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Wednesday 28 October 2015

22 Secrets of People Still Strong After 50yrs

Staying healthy is everybody's desire and as a matter of fact, its your right.  However poor nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyle can make you susceptible to frequent diseases.

Interacting with persons who are above 50yrs and still feeling strong, reveals some secrets behind their wellness:  Here are just 22 of these secrets;

1.  Healthy Body Weight:  Maintaining a healthy body weight is a major challenge in our world today, commonly attributable to what people may call "enjoyment"  Sedentary lifestyle, House helps doing most domestic chores at home, remote control for our gadgets, air conditioned cars, rarely having to trek, sitting on internet browsing for hours without movement.  All these in addition to highly processed foods in our diet contribute to overweight problems today.  One way enjoy and ensure a healthy weight is to move more, and enjoy processed foods less.

2.  Normal Cholesterol:  Cholesterol that  is having the bad kind of fat in higher ratio to the healthy fat.  This cholesterol being in higher ration creates constant danger of heart problems and heart disease.  They are always conscious of their cholesterol ratio.

3. Reduce toxic Overload:  They engage on occasional detox by including detox foods like cucumbers, limes and lemons, garlic and ginger in their diets

4.  They include Inflammatory Foods in their diets such as green teas, garlic cayenne peppers, cabbage and others in their diets.

5.  They are always happy people:  Check the elderly who are still strong, they are always happy people.  Discontentment in life eats us like cancer, contributes to aging and  disease.  If you would want to attain 50 and still be strong.  Then you must be contented and happy, the way you are, where you are and what you have.  If you lack contentment, definitely, no amount of healthy food will work to keep you healthy

6.   Consume Certain Nutrients:  We now know that foods rich in VitaminsA, B, C and E are key to maintaining a strong immune system and resistance against diseases.  They include these nutrients in their diet, you can find vitamin B's in Millet, grains and cereals, vitamin C in fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamin A in Eggs, red palm oil, carrot etc.  These nutrients are immune boosters.

7. Consume More Natural Foods:  At least 85% of their foods are either organic or natural, It may not be easy to go 100% organic in our world today but they agree that majority of their foods are natural foods without chemical additives and preservatives.

8.  They eat fat burning foods like green tea, cinnamon, cabbage, cucumbers and lowfat milk in their regular diet.

9.  Blood Pressure Check;  They are conscious of blood pressure symptoms and try to avoid prevent it by including potassium rich foods in their diet.

10.  They Eat More Plant Based diet:  As we age, our body's ability to produce acid for foods involved in long chain process is reduced as a result more of plant based foods like vegetables and nuts are easier to digest for us.

11.  Regular Exercise is not Neglected:  The place of regular moderate exercise especially working cannot be overemphasized especially as we approach 40s and 50s

12.  They avoid heart weakening foods like saturated fats,  especially such as are found in most vegetable oils, and margarine.  By this habit, they reduce risk of heart disease.

13.  Cancer risk is Monitored by eating cancer-fighting foods, like carrots, garlic, ginger, peppers, and other spices like cinnamon

14.  They Make Occasional  Changes in Their food choices:  They do not eat a particular food for too long without changing.  Many of us are in this habit, the older generation admits making occasional changes in their diet.  For variety indeed is the spice of life""  says one good maxim

15. Water Therapy.  They take sufficient water, especially water therapy, the habit of taking at least 5 or 6 glasses of water in empty stomach every morning.  By doing this, they ensure they are properly hydrated and they also include sufficient fluids as a daily habit by including other fluids like teas, and  detox drinks.

16.  They Ensure there is Raw Foods in their Diet:  Raw foods ensure 100% digestion and absorption unlike the cooked food which many  people are familiar with.  Raw foods includes fruits, vegetables,. avocado pears, apples, etc.  Not including raw foods in our diet depletes our digestive enzymes faster.

17.  They Sleep Enough:  Sleep is one of nature's best doctors, most people who are in their 50s confess that loss of health begins with loss of sleep.  If you then desire to enter your 50 and remain strong, include sufficient sleep and rest at night as much as possible.

18.  They Do Not Retire Early;  One secrets of longevity is to find something you enjoy doing and keep doing it with passion.  People tend to look for paid jobs and what will bring immediate gratification.  If you want to retire early, then sickness and disease may start looking for you.  Find things that keeps you busy, if you love reading, blogging, singing, just go ahead.

19.  They are Health Conscious;  They seek knowledge on natural foods, they taste new recipes, and maintain cleanliness.  They avoid too much carbohydrates.

20.  They Engage in Outdoor Activities:   They go out and enjoy the natural air and sunshine, too much of indoors, will increase molding in our bodies and cloths.

21.  They Seek Knowledge:  They are never tired of learning something new. 

22.  They Trust God to perfect all that concerns them.

The older generation have secrets of their wellness and longevity which may not be found in any book or manual.  Let us know your own secret.


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