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Sunday 1 November 2015

20 Health Benefits of Coconut Water


Coconut Water is the clear liquid taken from immature coconuts.  It is one health drink suffering neglect but being gradually remembered again due to awareness created on natural foods as is being done by Grace Ngo Foundation.  Coconut water has always been seen as a mysterious water in the coconut especially by the African people.  This water is now gradually being popularized again all over the world due to its refreshing taste and numerous health benefits.  Remember that for you to get all the benefits of coconut water, you must get the immature coconut and drink its water as soon as its opened preferably with a straw.  There are already bottled coconut water in bottles and cans, the efficacy of these ones we cannot guarantee, go for the fresh version and open it yourself  if you desire to reap the health benefits of coconut water.  You will definitely want to have coconut readily around your home after reading these benefits:

Here are 17 Health Benefits of this Mysterious Water in the Coconut:

1.  It is 100% Natural:  If you are looking for a drink that is so refreshing with no additives, preservatives and coloring as found in most sport drinks in our market today, then look no further,  the coconut water is the choice you should make.  It is available and inexpensive too unlike some of the soft drinks around.

2.  No Cholesterol:   High Cholesterol (i.e unhealthy fat) is gradually becoming a major health concern, probably due to many factors including highly processed foods, like vegetable oils, animal fat and dairy.  More sedentary lifestyle is gradually becoming the order of the day, this is also contributing to this  health risk called cholesterol.  One drink still pure and reliable source of nutrients with zero cholesterol is coconut water.

3.  A Storehouse of Important Nutrients:  If you are looking for a low calorie drink containing important nutrients like B complex, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin  pyridoxine and folate.  Then coconut water is the drink for you.  It is high in nutrients yet low in calorie/

4.   Kidney Friendly -  The kidney is a key organ in the body and requires care.  If you are looking for  a food that is kidney friendly and desires to care for your kidney, then remember to include coconut water in your regular diet.  This benefit is probably due to the presence of potassium and magnesium which plays a key role in urine alkalizing and prevention of kidney stones.

5.  It is Diuretic in nature (i.e Urine production and flow) by this function, it helps remove toxins and other wastes from the body.

6.  Anti Inflammatory Benefit"  It has anti inflammatory properties making able it to reduce swellings and other inflammatory diseases including arthritis and pains.

7.  Contain Five Essential Electrolytes:  Electrolytes are those essentials that must be in the current of our life for us to move about and carry out activities, if they are cut off, then we cannot continue to move.  Key of these nutrients are Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Sodium.  Coconut is a natural source of these electrolytes and is used in villages where medical and hospitals are not nearby to hold on a weak patient until medical help can be reached.  It is similar to the human blood plasma and has been used as an alternative during plasma transfusion for many years throughout many countries.

It was widely used during the World War 1 as a plasma alternative, since it is sterile, does no harm to the red blood cells and is readily accepted by the body.  It can also be given intravenously for emergency cases like cholera and dysentery where an hospital cannot be assessed easily.

8.  It has antiviral, antibacterial and and anti-fungal properties, by this, coconut water is useful in fighting infections especially of the intestinal tract.  Cases of frequent typhoid attack will definitely benefit from coconut water by making it part of your regular diet.

9.  Regulates blood circulation and prevents formation of plague

10.  Helps in balancing PH levels and keeping connective tissues hydrated and strong.

11,  Boosts energy, due to the presence of glucose.  If you are just coming from a workout, and looking for immediate energy without other additives, then go for coconut water

12.  Heart Friendly benefit :   Due to the presence of magnesium and absence of cholesterol

13.  It is hydrating.  By this it helps add more fluid to your body thereby helping more oxygen reach the cells.

14.  Relieves Constipation:  Constipation is a common health issue these days especially in the presence of poor nutrient high in processed food.  In times of chronic constipation, I have personally found coconut water to be helpful.  In this case you should take it between meals and take at least up to a glass cup in other to get result and allow the coconut water time to brake the hard stool.  This is simply saying that you should avoid eating something  immediately after taking the coconut water.  This is one way to get good result in attempting to resolve constipation using coconut water, and reduce white flours consumption and include some moderate exercise too.

15.    Reduces Food Cravings:  Hence it is good for health conscious people, trying to avoid unhealthy fats and oils.  Coconut water will help you stay in shape and keep your weight under control.

16. Improves Digestion:  It is known to improve digestion, helping the body utilize other nutrients,  vitamins and amino acids. It helps in calcium and magnesium absorption probably due to the presence of zinc, thereby preventing osteoporosis.

17.  Helps in repairing damaged tissues:  It is useful in treating mineral poisoning .  It also helps remove black marks and pimples.  It is useful in tropical application too.

18.  Good for Skin when applied to affected spots, wrinkles  eczema, celluloid etc.

19.  It can taken moderately by diabetics, as it  is superior in nutrients as compared to sports drinks in times of workout.

20.  Helpful during fever or malaria attack,  It is one food that works during this time when the body is unable to digest anything especially fat, and yet energy is needed.  I have tried this drink in difficult times, and it really works.  It is indeed a gift from mother nature to us.

Some are indeed concerned whether this nutritious water could dilute their drugs.  The point to note is that though with medicinal properties,  It can be taken freely like all natural foods.  If you however have health concerns,  or on medication, then see your doctor,  to rule out any negative effect.



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