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Saturday 3 June 2023

10 Health Benefit of Acai berries

We call it mbembe,  ate them as children unknown to us that we were consuming a nutrient powerhouse for free.   Was travelling recently to the Eastern part of Nigeria in a car, saw this roundish  soft  black fruits being  hawked around,  bought some ate and gave some to my aged mother.  Few minutes later,  we both fell asleep, waking up refreshed.   What is it in this
Super food, that made  us feel its positive  impact without a laboratory  study.   This food needs to be researched upon.

Upon investigation, here are some of my findings on nutrients  content of this raw fruit, called Acai berries. There are two varieties. White and black Acai berries. Each is said to have different benefits,  but it appears the black Acai berries are more nutrient-dense and that is the one we are discussing  here.


Contains carbohydrates, dietary fiber,  healthy fats,  proteins.  Rich in Vitamins and minerals. they  contain vitamin A. Vitamin E and C,  minerals include iron,  calcium,  potassium,  and sodium.

Health Benefits of Acai Berries

1.  Reduce Blood Pressure

Acai berries have plenty of plant sterols which act as vasodilators and relaxes blood vessels to reduce blood pressure,  prevent blood clots that can lead to strokes and heart attacks and generally improve the circulation and oxygenation of blood.

2.  Improves Digestion

The high amount of  fibre in the berries helps improve digestion and prevents constipation.

3.  Healthy Weight Loss

Weight. Research  shows that the fatty acid content  in Acai berries  increases metabolism, boost fat burning  and decrease cravings.   Hence,  we can safely say that it helps with healthy weight loss.

4.  Improve Cardiovascular  Health

Acai berries is said to contain high levels of anthocyaninnes which are a form of plant antioxidants.  Anti oxidants.   Antioxidants  suck out and eliminate the free radicals that are responsible for a wide variety of diseases and conditions including heart disease.   Anthocyanines are also related to regulating blood cholesterol by reducing the LDL thereby lowering the risk of artherial blockage, stroke and heart attack.

5.  Promote Sound 😴 sleep

Acai berries obvious promotes sound sleep,  the presence of healthy fats may be responsible for this effect.   It is also a source of calcium a brain nourishing food.  They also enhance blood circulation.   If you suffer insomnia, Acai berries will be a good food to include in your diet.

6.  Enhance Cognitive Function: 

This fruit is known to nourish the brain.  Making it great for the aged.   It contains healthy fats and oils for brain health.

7.  Increase Energy Level: 

Those who suffer low energy will benefit from these berries being a source of carbohydrate,  proteins and good fats.   It known to have positive effect on libido and enhance sexual drive as well.   These benefits makes it a supper food to delay  aging.

8.  Boosts Immune System and help fight free radicals.  
It fights these free radicals with presence  of vitamin C and high antioxidant content. These free radicals are responsible  for a host of ailments including premature aging.

9.  Promote Wound Healing

Those who suffer stomach ulcer or other form of injuries will benefit from Acai berries with its vitamin A,  E and C.  The top antioxidants for fast wound healing.

10.  Control Acne and nourishes the Skin.

Acai berries oil is frequently used in cosmetic products,  because the antioxidants in the oil can relieve irritation  and redness and moisturize the Skin.   Consuming the berries also helps give the skin a healthy and attractive glow. Acne on the face are also reduced generally by ingesting Acai berries

Despite the numerous health  benefits ascribed to the berries,  it is still advised that we consume them in moderation.  Excess  of anything including the good will definitely  give another effect.

Source:  www stylecraze. Com organicfacts. Com


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