cold  and flu.  We have older adults also having cold and flu due to a suppressed or weak immunity.  

I have stayed from January till this December without Cold or Flu, and others such as malaria and Typhoid treatment, simply by living a lifestyle that does not give room for cold and flu.

Firstly the glory goes to God Almighty, the Giver of life and our Sustainer, for His  creations and the things he has made available in nature and then the knowledge of it,  it is one thing for a food to be available in nature or as God has made them available then it's another thing for you to have knowledge of it knowledge is so important, no wonder, that the Bible says seek knowledge and pursue it, it's so important in our life.  In this write up, Follow me as I share  some of the   secrets that has helped me enjoy such healthy  body up to this last month of the year without any conventional treatment of cold and flu or any visit to the hospital for malaria and or typhoid treatment, here are some of my secrets throughout  the year and  some of the things that I do regularly:

1.  Managing Stress:  

Managing stress has not always been easy especially with some of us who are not good stress managers, again especially if your own kind of stress is the type that you are not easy to control, some kind of stress  are actually within our  immediate control while some stress are not easy to control.  Pepending on the type, Mine is usually more of physical and mental stress and because we have physical stress, emotional stress, financial stress, marital  sress a lot of other stresses and then if this stresses are not managed well , they also bring us down and today in the country today there are so many stressors physically and emotionally and as as for me whenever it's getting to the point of affecting my health.  I focus on my health. I drop the work and the phone then I Focus specifically on regaining and restoring my health,  one of the ways is to go early to bed and because I do not sleep most of the time in the afternoon our body usually behaves in the way it was raised up or trained to behave so if you are not the afternoon sleeper, it  is not always easy although I find time to also rest during times of stress whether sleeping or not just closing the eyes and resting the body helps to restore the immunity at least for 45 minutes or maximum of 60 minutes during the day in order to cool the body and this makes night sleep easier and faster yo take off.  so I go out of it forcing myself to to lie down and ocassionally have some sleep  put down all work materials,  phone calls with the phone on silence  which is not usually common with me, but I do it when the stress level is high, a lot of people do not also know that we all  are  affected by stress too,  the stressing aspect is and remains   one of the most dangerous aspect,, resting too much is also another kind of stress especially when it is  too much, it  also contributes to  stress and so everything should be done moderately including daytime relaxation.  don't oversleep, don't overwork.   Do a little work and then rest to balance it,  In this  way my  immube system will be restored.

2.  Daily Water Therapy

Observing water therapy  that is starting my morning with lots of water, volumes of water on empty stomach and sometimes with a dash of lemon juice and at other times a tablespoon of apple cider.This  has been a long standing  culture that has been on for several years now and it's one of the secrets because water is one of the top healing drinks that a lot of people are yet to  discover.   Talking of clean water because most of the activities in the body needs water to be carried out, such as  transportation of nutrients,  metabolism,  cleansing, detoxing, balancing of electrolytes.  Almost everything including the brain needs water to function optimally. the Liver, the kidney and the skin all need  a lot of it so the practice of water therapy has been on for several years and still working so one of the secrets is starting the day with a lot of water in order to cleanse the internal organs, remove toxins, relieve constipation and toxins.   Only  ensure that the water you are taking is good one because there are so many acidic water all over the place ensure that the water is not acidic, less you get more acids by drinking water.

3.  Occasionally checking on blood sugar:

Checking  on the blood sugar is essential for all older adults,  it is not okay to assume that you are not diabetic and then neglect checking your blood sugar because a lot of older adults are already living with diabetes unknown to them and so I usually check my blood sugar knowing that there is a family history of it makes me even more mindful to check my sugar level at least once in a week.

4.  One Orange daily:

  It was popular, to hear people say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but due to too much adulteration of apples, I fare better with orange and use occasional apple cider in my water therapy to get the sour taste benefit of green apple, because each time I am going for fresh apple, I go for green apple, but more comfortable using occasional apple cider as it relieves constipation and does have negative impact on blood sugar like some apples do especially after they must have been sprayed with some preservatives, 

5.  Dietary Changes: 

Making dietary changes by listening to your body is one of the things I practice and based on the what the body says, changes are made so I have been making dietary changes changes from time to time to suit the messages I receive

6.  Regular Consumption of Garlic:

Garlic is my top spice for enhancing taste of all my meals.  Using fresh garlic and most times I chew it raw on empty stomach after water therapy to help thin the blood, reduce inflammations, kill off yeast and reduce viral load of bacteria in my body.  I believe regular garlic consumption is one of the top reasons why cold and flu are off me  👌 

7.  Occasional Bitters:  

Bitters in moderation helps tone the liver, bitterleaf occasionally in my soups, bitters like neem powder are always in my cupboard, making tea occasionally out of it helps keep malaria away too.  Waiting until malaria and typhoid attacks fully will not give me victory as I have tried it some years back on someone with full blown malaria and it could not clear it until hospitalization.

8.  Daily consumption of Green Vegetables

 To reduce too much acids in the my body and get most of the essential nutrients especially magnesium, green vegetables feature daily in my diet.  Greens are healing foods and I include variety of green vegetables as they are not all the same.  And cooking it lightly makes them better, 

9.  Regular eggs in my diet:

Chicken eggs are loaded with nutrients and its a top anti inflammatory food in my diet.  Egg features almost daily in my diet.  Occasionally these I consume 2 eggs, Eggs are low in calorie and complete in amino acids.  It supports my  eyes, reduce belly fat and heals ulcers too.

10.   Omega 3 Rich Foods:  

Omega food sources are rare and in order to meet up up, I take occasional fish oil supplements and sardines without the oil as this helps support brain Health and reduce inflammations in the body.

11.   More Sweet Potatoes and less bread:

In 2023. I made an important change I my diet to support my aging skin and eyes, I embrace more of sweet potatoes, it features almost 5 times in a week in my breakfast and its my major carbohydrates presently because of its rich content of vitamin A and other anti aging nutrients.  I boil it and spray cinnamon on it while it is still on fire and also sprinkle tumeric and ginger mix on it to make more anti inflammatory. 

12.  More Ginger and Tumeric tea:

 Fresh ginger and tumeric are powerful anti inflammatory and liver supporting tea.  I take this combination regularly as they help with wait loss too and reduce pains if any.  Consumption of this tea which I occasionally add small amount of milk is also the reason of no cold and flu.

13.  Avoiding Late Meals: 

This is almost difficult to get 💯 percent but as much as possible I avoid any heavy meal after 6 pm.

14.  Occasional gargle with sea salt: 

As a result of pervious toothaches experience leading to removal of one tooth, I occasionally gargle with sea salt and warm water to help strengthen my teeth with minerals and reduce bacteria activities in my mouth.

15.  Occasional Detox Drinks:  

Once in a while I take some herbal detox drinks if I suspect my system needs help.

16. Daily Exercise:

 Morning exercising is also part of my recent addition to my routine.  Exercising is important more to me compared to previous years, the older we get, the more serious we should take exercise.  It is as important as my nutrition presently. 


These are just some of the top habits that keeps more going, I will share additional things I do regularly because there are still more.

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