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Monday 29 January 2024

I Will be 60 this year, Here are New Additions to my list (part 1)


  Later this year, I will clock 60 years living on this earth, All glory to God Almighty for healthy body.   However, there is something I have noticed about aging, each age comes with expectations and challenges which we must match with diet.
So in this new age there are some changes that I have already put in place although these  foods featured less  in my list of foods to eat before, but as with this new  age, more is added and frequently too. It is these changes that guarantees a gracious aging with someone who is not on any kind of medication or supplementation it is necessary for me to make a few adjustments to my diet to match this new age .

No 1 is cabbage
This new age demands low calorie foods it  demand foods that helps to fight cancer the demands food that are rich in vitamin K.  it also demands foods  that can help build collagen,  foods that are rich in vitamin C E and A.  Cabbage is a source of sugar which never featured more in my diet but because of the demand of this new age,  it has come into my list and it's even not really  spiking up sugar as expected due to some combinations,  Cabbage is a bone strengthening food too  and then also helps to  avoid weight gain  because weight gain is  something we must guard against always, cabbage is also a healing food it helps heal stomach ulcers and prevent ulcers from growing in the stomach or any other part of the body

Carrot 🥕: 
 Carrot is another food that is vital power eyes power skin for heart health and for various other benefits it's also a local vegetable it's a healing food for things like ulcers and so though it is also is source of sugar it has been brought into my diet more than before so as to prevent loss of sight or to support collagen and also to help to heal stomach ulcers and other users in the body this is a disease fighting food that I think 60 years is a man to and change this needs to be made to match this new age

Peppers like cayenne pepper 🌶: 

Peppers are are digestive aids, purpose like cayenne pepper is needed to increase or boost blood circulation also.  Peppers are needed as digestive aids as the digestion is also being slowed down as we age so we need to boost it, One of the foods I try to ensure it goes into the intestine are peppers on a daily  basis because of this,  besides this benefit, it has some nutrients too helping to improve blood circulation and this is one of the challenges that faces people of this age so we need to ensure that at least once a day we consume something that comes with pepper either black pepper or cyan pepper of course black pepper has its own special benefits and Hotness which is unique also we can combine it as I sometimes do combining it with other hot papers too.   This is  something that is necessary to continue to support digestion 

Non caffeinated Teas:  
 More Teas due to low calorie and less solids, especially teas low in caffeine, Teas with red colour like berries, zobo, soghurm tea,are great to support heart heart.   Oregano tea, lemon grass,  ginger and tumeric, pomegranate tea, and occasional green tea.

Watch out for part 2 of changes to my diet to match the new age.


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