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Saturday 3 October 2015

How to Grow your hair and keep it Soft and healthy Naturally

 2.  Raw Egg:

We are all gifted with hair.   It is one of the external fittings I will call it which mother nature has given to every one.  We were actually born with very little or no hair at all in some cases.  However, as we continue to ingest food and nutrients,  The hair begins to feature and by the time we are teens or adult, the hair begins to add to our overall beauty. Your hair is one of those gifts of mother nature there to protect your skull and add to your beauty as well.  Having long curly hair is peculiar to the whites or (oyibos) as we refer to them .  The blacks are known with short, stronger hair naturally curly in its own peculiar way.  The reason for this obvious difference are not definitely the subject of this post.   Whether you are white or black, your hair is your own special  gift from God and it is your duty to keep it healthy.  A healthy hair definitely begins from inside.  We know that longer hair is often appreciated and admired by most cultures.

Having long hair is usually desirable especially among the female folk, and more in our culture where the hair is usually seen as part of a woman's beauty.  It is usually a thing of concern when you see your hair fallen off in large quantities for reasons you cannot fathom.  Know well that some people have a natural tendency to grow faster longer hair.  Others make conscious efforts with little or no result to grow their hair or make it look more attractive.  It is actually this quest for long beautiful hair that has made the sale of synthetic attachments a lucrative business in Nigeria today, It is also this desire for beautiful long that has made the production and sale of hair relaxers a flourishing venture in Nigeria and some other developing countries of the world.

Let us look at 11 natural ways to maintain and keep our hair naturally soft and beautiful

Natural Products to soften and grow your hair

  • 1.  Onion Juice :  
  • Onion and Onion Juice
  • Onion is not only good for eyes and  internal use benefits, it is a traditional long standing hair beauty product.  Onion is one cruciferous vegetable that helps your hair grow and look healthy naturally.  Apart from from adding it to your favorite soups and stews.  Its simple to use on your hair as well:  
 Boil 2 large onions in a small pot with a cup of water
  •  Keep at room temperature to cool, apply the water to your hair overnight, then wash off thoroughly in the morning to wash off all the smells of onions and apply your hair cream or coconut oil for beautiful shine

  • 2.  Egg and Olive Oil
  •  If you want a softer fuller silkier hair  without the addition of chemicals and other agents unknown to you, then do not go far away.  It already their in your kitchen.  Depending on the size of your hair, just get some raw egg either two or two, then apply and wash off after about 15 minutes try for at least once every two weeks for softer, longer , fuller and  healthier hair
  • 3.  Coconut Milk
  • Getting out the milk of fresh coconut and washing your hair with it as a treatment helps strengthen your hair and reduce hair loss.  Coconut milk is rich in iron, protein, potassium and natural fats.  Apply on scalp and hair.  Leave it for a night and rinse your hair the next day.  This is one of the most effective hair growth treatment followed by coconut oil application for shiny hair.
  • 4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is an ancient remedy for dandruff.  It keeps dryness at bay and keeps your hair healthy.  It is even best when you also ingest
 It enhances hair growth .  Just ensure to get a fresh version of the aloe vera.  Just extract the gel and apply directly to your hair.  Comb out the hair, and cover for some minutes or as long as you feel the hair is okay and wash the gel off, and use hair cream of your choice and see you hair looking healthy.

 5.Potato Juice
Juice of POTATO
Potato Juice

Potatoe juicing is rich in nutrients that benefits the hair particularly the follicles.  It is rich in essential amino acids.  There are numerous ways to use the juice of potatoes for beautifying your hair and skin.  You could use the raw juice or boil it.
    - Boil 3 medium size potatoes depending on the size of your hair boil until they are soft.  Gently peel them, mash and grind to a paste in a grinder, then apply the paste on your hair and wash it off after an hour. or 
    6. Fish and Fish Oil
     Fish and Fish Oil
  •  Including fish like sardines and some other oily fish in you diet at least once or twice a week will definitely enhance the speed at which your hair grows out.  It is rich in some rare nutrients that benefits hair health including omega 3 fats, Vitamin A and Zinc.
  • 7.Vegetables
  • Eating plenty of green vegetables is no doubt a known way to increase your hair growth and  keep it healthy from the inside.  Of particular interest are foods like moringa leaf powder which benefits hair health when consume or applied externally with the green paste on the hair and washed off after some minutes.
  • 8. Iron and Zinc rich food
  • Foods rich in iron includes coconut, beans, fish, soya beans and beaf and vegetables.  Most nuts are also rich in iron including peanut.  Including these nut regularly in your diet will no doubt deliver you a health naturally long hair.
  • 9. oranges, lemons, citrus fruits and Vitamin C

  • Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and limes are rich in vitamin C which enhances hair growth
 Natural vitamin C in citrus fruits benefits the hair in several ways especially when consumed in moderation.  Not only will it prevent hair loss, but will also aid and boost hair growth.  Researching is showing that vitamin C helps dissolve iron thereby making it accessible to the hair follicles.  Consequently maintaining healthy beautiful hair.  So more citrus fruits in your diet means more strong and healthy hair.

Ripe Bananas

 Bananas are great for beautiful hair, whether you choose to eat them or mash and apply directly.  It is a beauty product that straightens your hair naturally.  Though the use of mashed banana may not be so popular due to the difficulty in washing off the mashed banana.  It is still worth the try, especially when considered as a natural product that will have no side effect such as burning etc
First crush the ripe banana until it becomes smooth and paste-like. When it is done add a tablespoon of sunflower oil and a half tablespoon of fresh lime juice. Mix thoroughly with the help spoon and prepared a mixture paste.
Apply this paste onto your hair from the tips to the roots of the hairs. Then cover the hair with the help of towel for minimum of 15-20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, wash with slightly warm water and rinse thoroughly all over the hair.
  • 11. Milk and Honey Milk and honey when mixed together especially low fat skimmed  is great for hair texture and beauty, I have personally tried using this recipe and its great for my hair.


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