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Tuesday 8 May 2018

Health Benefits of Black Velvet Tamarind

Health Benefits of Black Velvet Tamarind

Diallium Guineense Wild is also known as Black Velvet Tamarind.  Children call it liki liki, Igbos call it Icheku,  Hausas call it Tsamiyar Kurm while Yoruba call  it Awin.   Tamarind is one of the commonest and most neglect fruits in Nigeria,   The children enjoy it more due to its sweet soury taste.

9  Health Benefits of Black Velvet Tamarind

1.  Raw Food Benefits:  The fruit is usually eaten raw, making it's absorption  almost 100%. We all know that when foods are consumed in their raw state without going through heat,  the utilization of the nutrients are usually almost 100% •  So it is in the case of this fruit.

2.  Source of Vitamin:  Vitamin C is an anti oxidant which helps our body fight disease,  and needs replacement on a daily basis.   The presence of vitamin C ensures a strong immune system enabling the body resist infections.

3.  Source of Important  Nutrients like Potassium:  This often neglected fruit is a storehouse  of important minerals like potassium, also folic acid,  niacin, riboflavin for blood formation.   The presence of potassium  helps ensure a healthy heart

4.  Anti Inflammatory  Benefits:  The presence of vitamin C helps in ensuring that the fruit does not produce inflammations, rather it is beneficial  for sufferers of bone problems, arthritis and related ailments.  

5.  Natural anagelsic Properties:  The fruit is know to possess natural pain killers, making a good remedy for teenagers with menstrual pains and other conditions like tooth ache.

6.  Quick Source of energy:   Due to the presence of natural sugars in the fruit,  health conscious  persons who want avoid  carbonated drinks can soak some of the fruits in water and drink to   relax after a workout without resorting to carbonated beverages with gas.

7.  Low calorie benefit:  The health conscious persons can conveniently snack on this fruit without fear of adding pounds, at the same time enjoying all the nutrients.

8.  Contains Iron:  Getting sufficient iron is a major challenge  today especially among our teenage girls.  Regular consumption  of the fruit will ensure the presence of iron in the blood.

9.  Eases Constipation:  Sufficient  intake of the fruit helps loosen the bowel by not only reducing the activities  of fungal but also destroying some bacterial that acts on the food we eat.   It also helps with metabolism  due to its high antioxidant  content.

Several other benefits are associated with the fruit including healing ulcers.

Being a seasonal fruit,  it is important to consume them when they are in season.


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