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Monday 10 July 2017

5 Reasons to take Water instead of Junk Food

Better To drink Only Water Than Junk Food

Have you ever stopped to ask why water is so ubiquitous.  I have personally found out that despite the campaign and the many write-ups on the health benefits of taking sufficient water, so many still move around dehydrated  without them knowing.  God our creator actually want us to take plenty of it, and that may be the reason why its everywhere.  Though portable water in Nigeria is yet to be attained, that definitely cannot excuse us for leaving our body without sufficient water.  5 Reasons to Take Water instead of Junk Food:

1.  Your body composition is made up of more water than food

2.  Water does the work of trans portation.  Meaning it helps carry digested food to the various locations where they are needed.  So that your being tasty may not be for food but water.  The foods previously eaten are waiting for transportation.

3.  Your body works very hard to digest the food.   If  you are tired, rest first instead of asking for food cos you want to give your body work.

4.  Junk foods are truly junk, they do your body no much good,  they become stressors not giving your body the chance to rest.

5.  Water is a cleanser.  Water helps your internal organs just as it does the outside.

More water, more water.  No fast food, No junk food,  please


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