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Wednesday 14 October 2015

Here are Three Easy Ways to Start Enjoying Your White Rice Again

Yes, White rice is one of the most common grains around today, but the bad news is that it is also one of  the leading foods with high glycemic index.  (i.e speedily getting into the blood stream)  Lovers of rice are saddened by this fact.

Rice is one of the easily digestible grains, suitable for energy, and is a stomach friendly food too.  It is not known among the supper foods probably due to its negative effect on diabetes.   As a matter of fact white rice is one food advised by nutritionist to avoid if you want to keep diabetes away after at least 40yrs.  Great for children, young people and the aged love it too.  But how can this popular food be enjoyed without its effect on blood sugar.

Insulin is one of the key hormones that regulate metabolism and energy use.  This is what makes rice to be avoided by many adults.

Here are just 3 easy ways to begin enjoying your favorite grain again:

1.Make use of Cinnamon:

 You can find freshly ground cinnamon stick in our local markets. Prepare your rice in your favorite way either as jollof rice, add your ingredients and just like you would add other spices, towards the end of the cooking, just sprinkle a little quantity of cinnamon powder on the dish and cover again with heat, for about few minutes.  If you prefer having your rice with stews.  then the cinnamon powder should be added into the stew, it will still give the same result.

Cinnamon is beneficial for any condition that causes inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Because they are anti-microbial, cinnamon extracts may help stop the growth of harmful bacteria or fungi, such as those that are responsible for candida, or yeast infections. As a powerful anti-bacteria agent, cinnamon may have applications in food preservation, protecting against microbial

Several studies have found that cinnamon has properties that help those with insulin resistance.  It is known to be beneficial for type 11 diabetics, because it helps control blood sugar.  Cinnamon is also high in antioxidant and  medicinal in many more ways making it a  good addition in to your favorite dishes especially rice.

2. Cook it with Coconut Oil:

Another easy way to enjoy your rice while avoiding the blood sugar rice that follows a rice meal is to cook it using coconut oil.    Any virgin coconut oil will do the trick.  About 4 cups of rice. (using milk cup)  two table spoons of coconut oil will be okay.  Use it in your stew for the rice or use it in the form of jollof rice.

The Coconut oil not only makes the dish delicious but the naturally occurring saturated fat in the coconut oil seems to prevent the fast entrance of the sugar in the rice  into the blood stream thereby hindering blood sugar rice after the meal.  Coconut oil should  be used sparingly unlike other regular oils.

3. Cook it With Olive Oil :
 Olive oil is known for its good profile when it comes to healthy fats.  Using extra virgin olive oil to cook your rice will provide you with healthy fats in the food which in turn will control spike in blood sugar after the meal.  Do not fry your olive Oil, else you loose those vital nutrients that makes the olive oil stand out. 

Adding green vegetables to your rice is also beneficial in helping control sugar response after a rice meal.  These include:  onions, cabbage, garlic, moringa leaf powder and other green vegetables will not only reduce the quantity consumed but will also help regulate sugar.  You must however enjoy your rice sparingly even in all these.  Again it is not among the foods that should be consumed on a daily basis.


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