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Wednesday 24 May 2017

More Reasons to Change your view about Coconut

Coconut milk is the milky substance pressed out from a fresh coconut meat.   A mature coconut milk is bound to have more oil than a young coconut.   Many have erroneous belief about  coconut milk and that is the fact that it is full of fat and oil,   but surpringly, the  saturated fat that go along with this milk  is one that is rare in nature.  Meaning, it is not the bad or man made fat manipulated for profit making, helping to prolong the shelf life of most common oils termed as ' healthy'

Coconut could be expressed using special gadgets for it or you just chew the  fresh coconut with the milk.  It has numerous health benefits.  The oil found in the milk contains disease fighting agents which your body converts into special soldiers to fight all kinds of infections internally.  So if you are always battling with infections especially intestinal bacterial,  than you must incorporate the healthy food into your diet.

If you suffer stomach ulcer,  then incorporate this food into your diet.

If you suffer low energy.  Then do not forget this natural gift from God to us.

Another good news is that it does not make you fat as previous preached.


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