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Tuesday 9 May 2017

9 Healthy Foods That May Be Unhealthy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy in women is usually a period of  joy  that requires great care especially in the area of nutrition.   As  a result of great changes arising from hormones, the woman's nutritional requirement is also affected, prescription supplements in the form of iron and folic acid are usually given to boost blood production, lessons are given during antenatal visits in some care centres on foods to eat.   While attention is usually focused on what to eat, less is usually discussed on what foods to avoid.  Women during their first trimester are usually at risk of complications should any error occur either nutritionally or otherwise.  The first timers i.e those carrying their first pregnancy are usually confused on what to avoid at this critical time, especially in the face of many advisers.  I have heard cases of women insisting that they were advised by friends to consume garlic.  Yes,  garlic is a  supper food, good for almost everything, ranging from inflammations, bacteria infection, yeast infection, constipation and many more, but definitely not for pregnancy.   Here are 9 healthy foods that may be unhealthy during Pregnancy

Garlic:  Garlic is a supper food noted for its numerous health benefits,  It is an ante fungal and an immune boosting food.  It is one food recommended to be included daily in our diet without side effect.  One point to note however about garlic is that it is a blood thinner and this makes a food to be avoided especially in its raw state during pregnancy more importantly during the first trimester. Being a blood thinner, could actually lead to unexpected bleeding at the early stage of pregnancy.

2. Unripe pawpaw:   Did you know? that though unripe pawpaw is an enjoyable delight yet has high content of  latex which can cause uterine contraction and may lead to spontaneous abortion.  Unripe or partially ripe pawpaw are great especially in the hot summer, however if you are aiming to be pregnant or in your first trimester, then better to avoid it.

3. Teas and Coffee:  These all contain caffeine which may be harmful  to the unborn child.  According to Natural On post on the subject, "over consumption of caffeine can lead to miscarriage or low birth weight"  It can also lead to dehydration.  Chocolate or dark cocoa should also be reserved for the delicacy after birth due to its content of caffeine, other teas include black and green teas.  Caffeine can cross the placenta and cause problems for the unborn child.

4. High mercury fish: The most popular ones are swordfish, mackerel, shark and tile fish,  The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advised pregnant  women, those who may become  pregnant, and those breastfeeding to abstain from these fish completely due to their high levels of mercury.  Mercury can impair a baby's developing brain and nervous system.

This is not to say that all seafood should be avoided,  though some may recommend such, there are however some other seafood with low levels of mercy that could be taken moderately. The fatty acids in seafood (DHA and EPA) major role in baby.

5: Under-cooked meat:  Under cooked meat includes Poultry, fish, shellfish and eggs.  The main danger in consuming them are in the presence of bacteria salmonella and parasites both of which can infect the unborn baby and cause health problems

6.  Liver:  Liver contain high amount of vitamin A.  Yes,  vitamin A is an antioxidant to be desired,  during the first trimester it is better to avoid high content of vitamin A especially in supplemental form.  Consuming too much vitamin A especially at the early stage of pregnancy has been linked to birth defects,  It is better to avoid them.  If you in doubt, ask your doctor.

 7 Partially cooked egg: Raw or partially cooked chicken egg are usually enjoyed by some persons for various reasons, some claim its calming, others admit its more nutritious, whichever and however, we know partially cooked can contain salmonella which can cause severe vomitting and or diarrhea.  They are good sources of quality protein to be enjoyed by pregnant women only when they are well cooked.

8.   Sodium:  It is good to enjoy well cooked foods during pregnancy however, too much of it without fruits and vegetables that are uncooked may expose the body to excess salt which the doctor may have warned the pregnant woman against.  Too much processed foods will also further expose you to much sodium as most of these processed foods come with added sodium which may lead to excess water retention during pregnancy. 

9.  Alcohol:  Though moderate alcohol may be taken by persons who desires it, however during pregnancy it is advised to be extra careful with what goes into our mouth.  Foods that are nutrient dense are better and alcohol is definitely not in that class.  Alcohol has many destructive effects on your own body and the same goes for the unborn child, could lead to heart defects, facial deformities and even mental retardation.  Though some could cope with moderate alcohol depending on the stage of the pregnancy, it is however better to avoid completely during pregnancy.

It is better to avoid as much as possible foods and habits that could hurt the unborn child, plenty of clean water taken especially first thing in the morning known as "Water Therapy" is a healthy habit during pregnancy.  Plenty of  fruits and vegetables are best for your unborn child, well cooked egg, beans, milk, soyabeans, grains, including oats.  Emphasis should be on natural foods as against highly processed foods, and transfats.   Moderate exercise and sufficient sleep all will work together to ensure a healthy baby.
It is better to avoid all unhealthy foods and these includes:  all food not regarded as being conducive to maintaining health, such as fats especially of animal origin, fast foods as they are low in fibre and vitamin  and high in sodium, most fried foods etc.



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