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Sunday 7 April 2024

My Top 16 Foods to Reverse Malaria and Typhoid Fever



Malaria and are twin disease that troubles many, it afflicts the young and old alike. The obvious reason for the rise in this ailent amongst people today is likely linked to the food choices and the lifestyle and so when you consider the amount of sugars, processed  foods and lack of exercise in our life today,   absence of probiotics also, Do not be surprised that malaria and typhoid becomes one of the most frequently treated ailments today especially in Nigeria.   I was a victim of this twin  disease but with coming  of knowledge and use of natural foods already found in our region, I was able to overcome their frequent attacks.  

 Here are some of the common foods to start including in your diet if you suspect or starts feeling those symptoms and what are those symptoms the most common symptom of malaria and typhoid are:



Loss of appetite

Sluggishness and frequently sleeping


Body pains

The above are symptoms and more. They are some of the most common signs that the parasites of malaria may be in the body.   However,  the most and best ans surest way to have a test done because these symptoms also represent other illnesses and not just malaria and typhoid and so it is always better to be sure before going for malaria drugs most people just go for antibioticd as soon as they suspect mild symptoms.  

Here are my 16 Top Foods to Reverse Malaria and Typhoid fever:

1.  Lemongrass tea: 

 Lemongrass tea can be made by boiling the leaves of the fresh or dried  leaves of the lemon grass plant which wecan usually get from our backyards or around the house it is easy to plant lemongrass by just cutting part of any living lemon grass and using the head of it to put in the soil allowing sand to cover it and then water initially.  In  in a few days it may begin to sprout from there.   The lemon grass is popular for it's ability to reverse inflammations arising from several other factors including malaria and typhoid so it is one of the top herbs whenever you're feeling some of these symptoms like coldness, pains not being able to sleep which is some of the symptoms of malaria lemon grass tea is able to resolve all these including those arising  from  malaria and typhoid.  Making the tea is easy you can just wash the leaves a  handful of the leaves put in the pot and then sometimes you may add fresh leaves of the guava leaves you can also add the hibiscus flower tea to go with it for added synergy and benefits to the tea it helps to  ward off the symptoms area and if there is shortage of blood or iron deficiency the guava leaves and the hibiscus flower will also help to support that because whenever we are fighting any disease it is good to fight from all fronts to ensure that we attack it because sometimes iron deficiency may also be hiding behind the corner sponsoring the problem or the symptoms such as coldness so that is one of the reason why we should back it up with some of these other herbs to make it more effective.   Remember also to consume sufficient protein after taking such if you need to get result.

2.  Pawpaw Leaves tea:  

Fresh leaves taken from the papaya fruit or the papaya tree is also effective in reversing malaria or typhoid.  When you suspect those symptoms it is very bitter and it's a source of some nutrients too bitter foods are great when you suspect malaria and typhoid and papaya leaves is one of such bitter herbs that have to strengthen our liver and other organs to be able to reverse those symptoms and another area that papaya leaves helps is in helping you sleep because sleep itself is medicine most of these diseases attacks us and brings in things like not being able to sleep which makes it worse like triggering the rise in blood sugar and blood pressure,  Including or making tea from the leaves of papaya leaves usually helps in reversing the symptoms.  Use the fresh leaves wash and add to the pot, add clean water and boil for about 15 minutes on a medium gas fire. 

3.  Fermented Millet Pap:

Many people may be wondering  what has fermented millet pap got to do with malaria and typhoid, yes when taking most hash herbs we need protein buffers such as fermented foods to help replenish our gut as most of these herbs also operate like antibiotics.  the strong bacterials used and other harmful agents in the body and in doing this most times our gut health is affected and left unprotected fermented millet is a source of protein it does not produce gas.  it is  easily digested and helps  to support our intestine,  yes sometimes,   the delicate gut could be weakened by too much hash spices and herbs like many people do.  so most times also we are not able to make or  digest  fatty foods and fermented millet is one food with fiber and protein which is also gentle on the gut it is one of the few foods that you can prepare and take moderately until your body  recovers.  You can easily make the millet pap yourself by fermenting it and on the third day you take to grinder and then after that you save it just like we do our corn pap and begin to take it after preparing wirh boiled water as pap moderately,  not too much you can store it in your fridge or you can be changing the water for a few days in order to preserve it because the fermentation of it has already put it in a form of preservation

