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Friday 6 November 2015

I have Personally Used This Bitter Herb To Lower My Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is gradually becoming a hot point when it comes to health matters especially of the adult, why? Probably due to  Western dominated lifestyle, more sedentary positions,  more processed foods, more carbohydrates and sugars in our daily diet.  

Going by our traditional culture, rice for instance was a Sunday or Christmas delicacy, even at that , it was unpolished rice,  farm raised meats was an occasional delight.  Today however, the story has changed,  polished rice, noddles,  drug treated meats and chickens  are now the order of the day.  The result of course is not without its negative effect(s) on our health.  High blood Sugar, Hypertension, Blood Pressure and the rest.   We are stocked,  children, teenagers and the adults now suffer  diseases and ailments originally meant for people in their 80s.  Specifically,  the more common health concern today is Blood Sugar with its immediate attendant effect  of  either type 1 or 11 diabetes.  Today, for the average adult, the fear of diabetes is now the beginning of wisdom.

Prevention is better than cure, we therefore always advocate prevention, It would be necessary to check your blood sugar occasionally if you are 30yrs and above ,  this could be done with the help of the ACCU CHECK blood sugar instrument,  or done through your doctor by a qualified laboratory scientist.  If your blood sugar is consistently higher than normal, before rushing to your medicine cabinet.  There are so many herbs given to us by mother nature still waiting to be discovered  that could help lower your blood sugar naturally or  prevent it from rising above normal on a regular basis. Bitter leaf is the special gift, mother nature has given to Nigerians and  to help ward off  blood sugar increase  or even lower it when it rises.  There are other super herbs as well. 

This was my case,  excess physical  and mental activity forced me to take a break and raised my blood sugar to an alarming point.  Guess what,  I  am  not  diabetic, however my blood sugar was found to be quite high at a point in time which I attributed to stress.

 My first option was  a glass of boiled bitter leaf  from home,  which I drank, surprisingly on waking up, what I saw after checking the sugar again was a surprise.   The Sugar level had come back to normal.  Of course, bitter leaf water had brought the sugar level down in few hours.

Bitter leaf had always been a beneficial herb in warding off diseases especially  common ones like malaria, fatty liver, and  obesity.  In recent times however, bitter leaf had suffered some form of neglect, people are now addicted to sweet varieties and all forms of taste enhancers and flavors.  If you want to continue to maintain an ideal weight, keep infections  at arms  length, your sugar level under control, then ensure to include bitter leaf in your food list or other bitters occasionally.   Bitter leaf soup particular helps ward of insomnia and boost my immune system. 

Teach your children to develop taste for bitters,  Sugar is addictive and once they develop a dislike for anything bitter,  they may be left with no choice but suppressed immune system all the time and suffer all kinds of diseases and of course childhood obesity could set in. 

If you are diabetic patient, its not advised you use bitter leaf in lowering your sugar,  you could incorporate it into your diets, soups gradually in regulating your sugar while continuing your medical treatment.
The bitter leaf water should also not be taken without washing the first very bitter water away.  Its highly acidic and could be harmful to your health. 

You can also boil the already washed bitter leaf to allow more bitters into the water and drink.  At least three times a week could help return blood sugar to normal with adequate sleep, water and proper nutrition.


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