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Thursday 17 September 2015

Have You Read About The Silent Killer Maggi, and Various Bouillon Cubes?
Use of Maggi and other Bouillon cubes as a flavor enhancer is widespread across Africa for many different African recipes. These cubes, which have no nutritive value have grossly taken the place of many fermented seeds and products that once added much variety, flavor, and nutritive value to our African foods. Fermentation of seeds like ogiri(sesame seeds) and iru(african locust bean), though still done, may soon be a lost art.
Using fermented seeds as food flavoring in soups and other recipes has many more benefits than use of your typical bouillon cube. Research shows that fermentation of these seeds increases the protein content, mineral and vitamin content, and increases the digestibility of the carbohydrates found in the seeds. Thus, addition of these fermented products into our food, would increase the nutritive value of our foods. In contrast, Maggi cubes and similar products, add no nutritive value to our foods, but also actually decreased the healthfulness of our foods. Three primary ingredients in these products are salt, monosodium glutamate(MSG), and hydrogenated oil(trans fat). All three of these ingredients have been found to negatively effect health by research.

It is widely known that excess salt in our diets can lead to high blood pressure and that those with high blood pressure are at high risk for dying from stroke. Can use of bouillon cubes lead to high blood pressure? The simple answer is yes. The primary ingredient in bouillon cubes is salt. Many people add several bouillon cubes in there cooking plus additional salt. So excess use of these products may be a contributing factor to high blood pressure occurrence in particular populations. Should it be no surprise that high blood pressure rates in Africa has sky rocketed in recent times, and likewise death from stroke? Not to say that use of these bouillon cubes is the direct cause, but it certainly may be a component!
Extensive research has been done on MSG, with no conclusion across the globe whether MSG is safe to consume. Research has linked MSG consumption to asthma, obesity, and cancer among other things. And in a small percent of people MSG has been found to cause symptoms such as headache, numbness/tingling, flushing, muscle tightness, and generalized weakness when consumed in excess.
Trans fat consumption has a definite link to increased chances of developing coronary artery disease, which is a hardening and narrowing of arteries that supply blood to the heart. This occurs do to trans fats’ ability to increase LDL(bad) cholesterol and decrease HDL(good) cholesterol in our blood stream. To understand more about cholesterol check out my page on cholesterol. Trans fat consumption has also been linked to increase occurrence of some cancers though this has not been confirmed.
Now that we know some possible negative health effects bouillon cube use presents, perhaps we should think twice before adding these products to our foods. My advice when considering whether or not to use bouillon cubes when cooking, is to start of trying a couple of dishes without the cubes and salt only. And decide whether the change suits you. If so, then discontinue the use completely. If not, then at least limit the use of these cubes.
You will be surprised that food will taste just as great. I myself no longer use bouillon cubes and I continue to get nothing but compliments on every dish I prepare! Too much Refined Salt:  Salt is required for us to maintain a healthy body.  But how would you know when there is excess salt in the blood, it manifests in the form of a problem before you know it.  As we get older, it is necessary to ensure reduced salt consumption especially refined table salt which is acidic.  Sea salt is still far better due to its high mineral content. It also helps bring out the real taste of your meal without the use of bouillon cubes.  Always remember that prevention is better than cure.  Do not wait for disease before you start taking precaution.


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