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Sunday 7 April 2024

5 Reasons, Peanut may not be among top Nuts for diabetics



We  grew up loving peanuts and it comes in varying preparation methods. Meaning,  there are various ways we consumed it from when a child is being introduced to adult foods and cereals,  peanuts are often  added to the food either  as  peanut butter  or other ways because of its protein content, I also  remember that as  when we were growing up,  peanuts were added to melon soups by our parents then to enrich the soup and we really loved it then because it usually make the soup tastes make the soup taste very  delicious, we also grew up as students loving peanut because you could combine it with bread, garri, even pap, bananas, unriped plantain and any other thing, you can combine with, all  because of its protein content and as we also grew to adulthood we continued to eat the roasted peanuts the kuli kuli,  the dried peanut snacks,  the boiled peanut and all kinds of peanut derivatives and we normally love it and as we continue to grow older, we still  continued also to enjoy this food because apart from the protein content and  being  plant-based too.

 Here are five reasons why older adults should reduce their peanuts consumption and if possible avoid it completely.

1.  Our Body Seems Saturated with Peanuts:

  Yes our body is a living being and often desire changes and that is why it is always good to make dietary modifications and  changes because when we continue to consume a particular food over a long time even if it was a healthy one. Overtime,  our body may  not to be okay any longer with it because instead of feeding her body it turns out that some of them begins to feed the yeast because our body has may have become too familiar with these foods and almost like fed up with it and so as we get older it seems to be that most of us are nolonger   admitting or absorbing peanuts well and its derivatives as it used to  be before  having grown up with it and consuming it right from childhood in large amount and so if you have noticed that you are no more comfortable with peanut you don't need to worry there are other healthy nuts that mother nature has made available and there is actually nothing wrong with you it may be that your body just desires a change.

2. High in Omega 6

Peanuts and peanut oil is basically a good source of omega 6 fatty acid. among the fatty acids  peanut is not a source of omega-3 fatty acids which is rare and so if there is an imbalance in the body and that  imbalance  was created by overconsumption of one particular fatty  acids like omega-6 coming from peanuts and all the other vegetable oils then definitely our body may no longer be comfortable with the excess of omega-6 so it may want to admit other fatty acids and nutrients from other foods like omega 3 which supports our joints unlike peanuts,  which have contains only omega 6 which may have been in excess.  

3.  Peanut is Acidic: 

Our body pH level is made up of acid and alkaline base and it is expected that the alkaline base should be higher in most cases when compared to the presence of acidic base and so most of the foods we consume  creates an acidic environment.   all the carbohydrates food sources are acidic,  When the other foods are  always acidic and then peanut is also  acidic so when our body is already acidic and we bring in  peanuts again as a food,  it tends to reject it because the acid is already high in the body and  the body may not be able to take in  additional acids that is coming from peanuts and so for this reason our body may be rejecting or not accepting peanuts anymore and the  suggestion here is to reduce its consumption or avoid completely.  if  it is giving us some unpleasant health conditions or signaling  to us that that our body is no more comfortable with it and in that case we need to reduce drastically or stay away from it completely.

4.  Peanut is  Inflammatory:

Controlling and managing weight gain is  always a challenge as we get older another challenge is inflammations flammation is common among the older adults and so all inflammatory foods will not bereceived well by our body though we may try to force some of these foods on our body sometimes.  but whenever our body is rejecting it, it  is in our own good we should try as much as possible to discipline ourself  and stay off it because it's not going to help us,  peanut is inflammatory,  natural inflammatory and so getting older create room for  inflammations on it own.   for this  reasons  peanut also should  be reduced alongside with all other inflammatory foods and so we need to also be careful because consuming more peanuts as an older person or mature adult will open door for more inflammations at all levels especially those that are going to hurt our health.  

5.  Peanuts Contributes to Aflotoxins in the body:

If you ever experienced itchy skin,  itching toes,  athletesfoot, acne,  and other skin problems especially those that comes with itching, including eyes you will understand what it means for Aflo toxins to be at work if you are experiencing any of these things like skin problems or itchy eyes, scraping on the skin, much acne, and swelling it is better to stay off peanuts because aflatoxins will increase in the body if you continue to consume peanuts it will  make the condition worse, though peanut is a source of vitamin E which is an antioxidant for the eyes but the presence of these aflatoxins does not allow the eyes and other organs of the body to benefit much from peanuts and all its derivatives, it is for this reason that older adults may have to lower or avoid peanuts completely if it's possible and embrace other nuts that are not inflammatory or anti-inflammatory  properties like sone other nuts. These properties  supports fight against diseases abd infections, which is desirable  for older people to be able to stand against all the bacterias engaging the body  organs daily and all the viruses as well.


It is also important to state that if you find peanut still interesting and okay for you,  you  can see go ahead while listening to your body and once you get a signal from your body to slow down or to stop you definitely have to do so because some who were not consuming peanuts  as young children or as teenagers or middle-aged  may not have the same problems or experience  like  those who have over consumed it while growing up and so their body may still be able to accommodate peanut and all the other derivatives.   For various other reasons he may still be comfortable with peanut butter for these above reasons stated here a lot of people may discover that their body is no longer accepting peanuts.

 Myself  for instance nolonger comfortable with  its consumption as it affects my heart in the evening each time I consume peanuts in the morning especially in large amount in the evening during bedtime it's going to reflect in a very ugly way apart from that starting the day with peanut is also not a very pleasant experience each time I do it and all these may have been because of  the age factor as it was not so in previous years.  It is always good to start the day with detox foods,  foods that are easily digestible and not sticky foods like peanuts that is just part of my own experience why I'm going very very low if you're going through things like itchy toes or maybe you're having issues with your legs or your toes or  have also experienced that during high consumption of peanuts you also needs to slow down on  peanut.  If you  stop or slow down, you will notice  healing will start to take place and most of the itchiness could just dissappear.there could be other reason also why some other person's may not want to continue to embrace it,  For instance, it contributes to weight gain generally, and weight gain is always a problem because to remove the  weight by older adults will always oppose a very big challenge so it's better to prevent the weight gain than to continue consuming peanuts with the hope to lose weight it may not be as easy as it used to be when we were still younger.  We believe in prevention.  Older adults, prediabetics, those with arthritis, diabetics, those with heart problems, high blood pressure should all be careful with peanuts and all its derivatives as a result of the above reasons and several others.

Photo credit:  Times of India


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