4. Apple Cider Vinegar:  

Apple cider vinegar is made from  fermented apple with a very sour taste and a little percentage of acetic acid in it and because of that our taste most times does permit us to eat  when malaria and typhoid attacks people they do not have appetite to eat and the reason for not having appetite is because yeast and other harmful agents has taken over the gut and our intestine so our stomach is not able to produce acid for digestion because of all those  harmful agents that are already in the  stomach, so taking apple cider in the morning before food helps to remove and  reduce their acidity and then help the stomach to produce acid I mean to produce acid which makes us begin to have that appetite for food and then the stomach also will be ready for digestion but we must not take too much of it moderately and it shouldn't be a daily food like some people do take it.  but 4 or 5  times in a week maximum depends also  on how you are going with it because too much may also begin to give you some other uncomfortable symptoms

5 Cloves:

These tiny buds are also powerful in reversing malaria and typhoid especially when you make tea out of it or chew it after a starchy meal.  It helps in reducing blood sugar, thinning the blood, warding off inflammations and pains  and  killing off yeasts and bacterias which are some of the sponsors of those malaria and typhoid symptoms.

6. Kudin Tea

This  is another bitter Chinese tea which helps in reversing inflammations and strengthening our immune system. I usually use about 3 to 4 sticks of the tea, brew and drink whenever I feel like boosting my Immunity.

7. Guava Leaves Tea: 

Guava leaves  from the purple guava is known for its numerous health benefits, such reducing inflammation, reducing blood sugar and a source of iron too.  Making tea from the leaves by boiling about 7 fresh leaves and drinking  before or after meals helps ward off cough and improve sleep generally, we know that malaria and typhoid also sometimes comes with cough.

8. Dandelion tea:  

Dandelion is a great liver supporting herb and its great for kidney health and being a good source of potassium helps in managing high blood pressure.  You can make tea from the fresh leaves or dried as I often do since I do not have the fresh leaves around.  The dried leaves is very effective too.  Supporting the liver and kidney function is a great way to reverse most diseases including malaria and typhoid.

9. Oregano tea

Another powerful herb to start drinking as tea if you have or suspect malaria is around is oregano tea, it is a warming herb and warming the body is a great way to fight diseases including cancers, malaria and typhoid.  Oregano is known to contain vitamin K which makes it friendly for those managing stomach ulcers or trying to heal of ulcers too.  It may prevent ulcers from bleeding because of this nutrient. If you cannot get the fresh oregano leaves, the dried leaves is effective too and its what I use, whether in tea bags or just ground or dried leaves.  It kills bacteria causing infection and destroys yeasts too.  It is also a calminative.

10. Pineaple Peels:

Pineapples or  the pills is a great food or drink to include in your diet if you want to reverse malaria and typhoid fever you can eat the fresh pineapple but because of sugar wash, you can also make tea from the peels or you can add it to your hibiscus flower tea as it is also a taste enhancer using the peels because the peels has less sugar than the fruit and it also contains some amount of bromelin which helps  in digesting  proteins especially those from beans and other starchy foods which may be creating inflammations or supporting inflammations and painful joints in the body and so pineapple peels is a great way as you make tea out of it and even adding hibiscus leaves to get also some essential nutrients because when most nutrients are lacking in the body, that is exactly one of the reasons why some diseases resist treatment and not  going because the nutrients the body needs to heal are  not available so when we take things like this, until we take healing drinks naturally such as tea made from the peels of pineaple.

