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Sunday 4 October 2015

She cured her Stage III Colon Cancer With This Fruit


 Quite an inspiring story of another woman who took charge of her health and cured her III colon cancer with only carrot.  Sounds inspiring,  It happened to Ann Cameron, author of series of children’s books and also authored “Curing Cancer with Carrots”
According to the testimony, she was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2012.  Having lost her spouse to lung cancer seven years earlier despite mass quantities of different chemotherapy drugs.  She was then determined to find a better way to treat her own cancer.

She took the advice of Medical doctors and underwent surgery feeling healthier for a time.  To her surprise five months after her procedure, she again was tested and shockingly her colon cancer had spread to the lungs and in spite of the previous surgical treatment was nho officially Stage 4 cancer.  She was given 3 years to live.

SHE HEARD AN INSPIRING STORY (like the one you are reading now)
It was the story of Ralph Cole’s  Miraculous “Carrot cure” In 2005 after Ralph was diagnosed  with tumors in his neck.  Ralph started juicing 3 pounds of carrots a day which yielded about 3 cups.
At the beginning,  Ralph under estimated the carrot juice effects attributing his improvement to  Chemo  and radiation.  Surprisingly, after he stopped juicing,the lumps began to re appear again.

When he started juicing again, no more new lumps appeared, and the little lumps he had stopped growing. After failing to find anything else that seemed to have any effect, Ralph increased his juicing to 5 cups of juice, and the tumors shrank continuously and finally disappeared. He has been cancer-free since 2006 and have only juiced occasionally since then.
Ann was skeptic, but figuring she had nothing left to lose, she began a regimen of carrot juice consumption similar to the one Ralph had used to treat his cancer.


According to Ann, within eight weeks her tumors had halted in their growth. Not only that, but by the time four months had passed, lymph node activity in her lungs was declared within normal range, and by the time she had been juicing for eight months, she was finally declared cancer-free. 

Ann has stressed that the only lifestyle change she made was adding copious amounts of carrot juice to her diet—she kept on eating omnivorously, including plenty of ice cream, yet experienced these amazing results in spite of making no other changes to her diet or lifestyle.

A 2014 study published in the European Journal of Nutrition and conducted by a team of Chinese scientists found that carrots were able to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer
The benefits of carrots to health including improving sight, carotene content for fighting cancers and other tumors are no longer in doubt.

If you are however diabetic, it is necessary to be supervised by a doctor or a qualified nutritionist because of the sugar content in carrot.  Besides, carrot is a disease fighting, low calorie food for fighting tumors especially cancers.  Another point to note is that carrot is a seasonal fruit which is best enjoyed when it is in season.  Though they are seen around almost all year round, but all fruits are best in their season.  This is not to say that supplements cannot do the job.

Source:www.Healthy and Natural


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