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Tuesday 8 May 2018


Could it be Blood Pressure?

Was discussing with a neighour recently who complained of buzzing sound in his ears.   About 58 years old with no history  of blood pressure or whatever.   Of late he kept calling me that his enemies are at it again.  Which enemies I queried, he said his enemies of course  who are working against his progress.

We prayed and he left,  few days later,  he rushed to my place,  this time he came physically himself complaining that he is under serious attack and that the matter is getting serious.   I then asked  "when  last did you check your BP," because I hear that this blood pressure thing manifests in various ways.   He answered  that "it was a long time and that he does not have the problem of blood pressure",  I then requested him to sit down while I check his blood pressure,  surprisingly the result was shocking 169/90. 

I recommended some natural foods to help bring it down which he did comply  witg  within 2 days he called to say the buzzing sound has stopped.  We both rejoiced,  so it was not actually his enemies but his diet.

He was okay and doing well.  Later he began eating whatever pleases  him and the buzzing started again,  usually worse in the morning.  He was redirected to his natural diets and it came down again to 135.  It was at this point we both concluded that the buzzing sound in the ears signalled high blood pressure in his own particular case.

The man has stabilized  and the buzzing sound gone for good.   That was how he defeated those enemies of his.   May God help us with this blood pressure  matter.


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