11. Fennel  seeds Tea:  

Fennel seeds is  also great when you make tea from The Seeds of the fennel,  the fennel is great in helping the body reverse diseases like malaria and typhoid as it also aid digestion,, it has some amount of Iron and calcium which is needed to fight iff diseases it's also aids metabolism  helping the body to produce digestive juice which is most times lacking or missing when malaria and typhoid attacks we have loss of appetite and we are not able to digest our food easily,   taking fennel tea  is also a great way to tackle constipation and when constipation is nor allowed to have an upper hand by  making tea from the seeds of fennel, it will help to ward off constipation and in the long run, reverses those  malaria and typhoid symptoms.

12. Fenugreek Oil:

Fenugreek seeds or fenugreek oil is also a great support.  It is a gentle seed and  one of the reason I like it because those days when diseases like malaria and typhoid attacks our intestine appeared to be very tender and using fenugreek seeds either by soaking the seeds  will not spike our sugar and it has some little amount of protein and then the oil particularly is what I  use because it is always readily available,   I'm talking of the fenugreek essential oil it's great for also helping breakdown cholesterol and tackling constipation if we can remove constipation then it means we are able to deal with malaria and typhoid because sometime they come with chronic constipation and so  fenugreek  oil is one of the oils that I take on my empty stomach after having my water therapy or with lemon juice or sometimes before the water therapy.

13.  Raw Garlic:

The ability of garlic to reverse many diseases including malaria and typhoid is not in doubt any longer because of its special agents like the Allisin,  its  antifunga property is a great addition to tackling  resistant strain of bacteria that helps  to sponsor diseases like typhoid and even malaria and so having the purple garlic like two or three chewing on empty stomach in the morning do consistently for about 3 or 4 days and following it up with water you will notice that the viral load would have reduced after 3 days of doing this thing or even more days sometimes you can extend it to seven oe eight days but within 3 days, you would have started seeing result.

14. Ginger:

It is a great anti-inflammatory and  helps to reverse things like pains,  all kinds of pains combine  it with your turmeric small amount of tumeric but ginger has more effect when it comes to malaria and typhoid and so we can include it being a circulatory food because we need better blood circulation when dealing with diseases and helps  to reverse  inflammation's and kill off   yeast also helping the stomach to produce digestive juice, once we are eating the right food and our appetite is up again it helps to reverse all kinds of diseases because the body uses  this food in order to work and repair.  It heals itself.

15.  Efirin and bitterleaf:

If you have access to the fresh  scent leaf  as  some people call it.   It is  a great  stomach aid because it's a friend of the stomach it works both ways whether it is diarrhea, it deals with it because sometimes diseases and  some of the ailments  come with diarrhea. not just constipation,  It  helps to reduce constipation as well and so  using it helps to reduce blood sugar because blood sugar in the blood.   Combine it with a little bitter Leaf makes  a great support for our key organs like the kidney and the Liver you can wash it,  and drink to start the day you know that to start fighting the disease firstly it will reduce the blood sugars and those bacteria causing diarrhea  it is also able to destroy them in case its diarrhea because some people also have diarrhea as the symptom which I have also experienced in the past especially while using frequent antibiotics to destroy them.

16.  Lemon Juice on Warm water,:

Adding the juice of half a lemon to your warm water therapy in the morning before you start your day is also a great way that alkalines body and then reduce c your cholesterol levels and all those factors that contributes to inflammation and diseases.   Using the lemon juice about half a lemon helps also in boosting the immunity and then reversing diseases and reducing and  weakening their chances of overcoming us which is the host so I often do this each time I suspect my immune  system is weak it will prevent things like coughing as well which often comes with malaria and typhoid and a lot of other benefits including the antioxidant vitamin C which is present in the lemon juice naturally occurring.


The best way to benefit from these  16 foods is by incorporating them into our diet on a regular basis so as to strengthen our immune  system and prevent the diseases from occurring.  it is not okay to try to put everything together as that can do little or nothing immediately after we have already come under attack they are best as preventive measures and that is reversing the symptoms but if we neglect them and come under heavy attack of malaria and typhoid it is best to go to the hospital  and be safe first before we start to use the herbal  remedies they are best when we are hale and heartyand should be taken moderately.


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