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Thursday 25 January 2024

Better Consume your starchy vegetables these 6 Ways

Starchy and particularly root vegetables are better options for older adults when they need energy, but it seems diabetics, prediabetics and others with health concerns faces the challenge of insulin resistance.  But recently I noticed that consuming your starchy vegetables these 6 ways can offer  better insulin response.  

I.  Boil them by sprinkling some cinnamon powder during cooking and  a sprinkle of sea salt too.  The cinnamon powder helps with insulin resistance. 

3.  Boil by sprinkling tumeric and ginger powder during cooking which turns it to slightly yellow colour.  It helps reduce inflammatory responses which is common with most starchy foods.

4.   Consume it with healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, red oil,  cold pressed coconut oil, peanut oil or other healthy oils you know.

5.  Consume with green vegetables.  It helps add fibre and  support digestion and reduce insulin resistance arising most times due to lack of minerals and nutrients in the foods.

6. I noticed also that if you allow starchy vegetables like unriped plantain, sweet potatoes, local rice and any other starchy food to cool very well before consuming. It has better blood sugar effect.

7.  In case you forgot or you could not wait for the starchy vegetable to cool before eating, after eating. drink a little cold water, not iced water.  I notice it works too.  

Those with high blood pressure should try these too because all mature adults must pay attention to their blood sugar. and check it occasionally.  We believe in prevention.

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