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Saturday 7 November 2015

8 Powerful Nutrition and Wellness Lessons I have Learned from My Pet (Gigi)

Having a pet, particularly dog  is one thing I had always regarded as a
Western Culture.  If you dislike dogs and other pets, No condemnation at all because we were in it together.  However, staying with Gigi my German Shepherd pet had opened my eyes and taught me so many lessons about nutrition  and wellness.  Here are 8 important Lessons Learned from  the17 months old Gigi.

1. Eat Only Real Food:  Why is She always interested in only real food.  She hates saturated fats and hydrogenated vegetable oil, for her its NO to fried foods infact, she is allergic to fried things, they irritate her skin, and honestly, the same thing happens to humans, fried foods are enemies of good skin, yet we love them so much, we love to consume fried stew, potatoes, plantain, fish, groundnuts, meat, eggs, we fry virtually everything.  I have also disciplined myself learning from Gigi.  Say NO to fried varieties and watch your skin appearance improve.  It is one powerful lesson you can learn from a German Shepherd Pet.  

2. Exercise Regularly:  After food, its time for exercise.  For Gigi, daily exercise is a must, you must take her out for a walk, why? Exercise should be part every day event if you want to stay healthy.  If you have spent time with  Gigi, she will not completely love and respect you unless you take her out for a daily exercise.  Important lesson too,  but why do humans enjoy disobeying this important rule of good health.  These beings know the place of exercise in their well being and insist on being taken out for a walk regularly.  Let us learn from it.

3. Get Excited when you see loved ones:  Why do you have to conceal your feelings, express it, it contributes to wellness too.  When your are happy show it,  let your loved ones see how excited you are, upon seeing them.  It is common in pride to show lack of excitement, even when you are.  Dogs especially German Shepherds are particularly good at expressing their feelings.  If its a stranger, or intruder they bark, if its their owner, they jump around and wag their tail.

4. Takes less carbs more protein:  Gigi detests much carbohydrates, prefers proteins especially from animal sources, that is those with complete amino acids.  Though their preference for  animal protein is in slight variance with what an adult human nutrition desire and requirement should be.  However, the important lesson here is that proteins are building materials, they are building blocks, and should dominate carbohydrates.  The reason we have suppressed immune system and so many nutritional deficiencies is because most times, we consume more carbohydrates, sugars and processed foods.  This lesson teaches me also that protein should be higher than carbs in our everyday meal.  It is an important lesson.

5.  Plenty of Water:  Gigi drinks lots of water especially in the morning possibly due to her high protein food consumption.  Water indeed is required in higher amount in all activities in the human body, such as metabolism, transportation and absorption.  Yet many could consume foods over and over again without water until they are tasty.  Do not wait to get tasty before you take water.  Let us learn from these beings.  They know what is good for them.  Take more water, not sweetened fruit juices, sodas, minerals and other flavored beverages.  Pure water is better and benefits your health, Let us learn from this Pet.

6.  She loves To Be Calm and Remain Unnoticed:  If you have no need for Gigi;s attention, she could stay for hours without a noise.  She loves to nap during the day.  Resting most of the time, Its a healthy way lesson I have also learned from Gigi.

7.  Less Salt:  Have you noticed that most dogs do not like much salt,  indeed much of it is injurious to our health, yet many of us are not mindful of the salt content of what we are consuming.  Salt especially refined table salt is among foods that stresses some internal organs and should be consumed in small amount.  Gigi hates salty food and cannot even afford to consume it.  Its dangerous to her health, let us learn from it.

8. She Smells it First :  There is a reason why our nose was put where it is on our face by God.  How well do you make use of your nose, If she smells it and it is nice, then she taste it.  In the case of humans, at times even when the smell is saying no, you still take the risk of tasting or consuming it because you are hungry, but Gigi does not take such risk.  Whatever her nose does not accept, her mouth would not taste either,  No matter how hungry she is.  Very powerful lesson too,  You could attempt perceiving the smell or aroma first before you consume.  It is a good guide to learn from gigi. 


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