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Friday 8 December 2023

Avoid Peanuts 🥜 if You have these Health Issues


 It is difficult to tell lovers of peanuts to stop consuming this delicious and healthy nuts.  that has so many reasons why peanut is a food that is almost indispensable beginning from the time of growth as children up to old age we continue to consume peanuts, apart from being tasty. It is added to many other snacks to enrich them.  It is a source of healthy fats,  it's handy too.  You can take it along as you go.   There are so many foods and snacks that you can make out of peanuts apart from the peanut which is also very healthy you can make a local snack  kuli kuli, and various other peanuts nuts or you can equally pair it with some other grains to make cereals for growing children. as it contributes to added protein.   So it is difficult to tell lovers of this nut to stop consuming it but that is not the purpose of this write-up the purpose of this write-up is to highlight a few things that nobody may have told us about peanut I am a lover of peanuts but recently I am slowing down seriously on it but not total abstaining from eating it but right now I have reduced its consumption by forcd yes by force because if you don't it's going to be causing a lot of inflammations in the body the reason why I have also taken this step and thiughtv to share it  are  stated below but if you are still doing well or going on well with peanut maybe you are enjoying peanut butter which is good also homemade peanut butter is better, it's okay you can make it at home adding  dried pepper or other spices to help it but apart from this it creates a lot of inflammations in the body which is sometimes difficult to manage unless you reduce its consumption or stay away temporary for a season for the body to offload the excess first.

Here are the category of people that should be more cautious with peanuts and its derivatives: 

Overweight Persons:  

Though  peanut may work in both ways in some cases if you take very little amount it can give you a sustainable energy which is needed for weight loss but this is not usually the case with peanuts consumption.   Most times we tend to consume more than the body needs leading to weight gain so if you are trying to lose weight it's important to be cautious with peanut and its derivatives because it's inflammatory and will likely add to your weight gain or spoil your weight gain goal unless you take it very cautiously, it will definitely increase your weight.

Pains and Arthritis and other inflammations:

Those going through pains, arthritis or any form of inflammation including toothaches should avoid peanuts and its derivatives until they are okay.

Those with High Blood Pressure:

 As a result of its  inflammatory nature, thoss with high blood pressure do not enjoy consuming peanuts because it usually result in elevated blood pressure after taking it in addition to the fact that it's a bit difficult to digest it's a food that does not open up arteries instead it tends to clog it,  rather than opening it up which is needed for high blood pressure but that is not to say that if you have a strong urge to takw a few peanuts, you should resist it.  Like after working out, a few peanut is not a bad idea,   but once you take extra blood pressure may be up and may not usually be  immediately that you consume it but later after a few hours you will notice  the elevation in the blood pressure caused most likely by the too much peanuts consumed earlier in the day because what some of  are not aware of is that most of the food that cause high blood pressure do not actually cause it immediately we consume it.  that is where some of us get it wrong,  it is several hours later when it may have settled  like an acid which is what happens in the case of peanuts and its derivatives.

Heart Problems:  

Those with heart problems should actually not consume much peanuts. Though  it is a source of vitamin E which is an antioxidant for the heart but once consumed in large amount,  the ugly side  surfaces.  I've actually had a few experiences with too much peanuts consumption with my heart and so I have also decided to make it known to some of us who are managing one ailment  or the other or diabetes to  be careful with peanuts, its okay to take very little like 4 or 5  as I do these days, but not daily and not in large amount in order to get the benefits of that vitamin E but once you take it in large amount later in the evening maybe when you are about to sleep,  it becomes too heavy for the heart to pick up because of the acids  it has created in the stomach.  This is actually my experience especially if I start my day with it.

 Stomach ulcers:  

If you suffer stomach ulcer you will notice that each  time you consume peanuts or it's  derivatives.   The ulcer pain hurts obviously because it's inflammatory and not only that, if is harder to digest and those who are managing stomach ulcer needs easily digestible foods and not food that are too sticky and difficult to digest like peanut or peanut butter and other derivatives of peanuts.

Oily Skin 

Those with oily skin tend to complain of pimples,  blackheads and similar conditions if they take peanut but I still will may attribute it to consuming excess because if you experience pimples or  blackheads a lot, you should also be careful with the amount of peanuts you consume but most times I find it hard to tell people to abstain completely except you have noticed serious peanut allergy which is also not too common but it does occur with some people so if you notice it then you may have to stay away totally from peanut and all its derivatives and then look for alternative sources of the nutrients that you may be missing by avoiding peanuts and peanut butter.


Some people have actually asked when is the best time to consume peanuts I will say afternoon after a workout but there is nothing also wrong if you consume a few peanuts in the morning especially for diabetics who need fat some form of fat in their diet in order to control blood sugar spiking up, though some people take it at night maybe in the evening before going to bed it helps for a smoother sleep being a brain food  but I have noticed personally that as the year  went by, I no longer feel comfortable consuming it at night because it may contribute to weight gain which may not be good for older women or older adults and for those that are equally managing high blood pressure taken it before going to bed because it may contribute to high elevated blood pressure in the morning  but you  should not make make a better choice if you really need good fatts o support your brain for a good nights sleep then you can go for  some cashew nut. It  works also for diabetics or almond is the first choice for diabetics to help control  blood sugar, though it  is not all the time that you may  feel like soaking  almonds it happens to me that at times you just like to go for cashew nut or just a little peanut but as for taking the peanuts  at night I do not recommend it for older adults because of the effect it will have in the morning if you ever desire to take the peanut go for it in the afternoon or in the morning, but after a work out.  Moderation remains our rule.


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